Monday, January 12, 2015

VK Partizan - VK Mladost 10:8 (Triglav League)

Goalkeeper Rističević was the hero of the day. Right at the beginning he had a huge save while the opponent team was in power play. Right after this Subotić scored Partizan’s first goal (1:0). Our defense line was very strong and it says all that Mladost’s first (and equalizing) goal was a terrible, weak shot, soon before the end. No one knows why the referees validated it. (1:1)

The ball was floating on the surface of the water rolling around, crossing the goal line while sailing on the waves. Everyone was screaming and waving, the referee whistled and pointed at the middle of the pool. Thanks.

As an answer, Mandić made a giant block while defending a Croatian try, may his hands be engilt, and we could start a counter-attack. Stojanović scored, we were on the lead (2:1). As the final scene of the period, Rističević again had a wonderful save.
In the second quarter Croatian team quickly equalized (2:2) and they seemed to decide to take control of the match. They took control so much that Gilen tore the net to pieces (3:2). Mladost equalized from power play (3:3), Stojanović again took the lead with a distant shot (4:3). Rističević again saved the unsaveable, Mladost kept us under continuous control, but Rističević saved.
And saved.
And again saved.

I want you all to make a statue of him. Now. And put it to the entrance of the Banjica sports complex.

At the beginning of the second half Mladost again equalized (4:4), then... then we got into a triple "man down" situation. Three players were sent off from us, Mladost was in an absolute power play. I swear I don’t know how it could all happen, referees were just whistle and wave, there was a big upheaval and wrestling in front of our goal line...
It was unbelievable, seriously.
Meanwhile Gogov was fouled out and Croats tried to score to Rističević from a few centimetres. But at this match nobody could score to Rističević, not even the Almighty Heavenly Father. Rističević saved in triple man-down power play, after this a try from a few centimetres was almost an offense for him.
Then Jakšić scored the biggest troll goal I’ve ever seen. He grabbed the ball and shot it with a twist in his wrist, as if he would be playing ducks and drakes. The ball was dropping on the surface, Mladost’s goalkeeper was sinking with a desperate expression on his face and the ball rolled into the net. (5:4)
Then the opponent equalized again (5:5), but only to give a chance to Manojlović to take us on the lead again. It was awesome, Manojlović was wrestling with an XXL-sized Croatian player in front of the goalmouth. The opponent player was about to drown Manojlović into the water, when the ball dropped next to Partizan’s player. All you could see was a hand appearing from underneath the Croatian player. It grabbed the ball and dropped it into the net. The standing was 6:5.
You get what I mean. Manojlović can score even while being half-drowned. The Croatian player, who was wrestling with him, just looked at the ball in the corner of the net with a confused face.
Then Subotić took advantage of the shock and quickly scored another (7:5). He shot somewhere from the half-line, raising up from the water waist-high and sent a bomber into Mladost’s net. Croatian team reduced the difference about 3 seconds before the end (7:6), but we were still on the lead.
In the last quarter Jakšić came, saw and scored a giant goal (8:6), while Rističević saved with a grin on his face. Mladost players picked themselves together and equalized, but they couldn’t stand against the Steam Roller, however much they tried. Stojanović set back World Peace (9:8), and finally the dot was put to "i" by Mandić (10:8) 11 seconds before the end.

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