Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last news-collection of the year

Marko Nikolić stays at Partizan.
So far it’s still unofficial, the news leaked out after today’s (Tuesday) team management meeting. The team leadership had an official press release, too, which is properly evasive and self-adulating. The main (hidden) point is that the management got scared of the possible fury and rage of Grave Diggers.


Still talking about Marko Nikolić: Novi Pazar filed a lawsuit against Partizan’s trainer for libel. Nikolić had a heated dispute with the referee of the match played at the beginning of December, then at the post-match press conference he said angrily: this weekend was the rock bottom of Serbian football, adding, it was not the first case such things had happened in Novi Pazar.
Redžep Korać, Novi Pazar’s secretary general said, Marko Nikolić "heated up religious and national arguments among people living in Serbia with his nationalistic words". He added: such words and actions are criminal acts upon the laws of Serbia, with the possible sentence of two to five years of imprisonment. Novi Pazar’s secretary general said, he hoped everyone would learn to take responsibility for their words and actions once and for all, even if this person in question is Partizan’s trainer.
It shows well the seriousness of the case that even deputy prime minister Rasim Ljajić had a word, questionning the efficiency of the police for still not finding the fan who hit Marko Nikolić on the head with a firecracker.


Milenko Tepić got injured on Partizan’s Tuesday training. There are no informations on the seriousness of his injury, how much pause he’ll need, if he needs any.
Saša Pavlović will be able to return at the match against Cedevita on 3rd January, if all goes well. But Edo Murić needs at least 2 more weeks for complications. We won’t be able to see him playing before 17th January.


Former Partizan basketball player Dejan Musli signed to Mega Leks.

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