Sunday, February 8, 2015

News and results altogether

I was brutally knocked out by a flu virus, that's the reason of the lack of blogposts in the past days. Now I try and make up all lost ground.

The basketball team has already found a new player for the place of Đorđe Gagić. The new boy is called Božo Đumić and there are only the last arrangements left to sign the contract. He can play for the first time at the match against Cibona the earliest. (On Monday, against Levski it will still be too early for him.)


Đumić had an enthusiastic interview with where he talked about himself being a Partizan-fan since his early years and with this contract his childhood dream would come true.


It’s possible the basketball team won’t take part in Korać Cup this year either. Duško Vujošević explained, the reason behind it is the financial state of the club.


Now it is sure Danko Lazović leaves FK Partizan for China. At some places it is also known that the striker signs to Beijing Entertainment, a team in the Chinese 2nd division, where former Partizan (and Videoton) player Aleksandar Stanojević is the head coach.

Tell me it’s a joke. It must be a joke that such a qualified player ends up in the Chinese (!!!) 2nd division (!!!!!!!). Why didn’t you let him to Anderlecht then, where he was (allegedly) waited with open arms?... Who must be kicked in the ass hard for this?...


Here you can read an interview with former Partizan legend Dževad Prekazi.


Several days ago unknown people attacked and beat Miša Tumbas at daylight, on a street. The reason of the attack has not been found out yet, nevertheless media quickly picked the news and published it with banner headlines. What it was still worth for that we could find out, Miša Tumbas lives in inhumane conditions in a ruined building with no heat and running water in a village named Barič about 20 km from Belgrade. Grave Diggers immediately joined to help him. The house has been disinfected since then and fans are about to paint and clean the place as well as give blankets and a new bed to Miša among others. They even opened a bank account where anyone can send money to help him.

I don’t upload photos about Miša’s place for solidarity. If any of you wants to see what kind of conditions Miša Tumbas had to, has to live in, just ask Google. 
To those who attacked him: you’re rats. The most coward among them. Miša Tumbas is an ill, old man, who couldn’t harm a fly. Yet you attacked him, beat him and kicked him. I just wish you after all these to meet a few of the angriest, most vengeful and strongest Grave Diggers in a dark, narrow street. And if you can still talk afterwards, you can tell me how it was going.

Until then, a photo of Miša
(photo: Facebook/Partizan is life)


Partizan’s ice hockey team won over HK Vitez to 9:2 yesterday. (1:2, 3:0, 5:0)


The volleyball team won 3:0 at Đerdap’s home. (20:25, 20:25, 22:25) Marko Nikolić was the hero of the day with his 19 points, so much that he even became the best player of January.

Nikolić said humbly, it was not his merits, but the team’s and collective work.

We love you, too, Marko.


Finally, the block of the day, performed by Bogdan Bogdanović.

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