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FK Partizan - FK Borac 5:1 (Jelen SuperLiga Round 15)

Kneel down: the champions of the autumn season are watching you.


In the 1st minute Marković wanted to welcome the Čačak team with a goal, if the goalkeeper hadn’t pushed himself in the way, it would have been 1:0 then. Both teams started with great pace, Borac looked as if they wanted to show everyone, by any price that they don’t get scared in the "lion’s cave". In the 6th minute their defender, Obradović ran up and kicked the ball from the right, into Lukač’s hands.
In the 12th minute Partizan had a corner (that was the first corner of the match). Marković jumped up for the ball and headed it right on the top of the net. A minute later Škuletić passed the ball to the middle from the left, goalkeeper Petrić saved, and they were immediately set up for a counter-attack. Stojanović made some uncomfortable moments in front of Partizan’s goal line. The ball was dropping in the goalmouth in a hair-raising way, finally Lukač caught it.
Then in the 18th minute Božić sent a shot to our goal line. It was dangerous, but ended as corner (it looked as if the ball would have hit Drinčić before rolling out of the field). The kick was shot by someone on the goal line, but Petrović saved it throwing himself into the way of the shot. But the ball dropped in front of Đoković, who passed it into the net from the goalmouth. 0:1

The moment when Petrović saves

WTF. Cold shower. No. Just now. It’s just a joke, right? A glitch in the Matrix. No way such a disaster can happen to us on the last match of the season. Let’s reboot the match, okay?...

In the 20th minute it seemed, Škuletić missed the Chance of the Year. He got a huge pass, but the goalkeeper threw himself into the way. In the 27th minute Babić sent the ball to our goal line from 17 metres, the ball flew out above the crossbar.

Here I must remark, dear Mr. Anđelovski, in the 29th minute Stanković did not have any foul at all. Yes, there, when you whistled, because he was focusing on the ball, not on the ankle of the Borac-player. For your great luck, Mr. Referee, Lukač saved the free kick you gave to the guest team afterwards.

In the 30th minute Drinčić got a brilliant pass from Lazović. He headed it to the goal, the goalkeeper saved, meanwhile the assistant was already waving for offside. Four minutes later a quick counter-attack was led by Borac after a Partizan-corner. Stojanović was running up to our goal. Lukač faced him all alone. The striker took advantage and shot from the penalty area line. He barely missed.
Then in the 42th minute Grbić was wrestling with two defenders at the same time near Borac’s penalty area. He fought himself inside the goalmouth while both defenders were hanging on him and passed the ball to Volkov. Volkov thanked and kicked it into the net. 1:1

For the rest of the first half there were two more Borac-chances left. The first was by Božić, he sent the ball from distance. Lukač caught it, then he even saved a free kick. Then everyone could go back to the warm locker-room for a pause.

The first two minutes of the second half brought two more Borac-chances. First Stojanović kicked a distant shot to Lukač, but our goalkeeper easily saved. A bit later Božić got a dangerous pass, but thankfully his shot flew out of the field above the crossbar.
In the 50th minute Škuletić had a try, but he shot into the goalkeeper. Then a minute later Borac had a chance, that brought heart-attack to Average Fan. Stojanović had the ball and could have shot, but he was fumbling too long. Partizan-defenders cleared the area (Lukač would have missed the shot if there had been any). We made an instant counter-attack, Marković shot from 25 metres, missed.

Verbal karate between oversized Jovančić and little Živković

In the 54th minute Škuletić missed an even bigger chance than the one in the first half (and it cost a new grey hair for every fan...). He shot the ball from around the penalty point. The ball was dropping through the field and no joke, it would have needed only 1 centimetre to get into the net. But it was missed, the ball left the field next to the goalpost.

Živković working hard

In the 57th minute Stanković was just one step slower than Drinčić’s free kick arriving into Borac’s penalty area. Three minutes later Borac missed a similar chance (they were also on offside) and we could immediately run up for a counter-attack. Škuletić got a marvellous pass from Lazović, he shot, the goalkeeper threw himself in the way.
In the 63rd minute Drinčić had a 30-metre free kick bomber. Defenders headed it out, right to Saša Ilić, who shot, but the ball left the field above the crossbar.

Then came the 65th minute. Lazović passed to Škuletić, who ran up and kicked the ball near the goalkeeper who slowly fell on the ground. The ball dropped in the net. 2:1

Two minutes later it was 3:1.
Substitute player Živković got the ball from Volkov. Volkov ran up on the left side and passed to the young midfielder. Živković didn’t waste much time, he checkmated the goalkeeper with a movement that must be taught. 3:1

In the 72nd minute a free kick dropped in front of Marković, but the midfielder shot the ball out to 25. Mai museum. Four minutes later there was an upheaval in front of Partizan’s goal. Milojević was dribbling, he shook off the defender and properly shot the ball above the crossbar.

Kojić about to arrive

In the 82nd minute Drinčić shot a free kick bomber into the goalkeeper. Then in the 87th Kojić got the ball from Saša Ilić. The striker ran up to the guests’ goal line and missed.

Škuletić arrived right then, but his shot was saved by the goalkeeper.
A minute later Saša Ilić showed everyone who’s the boss.
Kojić sent him a pass and he kicked it into the net with such a cold-blooded, elegant way as if he would have been wearing tuxedo instead of football shirt. 4:1

Jedan je Ilić kapiten.
The rest was fiesta. Škuletić got a huge pass in the 90+2nd minute and gave the coup de grace to the Čačak team. 5:1

We could see this 5 times on Sunday

Petar "I make your ass a goal" Škuletić.
Petar "I break Cléo's record" Škuletić.

Because Škuletić broke former Partizan-striker, Brazilian player Cléo's record, who scored 21 goals in a season. This goal was Škuletić’s 22nd one in the 2014/15 season.


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 2000
Referee: Novica Anđelovski (assistants: Milan Minić, Darko Rasinac - 4th assistant: Miloš Gagić - goal line assistants: Ilija Brdar, Igor Stojilković)

FK Partizan: Lukač - Petrović, Stevanović, Stanković, Volkov - Grbić (A. Živković, 56.), Marković, Drinčić, Ninković (S. Ilić, 46.) - Lazović (Kojić, 83.), Škuletić
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

FK Borac Čačak: Petrić - Radosavljević, Đoković (Miletić, 72.), Gojković, Radunović - Božić, Jovanović - Milojević, Babić, Mašović (Mutavdžić, 61.) - Stojanović (Derić, 70.)
Head coach: Bogić Bogičević

Goal scorers: Đoković (19.), Volkov (42.), Škuletić (65., 90+2.), A. Živković (67.), S. Ilić (88.)
Yellow card: Božić (41.), Gojković (63.)

Result of the autumn season
1. Partizan 38 points
2. Crvena Zvezda 32 points
3. Vojvodina 29 points
4. Čukarički 28 points
5. Novi Pazar 22 points*
6. OFK Beograd 22 points
7. Jagodina 21 points
8. Mladost 19 points
9. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 18 points
10. Rad 16 points
11. Napredak 16 points
12. Donji Srem 16 points
13. FK Voždovac 15 points*
14. Borac 13 points
15. Radnički Niš 12 points
16. Radnički 1923 7 points

Teams marked with * play a postponed match from earlier on Wednesday.

(unmarked photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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