Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crvena Zvezda - KK Partizan 76:67 (Adriatic League)

Let's start with the good news.


He really has returned. The fantastic, unforgettable, big-hearted Saša Pavlović, the embodied nuclear blast, the legend of Montenegro, Saša Pavlović is again Partizan’s player.
- I returned for the sake of fans - he said. - I had a few other opportunities, but it was no question I come to Partizan. I listened to my heart when I made this decision and I’m just the same excited as I was last year.

Cry. Bow down and say a prayer. Cover your room with photos of Saša Pavlović, make "1945" from candles.

What is even greater: Saša Pavlović will play against Hapoel on 3rd December!!!

There will be someone else, too, at that match.
Dragan Milosavljević will be there, too. The fantastic Captain Gagi, who has been injured for almost a year now, since that match against Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Gagi recovered, he has been training for quite a while, so on Wednesday, together with him and Saša Pavlović we will kick off the four walls of Pionir Hall.

And now the bad news.
The red team beat the shit out of us. It was a terrible match with injury, upheavals and faults.
There were some lovely moments before the match though.

Funny view in the beginning: Milutinov vs. the mountain-sized Marjanović at the kickoff

We started quite well. Tepić immediately greeted everyone with a 3-pointer, then Murić also made everyone sure he is there (0:5). For some reasons Tepić was higly disliked by the referees. After two and a half minutes he got the second personal foul. Meanwhile Zvezda made the counter on the wall switch (6:5). Andrić threw a fantastic 3-pointer, but the referees made it invalid, yet they kept on throwing fouls at Partizan players for no reason. Lazić was the opponent’s strong man, which means he pushed Dallo on the ground, while the reds made it to 10:5. We reduced the difference to 10:9, thanks to Milutinov and Mačvan. We even equalized (12:12) with Marinković’s 3-pointer. Reds again pushed it hard, changing the standing to 18:12, when Murić made such a huge block that Average Fan’s eyes got wet (he blocked Blažić, that surely means extra points).

We continued to the 2nd quarter from 19:14, but being still at the very beginning Lazić pushed Murić so hard that Partizan’s Slovenian forward fell on the floor screaming, then he left the playing ground with a painful face, holding his left wrist.

The derby ended for Murić at this point, as well as this year, more or less. Even the most decent opinions say he needs at least 4 weeks rest. Thanks, Lazić. We love you, too. I hope, at your next training you will fall on your own ankle. It will get so swollen that you’ll be sitting at the doctor with tears in your eyes, blaming the moment you decided to choose basketball instead of ending up as a rope-dancer.

Murić fighting with Blazić, before getting out of action

After this Milutinović also got his "package", I can only hope it was not a weird form of revenge.
The other problem was that we missed out too many chances. It paid off... The opponent made it to 28:16. It was terrible to see.

Tepić surrounded by red players. Milutinov approaches as a relief

Tepić was pushed to the floor by Dangubić, needless to say, without consequences. (Or, if "consequences" meant that Zvezda raised the difference to 33:19...) And a 3-pointer had to fall into Partizan’s ring just before the buzz. The half-time was 38:22.

Inequal fight: Milutinov and Marjanović

The next period wasn’t better at all. A lot of missed chances, idleness, and they all paid off. Marinković still threw a 3-pointer (38:26), but it got quickly to 43:26. The opponent had a 5-point series (50:34), Mačvan interrupted (50:36), then at 53:36 Duško Vujošević got a technical foul. The end of the quarter was 57:36, let’s not talk about it anymore.
The final quarter was even worse. The nightmare came true, Zvezda made the difference to 20 points (60:40).
There were still some nice moments though.

But the standing was 62:40 then.
At this point the team picked themselves together and we made such a 11-point series like in a dream. Thank it to Mačvan, most of all, but also to Marinković and Milutinov, without whom it could have never happened.

Reds interrupted it with a basket (62.51), but the series was going ahead, we reduced the difference with 6 points (65:57), the last one was a fantastic 3-pointer by Andrić after a Tepić-turnover. Then at 68:59 Milutinov got fouled out, but we didn’t give up, we tried to keep the difference under 10 points.. At 72:63 Gagić made such a giant block that the plaster started to fall down from the ceiling. (Yes, extra points for blocking Blažić.)

We could keep it until the end.
Afterwards there were still some lovely moments. Old friends and former teammates messaged via Twitter.

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

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