Monday, December 15, 2014

KK Zadar - KK Partizan 69:68 (Adriatic League)

This was a match to forget.

I tell you all: if anyone wants to mock or make Andrić ridiculous, then please, throw yourselves off from Taygetus now.

Zadar kept the whole match under control. We could equalize maybe once, for a very short while, but it was gone.
The first quarter passed mostly with them leading with 1-2 throws, while we tried to keep the pace. It happened at this point that we equalized to 10:10. The quarter ended with 15:12, and even that last basket from us was thrown by Milutinov after long moments of wrestling, shortly before the end buzz.
Our ordeal continued in the second quarter. We had a bad day with bad luck, nothing wanted to work. It wasn’t much of our comfort that Zadar was also struggling with throwing baskets, but luck was still on their side.
Well, we could still make it. See here Saša Pavlović pushing himself through two Croatian players, then throwing a basket as if it was the world’s easiest task.

We could come up to 30:26, thanks to Pavlović and Gagi Kapiten. The half-time was 34:27.
Right at the beginning of the next quarter Gagić fell on the floor and stayed there with a painful face. He was supported by two people while jumping off the court on one leg. For a while he was out. (Though at first he looked as if he would be out for at least a few weeks.)

With the help of Mačvan and Marinković we could make it to 34:32. Both sides had a lot of missed chances, then at 38:34 Gagić, the hero returned to the battle. Yet the overall situation didn’t change, Zadar was always ahead with 2-4 points. Before the end of the quarter we had this scene, then we headed to the final with 50:42.

In the last quarter Pavlović made this, assisted by Dallo:

Other than this we hung in there heroically. Milutinov had a dunk, then later he came up for a free throw with painful waist (61:56). He had to come off, he was substituted by Bogdanović. The last minutes were full of free throws, there were many fouls. Milosavljević was fouled out. At 66:61 Andrić threw a 3-pointer. Zadar kept their advantage from free throw (68:64), Andrić’s answer was another 3-pointer (68:67). Another free throw for Zadar (69:67), and at this point, just a few seconds from the end Partizan also got a free throw. Andrić stood to the paint area - and the second throw was missed out. That’s it, boys. You’re all heroes.

Andrić, you’re especially a hero. I hope you would never think we stop believing you even for a moment.

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