Monday, February 9, 2015

VK Crvena Zvezda - VK Partizan 8:8 (Triglav League)

We started with a good pace. Average Fan even had distant day-dreams about a possible high goal difference victory over the red team, especially that the match was organized in Milan Gale Muškatirović Swimming Pool.
In the first quarter we were self-confident, winning it to 3:4. Slobodan Soro finally came back home from Brazil and made miracles at the goal line. Subotić and Mandić made a fool of Šefik time after time. We even made it for the half-time, being on the lead to 4:6.
The third quarter is yet something to forget as quickly as possible. Nothing worked, the entire period was a desperate swimming between the two goal-lines struggling. It isn’t much of a comforting thought that the opponent also failed to take advantage of their chances, the quarter’s only goal was still scored by them soon before the end. Their goalkeeper picked himself together and their defense line formed a much stronger wall than in the first half.
The last quarter was a total nervous breakdown. Red team equalized, then they even took the lead (8:7). Their goalkeeper made impossible tricks while having a wide grin at Partizan-players who seemingly turned into more and more pale. Finally Jakšić got fed up and equalized 40 seconds before the end buzz.

The team’s best were Subotić, Mandić and Stojanović, all scored 2-2 goals.

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