Tuesday, January 20, 2015

VK Partizan - Galatasaray 10:7 (Champions League)

After the basketball game Average Fan quickly switches to RTS 2

"quickly switches", as if it was just a click with the remote control... in reality it was a desperate search for stream link

to see the waterpolo team being in trouble up to the hilt.

The atmosphere was unbelievable. Crowded house at the Banjica pool, singing and cheering fans with flags all over

But let's see what happened from the beginning.

It was one of those very rare moments when politicians (!) showed up at a Partizan (!!!) match. On the right, with blue shirt and glasses Nebojša Stefanović Serbian minister of home affairs, in grey sweatshirt Vanja Udovčić, former water polo player, now Serbia’s minister of youth and sports

The first quarter was great. Mandić scored a goal, that was the final result of the period as well. Then in the second one Turks decided to re-play the 1389 battle. They were leading to 3:4 in the half-time, and when the basketball match finished (and a working stream popped up, too) the standing was 3:5. Then immediately 3:6. We reduced the difference (4:6), but Turks quickly scored another (4:7).

Match action: Mandić in the heat of a fight

Slow and thorough drowning of a Partizan player in Turkish style

Vladimir Vujasinović

This was that moment when Average Fan starts to think of a nice, moving (and Turk-mocking) blogpost about a lost match, but I should have learned long ago that Partizan is famous for their great resurrections as well as for Parni valjak, the steam roller, when the team shakes themselves back to life bulldozing the opponent like a snow-plough cutting loose.
Stojanović started it. He came, he saw and tore Galatasaray’s net to pieces (5:7). Not much later arrived Gavril Subotić, and from then on our difference was only one goal. (6:7)
Then Mandić equalized with a fantastic shot (7:7).

We must definitely mention Dimitrije Rističević, too, who made wonders at this match, saving everything possible, and even some among the impossible as well.

Jakšić and Subotić blocking a Turkish attack

Gilen took us on the lead. Even RTS 2’s commentator was screaming from ecstasy (and the best was just about to come).

Mandić scored from penalty (9:7) and the coup d’etat was done by Subotić with the world’s perkiest troll goal.

Match highlights:

Then it was high time for a totally deserved celebration.

Finally, just for you, only here, only now, an 11-minute-long, massive ecstasy.

(Photos: Facebook/Vaterpolo klub Partizan Raiffeisen)

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