Tuesday, December 23, 2014

VK Partizan - Radnički Kragujevac 4:5 (Serbian Cup, final)

May everyone at RTS, who made yesterday’s broadcast chaos happen, get a brutal constipation. That kind, that leaves after one whole week with screaming, crying and sweating. You promised us to broadcast the water polo Serbian Cup final, but instead you broadcasted the Skupština, the Serbian National Assembly live, a bunch of corrupted, dirty bastards yelling and swearing with each other live instead of brave sportsmen. Meanwhile you silently threw the water polo broadcast to RTS Satelit, without saying a word, making fans sweat blood while finding it, and when we found it, the entire first half was already gone. Thanks, assholes. And all this from tax payers’ money. Bravo.

It could be a brutal match (it indeed was...) with barely any goal. The first quarter was won by Kragujevac to 0:1, with Petković’s goal, but out of this very case Rističević didn’t let the ball in.
The problem was that Radić on the other side has also "locked the shutters".
In the second quarter we equalized with Mandić’s penalty shot, but Radnički scored two more goals. The half time result was 1:3.
After the break Tanasković immediately greeted goalkeeper Radić (2:3), so did Trajković with Rističević (2:4), even though we wouldn’t mind him avoiding this level of chivalrousness... Gogov threw a goal (3:4), but then Popović scored from power play (3:5).
The last quarter was rather a water wrestling with a lot of exclusions. Jakšić threw a goal 2 and a half minutes before the end. Our sons were fighting very hard to equalize, but it was physically impossible to score for Radnički’s goalkeeper, as if all the devils of the burning hell would have been sitting on his crossbar.
Boys, you are our heroes. You are and will always be.

If there’s any photo or video, I’ll post them.

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