Thursday, December 25, 2014

KK Partizan - Szolnoki Olaj 62:55 (Adriatic League)

A message to the commentators of Hungarian sports channel Sport 2: leave the commentator seats behind yourselves and rather work as rope-dancers. For everyone's benefit. What these two idiots made as "commentary" during the broadcast is a shame. Around the third quarter I was seriously thinking of switching off TV and search for a Serbian stream on my PC instead. The reason why I didn't do so was that Partizan appears on Hungarian TV only twice a year. (When we play against Szolnok.)

At the warming-up you could see such things:

At this point Average Fan carelessly thought this match will be an easy one, would have never ever thought to get a lot of new grey hair til the end (thanks mostly to those two mentioned above). Unbelievable things happened at this match, I seriously don't remember when I saw such things the last time. The ball looked as if it was covered with soap to be slippery, it slid out of players' hands, not just once.
Szolnok sped up in the beginning (3:8, all points by Mačvan at our side). First the Captain scored (5:8), then Andrić (7:8). For this basket he got a bonus shot, we could equalize. Then Mačvan took us on the lead (10:8). Until 12:12 we were on the lead with 2 points always, Szolnok was rushing behind us equalizing. Then Saša Pavlović decided to quicken the pace and we made it to 16:12.
In the beginning of the second quarter Partizan brought amazing tricks, as did Milosavljević (18:12) and Pavlović (20:16). Dallo was also doing his best (23:16). Szolnok tried to pick themselves together, they came back to 23:22. Pavlović quickly scored a 3-pointer (27:26). Szolnok didn’t want to make a fool of themselves, small sized Jones was just too fast (27:26), but Tepić ensured our advantage, with Pavlović’s great assist (29:26). Just the problem was that in the half-time Szolnok was on the lead. Thanks, Jones. (29:30)

This happened, too, numerous times. Milutinov fights for the ball

The third quarter should be forgotten quickly. There were a lot of missed chances. In the beginning Pavlović switched the standing (31:30), so did Bogdanović after Szolnok took the lead again (34:32), then Milosavljević raised our advantage assisted by Pavlović (36:32). But Szolnok made a 5-point series, they were leading again (36:37).

In the meantime the two commentators were screaming so loud that I had to turn down the volume.

Our counter-attack was thorough and fatal. Bogdanović brought a 3-pointer (39:37), Milutinov made a dunk (41:40), then, when Szolnok again wanted to take the lead (LOL), Andrić punished them with a 3-pointer (44:42). We started the last quarter with 46:44.
It started with Pavlović getting injured. He crashed with a Szolnok-player during an attack and fell on the ground with a painful face. The game ended for him at that point.

I guess everyone can imagine that amount of pain that knocks out the nuclear reactor-alike Pavlović this much.

It was equal (48:48) and Milutinov missed a free throw. But all was fine, as Andrić scored a 3-pointer (51:48) and from this point on we didn’t let control out of our hands. The only question was if we can raise our advantage to two-digit in the last minutes. (Well, that would have been too much, especially at such a bad game.)

Duško Vujošević watching the game with Murić

(Photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Update: Pavlović will surely miss out the next game against Krka. There are no news about his possible return.

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