Friday, January 16, 2015

Photos from the winter preparations

The boys were sent off to Košutnjak to run. (Before anyone gets a heart attack that they had to run straight from Zemun: they were all taken there by bus.)

Ready to kickstart the Steam Roller: Gribć and Babović

Yes, Stanković is still here preparing with the team

So is Volkov...

...Šaponjić arriving behind him can confirm it

Nemanja Kojić

The Captain: Saša Ilić

Brašanac has this wide grin on his face even while running behind Pantić

"Let’s speed up or else we’ll miss breakfast"

Team Živković, doing their best

Petar Škuletić with Mirosla Bogosavac

The prize: many bottles of mineral water

It gives extra spirit to Ninković

Post-running power walk á la Drinčić

Always listen to what experienced players say: Saša Ilić giving tips to Pantić and Brašanac

There are some for whom even this long run couldn’t turn down high spirit

Stretching and crackling joints

Lazović and Branko Ilić stretching

A bunch of youngsters: Marinković, Pantić, Lukić and Šaponjić

Džigi always gets to find a photogenic pose

Photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan

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