Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FK Rad - FK Partizan 0:1 (Serbian Cup, 1/4 final)

Obligatory win. That was it. Well done.

Belgrade had a beautiful, sunny and bright weather. Erm... guys, could you maybe send us some sunshine? We haven't seen the blue sky here for 2 weeks...

Teams came out to the Vračar playing field. Petrović tried goalkeeper Radunović’s nerves in the 2nd minute, it ended as a goal kick. Immediately afterwards Drinčić kicked the ball from distance to Rad’s penalty area, pity there was nobody there out of Rad defenders. Later Rodić got up to Partizan’s goal area, but he couldn’t make it too far, Stanković tackled him.
In the 9th minute Saša Ilić had a not too strong shot from approx. 18-20 metres. The 11th minute brought some Rad-action - it means, they could get to Partizan’s half, but it didn’t last long. (Even if the match’s pace was slower than medium, to say the least.)

A handful of Grave Diggers

In the 13th minute Partizan missed a big chance. Marković passed the ball to Lazović, who was wrestling with a defender inside the penalty area. His shot went above the crossbar. Three minutes later Rad ran up to Partizan’s penalty area, but again Stanković interfered.
In the 18th minute we got a free kick after a Rad player pushed his elbow into Lazović. Drinčić kicked the ball into the middle, defenders kicked it back. In the 22nd minute Rad got the first corner of the match. Partizan defenders cleared the area, but the ball dropped in front of Gnjatić. The midfielder shot, Lukač saved. (And this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none... etc.) Meanwhile local residents of the blocks behind the stadium were watching the match from their balconies.

In the 31st minute Rad made a dangerous attack, but our defenders cleared. In the 39th minute Marković was knocked on the ground at the penalty area line. No penalty shot, just free kick, the ball was finally pushed to corner by defenders. In the 43rd minute Drinčić almost scored from corner, but defenders cleared. The ball dropped to Marković, the midfielder’s shot left the field above the crossbar.
Then a minute later there was penalty shot.

Ninković ran up towards Rad’s goal line, but when he arrived at the penalty area, Miloš Marković just pulled him back, knocking him on the ground. Penalty kick, it wasn't even a question. The referee even showed the red card to Marković.
Škuletić stood behind the ball and easily kicked it into the net near Radunović, who slowly fell to the other side. 0:1

Rad tried to pick themselves together for the second half. Right in the beginning Mihajlović had a 20-metre bomber shot, that hit the crossbar. Two minutes later again, but the weak shot was caught by Lukač. Partizan was also trying, but just like Rad, our attacks were inactivated by defenders. (And well, the result was in our favour in this beautiful, sunny Wednesday afternoon.) In the 55th minute Drinčić sent a shot to the goal line, but it was too wide.

In the next minute Škuletić got a great pass from Ninković. He had only one (1) defender hanging on his neck, but he couldn’t kick the ball properly, the goalkeeper saved.

In the 58th minute Rad got a free kick about 40 metres from Partizan's goal line. Lukač caught the ball, but he fell and his right shoulder was seemingly in pain. We still had an instant counter-attack, Živković sent a shot to the goal line, missed. Two minutes later Škuletić got a great pass from Drinčić coming from the right side, the striker shot it right into the goalkeeper.

Some warming-up excersises against catching cold

In the 69th minute Lazović sent a distant shot to the goal line - missed. In the 74th minute we got a free kick, about 20 metres from the goal line. The shot ended as corner, then after another one Živković got the ball. He shot, defenders cleared.

Gravity vs. Predrag Luka

Believe me, it is very tough to pick all those moments at the end of the match that could arouse some interest. Pace slowed down so much that even these moments weren’t much exciting, they just brought some variety to the growing boredom.

In the 81st minute Drinčić tried with a 20-metre shot, right into the goalkeeper. In the 82nd minute Živković had a chance, but afterwards nothing happened til the final whistle.

Kojić joined the team for the last few minutes

We still qualified to the semi-final, where one of Čukarički, Jagodina and FK Voždovac will be our opponent.


Venue: Obilić Stadion, Vračar, Belgrade
Number of spectators: ~ 2000
Referee: Dejan Filipović (assistants: Darko Karanović, Goran Stanojević)

FK Rad: Radunović - Đurić, Maraš, Milošević (Stančeski, 76.), Rodić, Bajić, M. Marković - Gnjatić - Mihajlović (Veselinović, 68.), Jelić (Milisavljević, 46.), Perović
Head coach: Milan Milanović

FK Partizan: Lukač - B. Ilić, Petrović, Stanković, Volkov - Ninković, Drinčić, S. Marković, S. Ilić (A. Živković, 46.) - Škuletić (Luka, 76.), Lazović (Kojić, 90+2.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorer: Škuletić (45. - penalty)
Yellow card: S. Marković (53.), Stančeski (84.), Ninković (88.)
Red card: M. Marković (45.)

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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