Monday, February 16, 2015

KK Cibona - KK Partizan 64:81 (Adriatic League)

"Derby match".
(So to speak.)
There were moments of this "derby match" when the difference was 30 points for our benefit.
But first things first, you get some warm-up photos.

We started slowly, in the beginning Cibona was ahead of us to 11:10. Murić, Milutinov and Milosavljević scored from our side, so we could switch the standing to 11:16. At the end of the first quarter Đumić debuted. Cibona tried their best, but however much they were trying, we won the period to 21:25.
Then came our secret weapon.
Nikola Milutinov.
Milutinov came, saw and the difference was 10 points (21:31). Then 24:34. Then...

...then Saša Pavlović happened.
And not just him.

The difference became 20 points and it was still only the 2nd quarter (26:46). We went to half-time with waving flags and a result of 28:50.

Boris Dallo, some time during the match

Nikola Milutinov, standing at the paint, ready for free throw

The next period was even more convincing. Pavlović and Tepić made a row of 3-pointers, pushing the difference up to almost 30 points (30:59), then after Tepić’s fantastic turnover it indeed became 30 points (30:61). Mačvan could be stopped only with bodycheck, the Serbian national team member "thanked" it with a genius troll-styled steal. Milutinov was knocked out in the meantime, the center came off the parquet jumping on one leg. The match ended for him at that point. (Later news told he suffered only a minor strain, nothing serious, thankfully.) Meanwhile Đumić presented the Living Wall trick:

Cibona picked themselves together and made a sometimes literally rough defence. The quarter’s result was 41:68.
The final part was opened by Mačvan (41:71), then Cibona made it to 50:74. For the last few minutes they could speed up and reduce the difference to be at least within the humiliating 20 points. (64:81) For us it didn’t matter, it was a smooth win.

"Haters gonna hate" - Marinković played it cool

(photos: Twitter)

Update: full match is available.

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