Monday, February 16, 2015

Metaloplastika - RK Partizan 29:31

Handball season started and what else could be a more styled opening than a victory. The team was playing for the whole time with high self-confidence. At first we made it to 3:6 with the help of Živković, then in the 24th minute it was 9:15 for us.
In the second half it started to look like a training match (13:20), the Šabac team mostly just assisted for our actions. Finally they picked themselves together for the last 10 minutes, stabilized their defense line and reduced the difference to 25:28. Ivan Popović was the one whose goals decided the end result in the last minutes.

A group of Grave Diggers travelled to Šabac to support the team. They even got police escort (probably as a Valentine’s Day present). They made a fantastic atmosphere. A big thank you to you, guys, for being there!

Thanks to you can watch both halfs in full length.

1st half:

2nd half:

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