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KK Partizan - Hapoel Jerusalem 64:83 (Eurocup)

The atmosphere was beyond description.
You can still try and imagine it. Dragan Milosavljević and Saša Pavlović step on the floor of Pionir Hall at the same time.


The sports hall exploded, fans cheered in ecstasy.

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Let videos talk...

Saša Pavlović appears at the warming-up. Everyone is cheering and chanting his name.

And that’s not all. Pavlović got a gift from fans, a book titled "Vladari Srbije" (Rulers of Serbia). It is a beautiful, leather-bound, massive book with the Serbian crown printed on the cover with gold. This was the book Saša Pavlović received, with a note inside:
"Aleksandru Pavloviću veličanstverom!
Čovek je često sađen, ali retko niće.
Ti si jedan od retkih.
Ponosni smo što si deo nas."
(It means, approx.: To His Majesty, Saša Pavlović! Man is often planted, but rarely sprouts. You are one of the rare ones. We are proud that you’re a part of us.)


Edo Murić was there watching in the company of Petar Aranitović.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The match started with 1 minute of silence for the memory of Aco Petrović, former trainer of KK Crvena Zvezda, FMP and UNICS Kazany, who passed away on Monday.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Then came the kickoff and Captain Gagi. The one and only Captain Gagi.

Then came Milan Mačvan and plain simply stole the show. Not as if anybody would have regretted it. He got a brilliant pass from Milosavljević at the very beginning and scored a giant 3-pointer. (3:0)

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The problem was that Hapoel played with 8 players from the beginning til the end. (You know what I mean: 5 field players + 3 referees.) The 3 extra players found no rest until pressuring a free throw for Hapoel, switching the standing for their benefit (3:4).
We still had a Milan Mačvan, who was burning on 1000°C during the match, ploughing up the floor, not stopping even for a moment, taking the team, not just the team but the entire Pionir Hall on his back and threw baskets, over and over. He immediately switched the counter back to our side (6:4, with a 3-pointer, why not). Referees did everything to set us back. Less than 5 minutes passed from the match, but Milutinov already had 2 personal fouls. Hapoel equalized (6:6), Marinković thought it was funny (8:6), then, after a huge turnover he raised the difference (10:6) and made such a huge dump that the echo came from Novi Beograd.
Then the Legend entered.
Less than 4 minutes were left from the first quarter when Saša Pavlović ran to the ground. Pionir Hall blew up from fans’ chanting "PAVLOVIĆ SAŠA, PAVLOVIĆ SAŠA".

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Meanwhile Mačvan adjusted the standing to 12:8, blocked and again turned the counter back to our side (from 12:13 to 14:13). Still the end of the quarter was 14:15, because it was unacceptable Hapoel not having advantage.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The second quarter was opened by Mačvan (16:15). Then Tepić scored a basket with an unbelievable troll movement (18:16). It was something the referees did not allow, so they quickly gave Hapoel a free throw (18:16). Andrić’s reply was a 3-pointer (21:16). Of course Mačvan also scored (23:18). Then Hapoel took the lead (23:24), we equalized (24:24), thanks to Andrić. Then, who else, but Mačvan switched the counter to our side again (26:24) after a marvellous teamwork.

Milutinović at work
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Our advantage didn’t last long... Hapoel equalized, referees even gave them a bonus shot (26:27). Another free throw to them (26:29). Andrić equalized with a fantastic job (29:29), so did Mačvan (31:31). Then Dallo threw such a hook shot that left even ArenaSport’s commentator speechless.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Gagić had a free throw, taking us the lead (35:33), Dallo helped out (37:33),

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

then Gagić had a giant block. Hapoel scored a basket, but the half time was still 37:35 for us.
What is more, in the next quarter it was 40:35, Andrić scored a brilliant 3-pointer at the beginning, while half of Hapoel’s team was still in the locker room.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Then came silence.
There was no actual silence, of course, Pionir Hall was the home of total madness. Hapoel made it to 40:41, but our Captain changed it.

Hapoel again escaped, it was 42:48 for them, when Mačvan scored (44:48). At 44:50 Andrić scored, while 2 Hapoel-players were hanging on him as extra weight (46:50). Then it was him again, but now with a 3-pointer (49:50). Hapoel escaped again, well, that’s when you have 8 players on the floor... (49:55), but Mačvan interrupted again, having 3 (!!!) Hapoel-players on his neck as extra weight. Needless to say, referees didn’t whistle. (51:55). Hapoel had a 7-point series (51:62), the difference had two digits. Mačvan reduced it to 9 points, just before the end of the quarter (53:62).
The final was absolutely inglorious... Hapoel set back the two-digit difference (54:65), Andrić reduced (56:65), Milutinov was fouled out... Referees found no rest until finding a 5th personal foul for him. Marinković could score from free throw after someone from Hapoel got a technical foul (57:66). Then it was mostly about keeping the difference one-digit... Mačvan scored (59:69), then Hapoel made a 9-point series (59:78). Bogdanović threw a basket (61:80), to avoid the 20-point difference... Marinković threw a 3-pointer (64:81), the end result was 64:83.


(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

For the end, a massive, 17-minute-long ecstasy.

Cry. And stand in attention. You are spoken, not just by someone insignificant. And you're spoken not just something that disappears in thin air.
Saša Pavlović speaks to you, earthlings.

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