Sunday, December 7, 2014

RK Partizan - RK Jugović 28:25 (Serbian men’s SuperLiga, Round 11)

It is definitely a big deal to beat the championship leader, isn’t it? Fans took it seriously, too, 800 people visited the Banjica sports hall. Captain Vanja Ilić was the demigod of the evening scoring 7 goals, followed by Mihajlo Radojković (6). Five goals were shot by Stevan Sretenović. Ljubomir Jovanović, Nemanja Živković, Lazar Kukić and Ivan Popović all threw 2-2 goals, while Darko Stevanović and Igor Mršulja added 1-1 scores to the final result. As we were trolls enough to beat the leader, RK Jugović lost their position and landed on 2nd, while Metaloplastika took the advantage and occupied the first place of the championship.

Current standings:
1. Metaloplastika 17 points
2. Jugović 16 points
3. Spartak Vojput 15 points
4. Crvena Zvezda 13 points
5. Partizan 13 points
6. Železničar 13 points
7. Rudar Kostolac 7 points
8. Požarevac 7 points*
9. Planinka 7 points
10. Kolubara 0 point*

Teams marked with * play on Sunday.

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