Friday, December 26, 2014

Football news

Partizan's leadership had a re-election of the board. Former president Dragan Đurić’s mandate expired. the assembly elected - allegedly - unanimously Zoran Popović as the new president of FK Partizan.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Ljubiša Tumbaković, Milorad Vučelić and Vojislav Nedić were voted for vice-presidents. Tumbaković is in charge for sports-related issues and tasks, Vučelić is in charge for media-related issues, while Nedić is the legal expert.
The other members of the leadership: Milomir Gliorijević, Milan Obućina (main secretary of Sports Association Partizan), Srđan Cekić (CEO of Serbian Postal Savings Bank), Ivan Maričić, Dragan Bjelogrlić (actor), Nenad Janković, dr. Dragan Veljović and Vladimir Vrbaški.
General director of the club is 28-year-old Miloš Vazura, who worked in the Ministry of Justice until now. Dragan Ćirić got the position of the club’s sports director.
Fans aren’t impressed about the new leadership to say the least. Some even started to bury the club, while the creative minds of Grobarski Trash Romantizam expressed their negative feelings with this piece of art.

(image: Twitter/RetroPFC)


The Serbian Football Association discussed today the happenings at the match against Novi Pazar. The disciplinary committee punished Marko Nikolić with 3 months (!!!) of suspension. The trainer must also pay 300 000 dinar fee. The suspension came into force from 11th December, 2014.

All this because he was hit on the head with a firecracker.


Some sports sites reported that Partizan’s former, Voždovac’s current player, Stefan Babović might return to ul. Humska. It’s allegedly Marko Nikolić’s explicit request. There are no details yet, but some news mention the player mentioned it on his Facebook-profile.

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