Monday, January 19, 2015

KK Metalac Farmakom - KK Partizan 72:83 (Adriatic League)

This match was the return of Edo Murić, he couldn’t do it with more style.
We ran out to the parquet and took the lead to 0:7.
Then on 2:11.
The Valjevo team picked themselves together a bit and made it to 9:11. Then Mačvan and Pavlović settled back World Peace (9:18).
At this point entered Edo Murić, with tapes on his shoulder. He ran to the ground (with great ovation by Grave Diggers), Gagić performed a brutal block, Murić got the ball, he thanked and did the Slam Dunk of the Year.

Afterwards, at 17:22 he scored a great 3-pointer, from God knows how many metres. It must be spread as an instructional DVD. Now. With this result (17:25) we entered the second quarter.
Murić did his job (17:27). We kept the double digit difference: 21:32, with Milosavljević’s fantastic 3-pointer, then 22:36 by Milutinov, with Mačvan’s assist. This latter one also threw a basket (26:38) with great teamwork by Andrić.
At 28:41 Metalac reduced the difference with 5 points (33:41), then at 33:44 arrived the Destroying Force, aka Đorđe Gagić.

This Gagić-show came after a wrestling scene with players and trainers yelling with the referees and it was followed by yelling again, because Murić got a technical foul. If the slow motion replay showed it correctly, he was fouled for a (one) block. You get what I mean. His blocking was too drastic. That Murić, who is this typical nice boy from the neighbourhood, that is too nice to do even an undrastic movement (not mentioning a drastic one). Nevertheless he got a technical foul, Metalac scored from free throw that followed (38:44). The half time result was 38:45, Tepić adjusted the standing a bit before the break.
In the third quarter hell broke loose slowly but surely. Partizan players were fouled one by one, there was even a technical one among them. As a result, Metalac switched the standing, they were leading to 51:50. Mačvan set it back (51:52), so did Metalac (53:52), then Pavlović thought it was enough (52:54), then after Milosavljević’s basket (52:56) Pavlović was fouled for a block. The opponent reduced the difference step by step, then equalized (58:58) and even scored themselves to the leading position (60:58). Milutinov equalized with a dunk.

The result of the quarter was 60:63.
In the last period we made the difference to 60:67 and from then on we kept our advantage. Metalac was behind us sometimes with just 1-2 points. In the meantime Murić was fouled out, Gagić got a smash on his face that he fell on the floor, a basket by Pavlović turned out to be invalid, but we could still keep the difference. We even made a 4:13 series at the end, the last basket was scored by the Captain.

Match highlights:

League standings after 18 rounds:
1. CZ 34 points*
2. Budućnost Podgorica 33 points
3. Cedevita 30 points
4. Partizan 29 points
5. Union Olimpija 27 points
6. Cibona 27 points
7. Krka 26 points
8. Szolnoki Olaj 26 points
9. Metalac 26 points
10. Mega Leks 25 points
11. Zadar 24 points
12. MZT Skopje 24 points
13. Igokea 23 points
14. Levszki Szófia 18 points*

Teams marked with * played only 17 matches so far.

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