Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ok Inđija - OK Partizan 2:3 (Serbian Cup, 1/4 final)

We could win over Inđija by sweating blood in the quarter final of the Serbian Cup. I hope there'll be at least some short video highlights, because our sons fought a cut-throat battle with the Vojvodina-based team. We won the first set from an almost lost standing, the live score site reported about a 10-point difference on the benefit of Inđija. We still made it to 29:27. In the second game the home team equalized (25:13), and in the next set they even took the lead (25:23). But our team shook themselves up, equalized (22:25) and eventually won the final set to 9:15.
Return match will be tomorrow, on 26th December.

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