Monday, December 22, 2014

VK Partizan - Vojvodina 15:7 (Serbian Cup, semifinal)

Partizan’s water polo team won easily over Vojvodina in the semifinal of Serbian Cup. We won the first quarter to 3:2. Both Subotić and Mandić scored, Vojvodina’s answer was Matković (2:1). Gogov also shot a goal, Vojvodina’s Vasić set the result of the first period.
Then the Parni Valjak started to roll, we made it to 6:2 with the goals of Jakšić and Manojlović. Repanović and Matković tried to keep the pace, but it didn’t last for long. The half time result was 7:3.
In the third quarter Gvozdenović tried to reduce the difference (7:4) but we again kept on pushing. Vico, Gogov and Radojević all scored, the result was 10:4. The end of the quarter was 10:6 after Šiman and Ćatović added their goals to Vojvodina’s side.
In the final period Jakšić was followed by Vasić (11:7), then Mandić scored two (13:7), Tanasković one, the final result was set by Repanović (15:7).
Partizan qualified to the final of the water polo Serbian Cup. Their opponent will be Radnički. The final will be on Monday from 20:00, RTS 2 broadcasts it live.

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