Thursday, February 12, 2015

Petar Škuletić: case closed

I try to resume this whole story. The waves of shitstorm are so high that they have been flowing over the dams and faeces are getting as high as our knees.

The situation is, as follows: Petar Škuletić signed to Lokomotiv Moscow. The price Russians paid for him is 4 million euros. The striker has already left the team in Turkey and came back to Belgrade. They had a short press conference, he had a few hours left to pack up and he left in the evening to Moscow.
A few weeks ago French team Lille wanted to sign him. Everything looked fine, Škuletić went to France, took part at medical examinations. He was loved around, everything looked to be perfect. The French team offered 2 and a half million euros for him. Yet Partizan’s newly elected management said in the last minute that the Montenegrin striker was not for sale. It caused numerous new grey hair for Škuletić’s manager, the striker just said resigned to a sports site, the world would not collapse if he couldn’t sign to a foreign team, just he had financial problems and his bottom would be soon out from his pants.
A Chinese offer showed up as well, but Škuletić refused saying he’d not want to go to the Far East.

I can absolutely understand him.

Things seemed to calm down. Škuleitć travelled with the team to Turkey for spring preparations, the average fan was already thinking of the upcoming season with Škuletić and co. shooting goals, our name can be engraved into the championship cup in advance, thanks.
Then came the news out of the blue: Petar Škuletić signs to Lokomotiv Moscow, 10 days before the start of the season. Marko Nikolić made no secret about how embarrassing it was all for him. He added, he had and would have no voice in it.
Team leadership immediately started to wash their hands.
All that Dragan Ćirić could say was the following to
- Well, see, I have no decision-making power here.


- It is very embarrassing - he added.
You get what I mean. FK Partizan’s sports director have no power to make decisions. Ćirić swore by all that is holy he knew nothing about Škuletić’s transfer.
Vučelić tried to explain things to
- The club is in a very difficult financial situation. We indeed refused Lille’s offer about 2,3 million euros. There had been offers from China and Germany, even Sporting Lisboa seemed to be interested, but none of them was serous enough. The first really serious offer came from Lokomotiv, they were even willing to pay the price at once.
Reports talk about the management immediately having a meeting in Belgrade to discuss the fate of Škuletić. Finally they decided (9 "yes" against 3 "no") to sell the striker. Ljubiša Tumbaković allegedly left the meeting like an angry stormwind (he was one of those 3 members voting with "no"). Beside him Dragan Bjelogrlić and dr. Nele Karaljić were against the transfer.

Earlier Tumbaković said, too, he had no knowledge about this entire story about Škuletić, as he was with the team in Turkey for the whole time. When he got to know about it, he immediately travelled back to Belgrade for an urgent meeting of the board.

After all this the question rose: who is responsible for this all? Whose interest is this, to make the team this weak, selling the two best players, Škuletić and Lazović this very quickly, one and a half weeks before the start of the spring season? (And let’s not forget about Fofana being on loan.) Pantić was also successfully thrown out of the team. Who will score goals?
Vučelić gave a very mysterious answer to the "who is responsible"-question.
- The management, of course. - Then he added: - And the trainer.
The journalist surely made a shocked facial expression, because Vučelić gave this explanation:
- It is not the management’s job to score goals. It is high time for the trainer and the players to stop using the management as an alibi. Everyone knows who are to play football - he said.

I hope it is only paranoia talking from me, but why, why do I have the impression the new management wants to make a scapegoat of Marko Nikolić, that finally the trainer himself will leave the team?... Do you still remember of the last days of 2014, when the newly elected leadership instantly wanted to fire Nikolić - only the rage of fans kept them back from making this step.

Škuletić seems to be tired, worn out, fed up and can’t wait to get over this fuss.


- It was an offer you get once in a lifetime - he said during the day. - I said earlier to the team that I want to sign to a foreign club. The only thing I regret is that I couldn't win championship with Partizan. But I do believe my friends will win again the title.
He added, he is very glad with the offer of Lokomotiv and feels satisfied.
- I got a phone call early in the morning with the offer. I couldn't even say goodbye properly to the team, only to those few fellow players who were awake at that time.
Some say, this farewell was not this easy, Škuletić had an emotional, tearful leave from Partizan.

(You shouldn’t have said this. Now I will cry, too.)

The best part is yet to come.
Milorad Vučelić said to what Ljubiša Tumbaković said earlier, that he knew nothing about the striker’s transfer, is false.
- We got the offer from Lokomotiv on Tuesday evening. We immediately had a conference call, including all board members. Everyone knew about it.
Journalists tried to confront the management with their own statements from earlier, namely they wouldn’t sell anyone from the team (yet they sold out the two strikers and Pantić with turbo speed). Milomir Gligorijević explained it as follows:
- We must never, we should never lie to our fans. We could never do such a thing.

Don’t laugh yet, here’s the best part.

- We would leave this club rather than descending to lie. But everyone must understand, the circumstances have changed in the meantime.
This was Gligorijević’s Nobel-prize winner explanation.

And if you’re still not crying and/or raging and want to burn down the house together with every dirty, corrupted, coward liar pigs, then watch this early morning video, because SOS Kanal could catch a very sleepy, very worn-out Petar Škuletić before he left Turkey, with Vulićević, his roommate saying him goodbye at the exit.

Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your 21 goals, for being the most reliable member of the team. I hope you'll return to Belgrade one day. And thank you for being able to meet you.
Take care!

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