Monday, December 29, 2014

Marko Nikolić discharged?

The news came out of the blue.
It was first mentioned by, all other newssites took the news over, internet’s Partizan-fan section exploded. Dragan Ćirić doesn’t confirm, nor deny it, rumours speak about Ivan Tomić as Nikolić’s possible successor.
Fans demand the head of the freshly elected presidency. Some of them dissociated themselves when the new leadership members were announced, even suspecting political forces in the background. I can’t confirm, nor deny this suspection (very well, I took over this expression from Ćirić, it seems, I’m not proud of it...), I still find this shit-stirring and secrecy around Nikolić revolting. Even the idea behind it is crazy, Nikolić is a successful trainer, the team could qualify to the Europa League group stage with his help. He demonstrated his skills countless times, players like and respect him, we are the champions of the autumn season, what else do they need? Who dislikes him among the members of the new leadership? Or whose family member/friend/neighbour/etc. is this Tomić that now he must be sat on the bench, after the new presidency started to work?
The leadership will have a meeting tomorrow, until then nobody wants to speak.
And a message to Biljana Obradović: a PR-manager does not speak like this.

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