Thursday, December 18, 2014

Asesoft Ploiesti - KK Partizan 65:85 (Eurocup)

It was an easy, training match-alike game with young players spending their first time at an international event. We could even afford to ourselves to take it easy in the last quarter and win "only" with 20 points instead of 30.
But let’s take everything after the other.
Romanians attacked us vehemently, but the heavy pace lasted only until 4:2, when Tepić threw a 3-pointer. Milosavljević added his own part (4:7). Andrić also decided it was time to run the 3-pointer factory (6:10). Mačvan showed himself, too (6:12) to turn himself later not just into a machine that carries the entire team on his back, but into a wild elephant that tears Romanians into small pieces, pushing them into ajvar and literally eating them up.
Then again Mačvan. Gagi Kapiten, too (10:17). Bogdanović also wanted to take part in the fun (10:19). The quarter’s result was 16:23, Mačvan and Dallo had a mini-show at the end.
In the first seconds of the second part Bezbradica also scored (16:25), and before the home team would have reduced the difference to a too tight result (21:25) Milosavljević put back everything to order (21:27). Then came a period when both teams could score only from free throw. First Milutinović stood to the paint area (22:29), then Dallo twice (25:33, then 27:35). After the great teamwork of Andrić and Marinković the difference became two-digit (27:37). At 30:37 again Bogdanović happened (30:39), then the Mačvan-Dallo axis (30:41), finally Bogdanović set the half-time result (32:43).
The third quarter was the Parni Valjak itself. We have never been this brutal, at least not since I’ve been watching the team’s matches.
The home team scored a 3-pointer at 34:45. Then we made an 18 (!!!!), do you get what I say, an EIGHTEEN point series!!!!! The beast broke out of Mačvan and it swept over the rest of the team. We have never scored so many 3-pointer within such a short time interval. (If we still did so, comment it, you can even link videos.)
First came Mačvan. (37:48).
Bogdanović (37:51).
Mačvan (37:54, with bonus throw).
Marinković (37:57), that’s it, the difference was 20 points here.
Mačvan again (37:59).
Bogdanović (37:62).
Tepić did his best, too (37:64).
Finally Andrić gave the coup de grace. 37:67. 30 points. If the Romanian team can stand up from here... They could, until 40:67. Then Bogdanović and Andrić found out they still have some bullets left. 40:73. 33 points. THIRTY-THREE. The end of the quarter was 42:73.
The fourth quarter was easy, we could take some breath. Bezbradica fixed the 33-point difference (42:75). Then young players debuted, Glišić, Aranitović and Kouzeloglou. Glišić even scored a basket (49:79). Then Asesoft picked themselves together and made a 14:2 series. (65:83, Tepić scored from our side.) But even then didn’t matter. At the end Milutinović scored and the 20-point difference was set back.

Asesoft Ploiesti: Szijarto (2), Pelekanos (8), Labović (1), Burlacu (3), Brown (14), Negoitescu, Mohammed (2), Lee (12), Cooper (4), Flowers (7), Runkauskas (6), Hayes (6)

KK Partizan: Tepić (9), Aranitović, Kouzeloglou, Marinković (5), Dallo (8), Milosavljević (6), Mačvan (23), Andrić (11), Milutinović (4), Glišić (2), Bezbradica (2), Bogdanović (15)

PS: If there's any picture or video about the match, I'll update.

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