Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Good and bad news

Let’s start with the bad one.
Đorđe Gagić leaves Partizan. The player allegedly asked on today’s evening training to terminate his contract. There are no details available yet, nevertheless with this day Gagić stopped visiting Partizan’s trainings.

Good news is that the football team got another new player. Gregor Balažić, a Slovenian-born (Murska Sobota) central midfield signed to Partizan for one and a half year. Details to be announced soon.

Extra edition.
Vojislav Stanković allegedly signed to Inter Baku.
(No comment.)

Update 2:
Partizan confirmed in a short Facebook-post that Gagić indeed left the team for financial reasons. An enormous mud-throwing has started on social media sites, fans don’t hide their anger and disappointment. Additionally, a mysterious message is circling around the internet, allegedly from Saša Pavlović’s Instagram profile, where the former NBA-player clearly takes his stand on the case.
As for me, I dissociate myself from all this mud-throwing. It is disgusting. It is such a depth where no one should fall. Whether you know the truth or not.

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