Monday, February 16, 2015

OK Partizan - OK Vojvodina 1:3 (Serbian Cup, final)

Damn it.
We were undefeated until now. In the Saturday semifinal we smoothly beat Radnički. And there it is, Vojvodina just had to wash up the floor with us, right in the final.
Both teams had a nervous start, with 2-2 serve fouls on both sides. The truth is, we made a lot of other mistakes in the first set, not just serve ones. Vojvodina won easily to 17:25.
We picked ourselves up from the floor for the second set. It still wasn’t easy, we sweated blood, but we could equalize. We made it to 25:22, but just a few minutes before the end Vojvodina pushe a brutal series down our throats, Average Fan got tic from nervousness, when we could finally make it from the 4th (!) set ball.
The third part looked like a dream at first. All seemed to work, we were on the lead, with a small but sure difference. Then came a strange judgement from the referee, Vojvodina equalized, then got on the lead. For the end of the set they made a humiliating parade. It was terrible to watch, seriously. They won it to 19:25.
The last part started like the previous, with us on the lead. Then Vojvodina equalized and there was no return from that point. That’s it. They won the set, the match and the Cup as well.
Boys, a huge CONGRATULATIONS for making it to the final. In the championship we are still undefeated, so cheers up.

OK Partizan: Lopar (8), Kostić (1), Mrdak (25), Majstorović (12), P. Nikolić (3), M. Nikolić (13), Rajković (libero), Jokanović, Buša, Ivković (1), Veličković, Popović
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

OK Vojvodina: Simić (3), Č. Stanković (3), Katić (15), Jovanović (2), Luburić (30), M. Stanković (10), Peković (libero), Bojičić (1), Nadaždin, Petković, Kolarić, Mehić
Head coach: Strahinja Kozić

There will surely be video highlights, until then you get a photo with one of Mrdak’s killer attacks.



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