Friday, December 26, 2014

Applause: Škuletić stays at Partizan

Fine. And now I write an outspoken blogpost about all players, as if they were all sold out. Just as I did about Škuletić and earlier about Drinčić. If it makes them stay in Belgrade...

Update: shit-stirring lvl 100000000000000.
Škuletić’s manager had an upset press release claiming that the striker has already signed the contract with Lille as much that he was about to debut in the French team on 7th January. While the brand-new vice president, Ljubiša Tumbaković told the press earlier, Škuletić is not for sale, the French team may fold paper aeroplanes from all those banknotes of 2 and a half million euros.
Aren’t they cute?...
After all, for us it doesn’t matter who said what as long as Škuletić plays for Partizan.

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