Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spandau - VK Partizan 8:6 (Champions League)

I'd like to express my gratitude to all TV channels that DID NOT broadcast this match. Would it have hurt?...

We started so good. We were on the lead to 0:2 with the goals of Subotić and Vico. What is more, thanks to Stojanović we made it to 1:3 in the second quarter. But then Germans took over control and we went to half-time break with 4:3.
After the pause we attacked the Berlin-based team so much that Stojanović and Tanasković could switch the standing to 4:5.
From that point on we couldn’t score even one thin goal for long and we had to pay the price. Germans made it to 8:5 (mostly by the goals of Croatian player Ćuk). Mandić could finally score one, 76 seconds before the end.
And no, it does not make me happy that this was the German team’s first victory in Champions League.

Team standing:
1. Szolnok 12 points
2. Primorje 12 points
3. Jug Dubrovnik 12 points
4. Partizan 3 points
5. Galatasaray 3 points
6. Spandau 3 points

Next round: 4th March

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