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FK Partizan - FK Voždovac 3:3 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 16)

There are these occasions, when Average Fan gets a bit emotional, when e.g. the spring season of the current football championship starts and the boys run out to the field. How very much I missed the game, the broadcasts, cheering fans...
Marko Nikolić was watching the game from the tribune, he was substituted on the bench by Zvonko Varga.


The first mentionable action happened in the 4th minute, when Lukač was wandering a bit far from his goalmouth and Voždovac’s attackers suddenly appeared at the penalty area. Our goalkeeper made a sliding tackle, kicking the ball out of the sideline. (Then he ran back quickly to the goal line.)
Not much later Ninković was rushing up on the left side, but his pass was caught by defenders. Then in the 14th minute Babović gave a pass ahead to Kojić, who was standing inside the penalty area. He headed it to Ninković, who was sneaking around there. Džigi thanked and walked in the net with the ball. 1:0
In the 17th minute it was again us in action. Živković passed the ball to Volkov, who gave it to Brašanac from the left side, but the chance was missed.
5 minutes later Voždovac was attacking. We could demilitarize them, but here came a period when it was mostly about how to kick Partizan-players on the ground. Živković spent more time laying on the grass than running, then in the 24th minute Kojić fell on the ground (you could hear the striker’s painful scream even through the stream).
Then came the 25th minute. Voždovac’s Nigerian player got the ball in the middle. He dribbled one here and one there and passed it to Karaklajić. The midfielder ran up to our penalty area and passed the ball into the middle. Lukač was watching shocked as Slovenian player Škerjanc appeared out of nowhere, behind his back and headed the ball to the net. 1:1
In the 30th minute Voždovac was attacking again. Odita sent a shot from 20 metres, thankfully it flew out of the field above the crossbar. We could instantly go for a counter-attack, but Ninković’s shot was too wide.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Meanwhile fans of the southern tibune was chanting "Uprava napolje" loud (in English, approx: "Out with the management!").
In the 37th minute Ninković again missed a chance, then 3 minutes later it was Bandalovski sending a shot to Voždovac’s goal line. The shot ended as a corner, Volkov headed it to the goal line, but it was too wide.
In the 42nd minute the world was again watching Bandalovski, but not necessarily for the reason the defender originally wanted. A Voždovac player pushed him down to the ground, and after all these the referee gave the guests a free kick. Lukač saved. Two minutes later we were possessing the ball and we got a free kick. Drinčić sent it in from the left side, Volkov shot it to the goal line while falling on the ground, but Supić saved it.
It was already extra time, we again got a free kick, approx. 20 metres from the goal line. Drinčić was standing behind the ball, but his kick dropped down on the wall. Živković immediately grabbed the ball and made a 25-metre shot. The goalkeeper had to fly in the air to save it to corner.
The very last minute had a Voždovac-attack left, Odita shot from 15 metres, but it was too wide.

Bandalovski in action. The Bulgarian played very well
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

The second half started with Volkov getting kicked on the ground. In the 49th minute we got a corner. Drinčić kicked, Volkov got it, but the goalkeeper saved with leg, and the ball dropped right in front of Branko Ilić. Ilić headed, the ball fell into the net. 2:1
In the 53rd minute Voždovac attacked. The ball arrived in the middle from the right, being about 25 metres from the goal line. The shot was dropped from a Partizan defender, right in front of Zlatković, who immediately shot. Lukač jumped and saved. Corner. Finally Brašanac cleaned the area. Two minutes later the guests got a free kick, it was headed on corner by Kojić. In the 57th minute we headed for a counter-attack after a corner. Živković gave a great pass to Kojić from the left, the striker headed it over the crossbar.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 61st minute Ninković was maneuvering to be able to get a corner. It was cleaned by the defenders, but we still possessed the ball. Volkov tried with a heading, the goalkeeper pushed the ball in front of Kojić, the striker shot too wide. Two minutes later Voždovac started a counter-attack after a corner, but Bandalovski interrupted. In the 68th minute the Bulgarian player dribbled himself through the guest team’s half and passed the ball to Ninković, but his shot flew out of the field above the crossbar. A minute later the goalkeeper could barely save Drinčić’s corner, making another one for us. From that corner the guest team grabbed the ball and wanted to head for a counter-attack, but we got the ball back. Živković passed it to Babović from the right, but his heading was too wide.
In the 72nd minute, after a counter-attack there was an upheaval in front of Partizan's goalmouth. A shot came from the left, defenders saved it to corner. A minute later Bandalovski made an amazing sprint while a Voždovac-attacker was trying to find his way to our goal line. The Bulgarian defender won, the ball ran out through the sideline. Throw-in for Voždovac, then the attacker kicked the ball into our goalmouth. Odita was standing there between two defenders. The kick was awful, our defenders headed it down, but the ball dropped in front of the Nigerian, who shot and the ball was in the net. 2:2
In the 79th minute Lovrenčić made a too distant shot above the crossbar from 8 metres. After the goal kick the ball got back to Voždovac (a Partizan defender just simply lost the ball). They didn’t waste time, Džugurdić made a shot from 20 metres. The ball dropped into the net from Lukač’s hand. 2:3

There was about a handful of Voždovac-fans who made a happy dance on the tribune after this goal, while the entire southern tribune was shouting "Uprava napolje".

In the 85th minute after a row of amazing dribbles and passes Volkov headed the ball right into the goalkeeper’s hands. Almost immediately Ninković ran up on the right and passed to Šaponjić, who just joined the game as a substitute. Šaponjić ran up to the corner flag and passed the ball into the middle. A Partizan-player was waiting there for the ball, but a too eager Voždovac-defender was quicker - and the ball dropped into the net from him. Own goal. 3:3
In the 88th minute Marinković had a distant shot, but missed. Two minutes later Voždovac was again heading to our goal line and it looked to be rather dangerous. Our defense line cleaned the area, but it wasn’t a too easy task... For the 92nd minute there was a Partizan free kick left, the referee sent Drinčić backwards at least 4 times before allowing him to kick, because the midfielder was not at the very place where the foul previously happened... Finally Drinčić could kick the ball into the middle, but the chance was missed.
At the end of the game the bitter choir of Grave Diggers still chanted anti-management rhymes instead of the usual singing and greeting the players, while the few fans of Voždovac have probably never been happier than now, to be able to steal one point from Partizan. And the thing is, dear fellow fans, we can be grateful that they stole only one and not three points from us, and we didn’t start the season with a humiliating loss.

Update: some news resources say, the always tight-lipped, barely outspoken Saša Ilić didn't make a secret of being upset after the match, in the locker-room. The team captain put the entire team in their place, also a few players got a personal scolding from him.
And he was right.



Location: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 5000
Referee: Srđan Jovanović (assistants: Nemanja Petrović, Jovica Milin - 4th assistant: Milan Mihajlović - additional assistants:Nenad Đokić, Igor Stojilković)

FK Partizan: Lukač - Bandalovski, Ćirković, B. Ilić, Volkov - Brašanac (S. Ilić, 77.), Drinčić - Babović, Ninković, A. Živković (Marinković, 83.) - Kojić (Šaponjić, 77.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

FK Voždovac: Supić - Kitanovski (Stanimirović, 82.), Nikolić, Stojković, Zlatković - Jokić (Sinđić, 88.), Pavlović - Karakljajić, Lovrenčić, Škerjanc (Džugurdić, 76.) - Odita
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorers: Ninković (14.), Škerjanc (25.), B. Ilić (49.), Odita (73.), Džugurdić (78.), Stanimirović (85., own goal)
Yellow card: Zlatković (26.), Kitanovski (33.), Kojić (38.), Pavlović (87.), B. Ilić (90.)

Current championship standings:
1. Partizan 39 points
2. Crvena Zvezda 33 points
3. Čukarički 31 points
4. Vojvodina 30 points
5. Jagodina 24 points
6. Novi Pazar 23 points
7. OFK Beograd 23 points
8. Rad 19 points
9. Mladost 19 points
10. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 18 points
11. FK Voždovac 17 points
12. Napredak 16 points
13. Borac 16 points
14. Donji Srem 16 points
15. Radnički Niš 13 points
16. Radnički 1923 10 points

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