Thursday, December 18, 2014

VK Partizan - VK Jug 3:5 (Champions League)

Croats beat us, literally.
One thing is that they were on the lead in the half-time to 0:3. We didn’t give ourselves cheaply, they could score only 1 goal in the entire first quarter and two in the second.
Yet, as for us, we couldn’t throw any goal. Our first score came after 17 minutes, thanks to Mandić. He threw all goals of Partizan, all of them in the 3rd quarter.
Then at the end of the quarter, when the guest team was on attack, the Croatian team captain, Dobud lost his temper and smashed into the face of Manojlović. The young player’s eyebrow started to bleed.

This Dobud was that one who beat up Filip Filipović at a Serbia - Croatia match. For some reason he seems to have a spite against Partizan-players.

The fighting scene:

The "result":

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