Friday, December 26, 2014

OK Partizan - OK Inđija 3:2 (Serbian Cup, quarterfinal return match)

It was a dramatic match, it was open until the last minutes who'd win. The first set was won by Inđija to 17:25, but we heated up the steam roller and ran through the guests in the second, leaving them breathless (25:13). Inđija didn't gave themselves cheaply, they took back the lead (15:25), then we equalized again (25:21). The standing was 2:2, when came the final game.
The standing changed in every 30th second. We were on the lead, then Inđija equalized, we took back to the lead, Inđija equalized again, then even switched the standings, they were on the lead, then we equalized... Finally we won the last set to 23:21 and qualified to the semi-final.


Milija Mrdak carried the team on his back again with his 30 points. Marko Nikolić brought 18 points, Dušan Lopar did 13. Neven Majstorović scored 11, Petar Nikolić 5, while Ivan Kostić added 3 points to the victory.
In the semi-final our opponent will be the winner of Mladi Radnik - Vojvodina match.

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