Friday, February 13, 2015

Photo of the day - Petar Škuletić’s first day at Lokomotiv

(photo: Twitter/fclm_official)

Here I'd like to pay respect to the professional attitude of FK Lokomotiv, sending my love to their PR/communications team. So far I have seen such colourful, informative releases including photos and video conference only from the best Western European teams. Starting with all, really ALL their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) talking about Petar Škuletić as head news, but when the shocked fan found their jaws dropped on the floor, they already announced to have a live video conference with Škuletić, where our Montenegrin will introduce himself as well as answer fans’ questions. And of course, the entire conference will be streamed live on the team’s official Youtube-channel, everyone’s welcome.
Russian fans (as much as I could understand the comments, my Russian is weaker than my Serbian) had a warm welcome for Škuletić. Of course the entire video conference is available on the team’s Youtube-channel, what is more, not much later a written extract was uploaded to Lokomotiv’s website.
A message to all whom it concerns: instead of bleached blondes please, hire a professional PR-team and a similarly professional team management. Thanks.
Here’s the video conference, it starts at 10:00.


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