Sunday, January 4, 2015

KK Partizan - Cedevita 76:64 (Adriatic League)

"Derby match".
You get what I mean.
At this "derby match" we started with a 12:0 series. Pavlović heated up the Steam Roller right at the beginning, there was no return.


Today’s online stream was one of the worst kinds, and I didn’t find any better all over the internet. All of them lagged, making the stream unwatchable. Thankfully Adriatic League has this kind habit to upload all the matches to Youtube in full time. Until then I try to re-enact the game.

So, it took more than 7 minutes for Cedevita to score 1 (one) point. There were less than 3 minutes to go when they could pass the ball through the ring after getting a free throw. (The second attempt was unsuccessful.) Mačvan and Dallo did a great teamwork, Dallo threw the ball to the basket from behind the 3-pointer line, but missed it. Mačvan, Partizan’s official troll was sneaking under the backboard, made a fantastic rebound and scored with a wide grin on his face, right at the buzz. 14:1
Cedevita picked themselves together a bit (16:7 was the result at the end of the quarter) and tried to keep up this pace for the next period. In reality the two teams were wrestling for 2 minutes without much result (17:12), then Partizan thought it was enough. Gagić was the first in line with a free throw (19:12), then Andrić celebrated his birthday with a 3-pointer (24:14). Our advantage was still two-digit (28:18), Andrić brought another 3-pointer - birthdays happen only once a year, so you have to do it in style... (31:20).


I think, this was the point when Mačvan walked off the ground with painful face, holding his right shoulder.


Our pace didn’t slow down despite all.

The half-time result was 39:26 and Mačvan resurrected for the second half.

Children play on the ground in half-time

Milenko Tepić was watching the game from the tribune
(photos: Twitter)

I swear, at the beginning of the third period I saw the counter displaying 42:24, but after an upheaval there were only 41 points at our side. (I very much hope Adriatic League uploads this match as soon as possible. I have no idea what happened here, stream was lagging very heavily.)

Mačvan’s resurrection
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

All in all, the standing was 41:28, most probably it didn’t bring any comfort to Cedevita that a point was taken from us. We quickly made up our lost ground (43:28) with Bogdanović adding a 3-pointer (46:28). Another upheaval came, players were wrestling under Cedevita’s backboard, then Gagić got a technical foul.

Gagić disagreed
(photo: Twitter)

The standing was then 46:31, it seemed Cedevita might speed up (46:34, then 46:36), but Dallo stopped them (48:36), then Pavlović quickly made it to 53:40. Then 55:42, finally Milutinović set the result of the third quarter (60:42).

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

In the final one Cedevita reduced the difference to 60:48, but we made ourselves comfortable with two 3-pointers (66:52). Dallo helped to make it even higher (68:54, then 70:54), Milosavljević scored a 3-pointer (74:60), and our last basket was thrown by Milutinović (76:62). The very last score was done by Cedevita but even that didn’t save them from the two-digit difference. 76:64

Highlights - as soon as the entire match is uploaded, I’ll post that, too.

Until then victory photos.

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan) 

(photo: Twitter)

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