Sunday, December 28, 2014

KK Krka - KK Partizan 72:78 (Adriatic League)

It wasn’t a good match. It wasn’t an exciting match, nor was it a remarkable match.
But it was a winner match, so nobody cares about the possible weak points.
Krka started with a 3-pointer, but Mačvan and Tepić equalized with joint forces (3:3). Krka tried with another 3-pointer, our reply was Milutinov with a basket and a bonus throw (6:6). In the meantime there was some wrestling under Krka’s backboard, a few home players jumped on Mačvan’s back, they even took back the lead (8:6).
Then Gagi Kapiten decided that enough was enough and it was time to kickstart the Steam Roller.
He immediately equalized (8:8). Milutinov switched the standing to our side with Mačvan’s assist (8:10). Tonight was again Mačvan’s game, he was again like a fanatic setting an enormous pace, throwing numerous baskets, assisting, and if Tepić was around, too, they were simply unstoppable.
But he made an amazing axis with Milutinov as well.

At 11:15 Mačvan came again, this time with a 3-pointer (meanwhile the camera was focusing on Wangmen, the Camerooni player of Krka, who was walking off the ground with a deeply upset face). Then Milosavljević scored such a huge 3-pointer that the echo came from the Croatian border. The difference was 10 points (11:21). The end of the quarter was 17:21.
The second quarter was opened by Marinković (17:23), then Bezbradica got at least 3 Krka-players on himself who didn’t let him until they could not squeeze the ball out of his hands. (The referees didn’t mind it at all.) At 20:23 it was Mačvan again, making a 2+1 score (20:26). At 24:26 Tepić made a marvellous steal, but he was pushed to the ground under the backboard. After the free throw, at 26:27 Andrić scored. I would have sworn he was standing out of the 3-pointer line, but the standing on the scoreboard was 26:29. A few seconds later it showed 26:30, and when Average Fan sat back with a relieved sigh that maybe the eyesight is still working well, again 26:29 appeared on the board.

Congratulations to everyone.

Nevertheless Andrić and Tepić quickly put themselves into action, before Krka would have got too close to us (28:32). We made a 7-point series (28:36). Before the last score there was an upheaval. The Slovenian team attacked, but Partizan blocked the action. The home team protested heavily, saying that the ball was about to drop into the ring when we stopped them, but the referees didn’t listen, just waved "go ahead". Mačvan thanked and scored. At 29:36 Milosavljević made a great job with Dallo’s assist (29:38). The half-time result was 32:38.
After the pause Mačvan walked out from the locker-room and looked around (32:41), his example was followed by the captain (32:43). At 34:43 Milutinov set back the two-digit difference, even raised a bit by Mačvan (42:54).

Did I hear well that the small group of Grave Diggers being present at the match were chanting Milenko Tepić’s name?

At this point we took it a bit easily, so Krka made it to 50:56. Mačvan quickly took measures for us to be able to enter the final quarter with a 9-point difference (52:61).
In the last quarter Tepić ensured the two-digit difference (52:63). Krka tried with numerous 3-pointers, but they couldn’t get over us. We kept our 6-7-point difference, then World Peace was set back together with the two-digit difference.
Maki and Tepa.
The Awesome Axis.

Andrić also scored a 3-pointer, because it is always better to be safe than sorry (62:73). Krka was trying desperately (64:73, 67:73), there was even some wrestling at the end, but Tepić (69:75) and Milosavljević (72:78) showed the world who’s the king.