Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Breaking news: Škuletić sold out

Right now, before Christmas and New Year.
Thanks. We can put it under the tree as a gift.
Škuletić has been surely bought by Lille. The striker has already travelled to France for medical examinations. News say he passed all of them. Now there is only paperwork left and the agreement about the price. News talk about an amount of 2 and a half million euros.
A crumb of comfort might be that rumours say, Cléo, Partizan's former player from Brazil would like to return to ul. Humska. Cléo himself confirmed he had been contacted by the team.
In the past days Andrija Delibašić’s return also came up as a possibility as well as the signing of Petar Orlandić.

Dear all those idiots whom it may concern,
I swear, from now on I’ll pray NOT to have any player in the team who score goals, because you sell them out to the first not-much-top-class team who promises a few million euros for them. Just the shit part of the story is that if we have no goal-scoarer players, we can wave goodbye to all title dreams. So, hereby I ask you all to shit pine cones.

(Not) Sincerely,
I'm pissed that you sell Škuletić, and I give no fuck to good manners

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