Wednesday, December 10, 2014

KK Partizan - Mega Leks 89:80 (Adriatic League)

This match was about Saša Pavlović.
Saša Pavlović, who was burning on thousand million degrees, who humiliated former Mega Vizura, now Mega Leks (but still operating in panties-pink and baby-blue outfit) to pieces and made a show together with the others that I tell you, dear fellow fans, this will be a match to remember.
Well, not because Pavlović was kissed by Krstić in the heat of the battle.

At first Mega Leks was leading to 0:6. Tepić threw a basket after more than 4 minutes. Mačvan scored twice, then Milutinov also gave a life-sign - and we equalized (8:8). What is more, Saša Pavlović took us on the lead and even increased the difference (12:8) with such a Tepić-assist that made Average Fan’s eyes wet. From this we were keeping our advantage. And if maybe Saša Pavlović made any mistake, Milutinov was immediately there and BANG.

At 15:12 Marinković threw a 3-pointer, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. The end of the quarter was 18:14.
In the second quarter Tepić galooped out to the floor, looked around and scored (20:14).

We increased to 25:16, but someone should tell me (it’ll be fine into the comment box) what reduced Milosavljević’s and Andrić’s 3-pointer into simple 2-pointer scores and why Mačvan’s goal was invalid... Nevertheless, we were on the lead, to 29:21. Then to 32:27. Then Bezbradica also scored (38:31). Pavlović worked hard and finally made our advantage two-digit (41:31).

"I scored thiiiiiis big, breeeeeee!"

And just before the half-time we could see such a brilliant teamwork by Pavlović, Marinković and Gagić that made Pionir Hall explode.

In the second half, right at the very beginning there was again a fantastic collaboration among Pavlović, Milosavljević and Gagić (45:36). If I find any video about it, I put it here, I promise. Meanwhile Mega Leks reduced the difference to 47:41, we quickly made a 6:1-series as an answer (thanks to Gagić and Mačvan) and the standing changed to 53:42. Gagić showed again as The Destroying Force (56:46), then at 57:49 referees punished Duško Vujošević with two technical fouls at a time, just two minutes before the end of the quarter.
As it was found out later, Partizan’s trainer questioned referee Ilija Belošević’s judgement (and most probably his mental state as well) after Belošević fouled Milutinov for blocking Kešelj. After the dispute the referee put two technical fouls on Vujošević even without taking a breath between them. Partizan’s head coach had to leave the playing ground. Then hell broke loose mostly because Vujošević did not want to leave the ground, also because he clearly told the referee what he should do, how and with whom... The referee said, the match would stay on halt until Vujošević stays at the bench. Finally Dragan Todorić, KK Partizan’s president took the trainer by his arm and guarded him to the tunnel that leads to the locker-rooms.

The upset trainer said "Belošević is an idiot" the post-match press conference. Adriatic League’s delicate gentlemen up there at the Olympos didn’t really appreciate Vujošević’s determined and clear-sighted point of view - they punished the team to pay 3100 euros as a recompense to Adriatic League and banned Duško Vujošević for 3 matches. Bravo, gentlemen. Greetings to you up there. I hope you’ll get a hiccup fit soon.

Meanwhile Mega Leks equalized (and the referees overlooked a Partizan-player being pushed on the floor). We went for the last quarter with 59:59, and yes, the equalizing basket came right at the end buzz.

Dallo denying all laws of physics

Before the fourth quarter Duško Vujošević appeared again at the bench. This again took some time, referees seemed to be more and more nervous as they gesticulated widely, pointing at the exit. In the meantime Pavlović again took us on the lead (62:59), and scored another, for safety’s sake (65:59). Mega Leks reduced it to 68:66, so it was high time to kickstart the Steam Roller. The Pavlović-Tepić-Milutinov axis made a marvellous 9:2 series that was crowned with this:

The last minutes of the quarter were about self-confident leading. Pavlović and Tepić were throwing baskets, Gagić had a giant block. (Pity they forgot about Bojić, yet it was still one of the greatest blockades of the game.)

We brought back our two-digit advantage, but the referees just had to give two free throws to Mega Leks. We could still win with 9 points.

Murić hugs Marinković after the match

A tiny hand in Gagić’s big palm

United high-five

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

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