Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mid-month sales

The news are fresh, still warm: Škuletić is said to leave FK Partizan, now for real. tells about Russian club Lokomotiv, even mentions the price: Russians offer 4 million euros for everyone’s favourite Montenegrin. Leaders of Lokomotiv didn’t confirm, nor denied the information. As for Partizan, everyone keeps silent.

May God break the sky on those who are responsible for this. On everyone, all those rotten, corrupted rats who push responsibility to the others. (I’m looking at you now, Mr. Ćirić...) "We won’t sell players." Yeah. Sure. Of course. "For the request of the head coach." Since then Fofana has been sent away ("on loan"), Lazović has left the team and Škuletić is about to leave. All these happens when there are only 10 days left until the start of the spring season. At this moment there are 2 (two) strikers in the team: Kojić and Šaponjić, the latter one is not even 18 years old yet. Did those know-it-all’s up there in the management mean it seriously that we must start the championship season like THIS? Not to mention Marko Nikolić being still suspended, which means, he is not allowed to sit on the bench until mid-March.
Who is responsible for this? Who allowed it all, the team to be destroyed this way? Who is that rotten traitor who got into the team’s leadership? And why do the others let it all happen, to disorganize that little we still have?
So many questions, I know I’ll never get any answer to them ever.

And if you’re still not raging (or crying), then here is a video.

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