Thursday, January 15, 2015

Szolnoki Dózsa - VK Partizan 12:7 (Champions League)

A message to all Serbian sports channels as well as to the state-owned TV: I send you all a wire-brush to put it up for yourselves. Why did NONE of you broadcast this match? Why?... Is Partizan this much out of importance? To whom would it have hurt to put this match on their programme?

A question to Hungarian "Sport 1" sports channel: do you really pay for these presenters?... If you had picked two random Szolnok-fans, even they would have presented this match with much higher standards than these two idiots. (Don't take me wrong, I don't want to hurt Szolnok's fans. On the contrary.) Does it feel good for you to mock Partizan and Vujasinović live, while the broadcast lacks the most basic professionalism?

Rističević had a great save as a warm-up, then Mandić greeted everyone with a goal (0:1). Not much later Szolnok equalized. We tried to pressure them, but they had Decker at their goal line who is the goalkeeper of the national team as well, while in the goalmouth there were mountain-sized players watching, and if anyone from Partizan made even just a small movement, at least two home team members got on him and pushed him into the concrete of the pool. After this Szolnok took the lead, Varga threw the ball into our net from about 2 centimetres. We tried with a counter-attack, but when such a thing happened, two Szolnok-players made a "sandwich" taking the sometimes barely 20-year-old Partizan player between themselves pressuring him so heavily that he dropped the ball from his hand. Referees either whistled or not, but even if they did, we got usually just a free throw, but no send-off happened. The standing reached to 3:1. Rističević was in great shape, despite all, he even had great saves while Szolnok was in power play.
The second quarter wasn’t much better. Rističević held the "fortress" like a hero, but when Szolnok got into power play again, that was too much even for him (4:1). Mandić kept on trying, but Decker saved everything, he even sent an evil grin to Partizan’s young player. Then Stojanović decided to do something - and scored (4:2). Rističević again saved in power play, Jakšić heartened up and our difference was just one goal then (4:3).
The problem was that referees heartened up as well and gave a penalty shot for Szolnok.

I swear I have no idea why. The scene was replayed in slow motion a few times, I didn’t see anything. Mountain-sized Szolnok player vs. kid-faced Serbian youngster. You can imagine. Partizan’s player desperately tries to keep the pace, the referee suddenly whistles and gives penalty shot out of the blue.

Trainer Vujasinović complained, but the referees didn’t listen. Szolnok scored. 5:3
There were a few missed chances, also great saves by Rističević. Then we could have a longer pause.
The third quarter started again with Rističević. He had a great save in the first moments of the second half, but a few minutes later he was overwhelmed. (6:3) Then we got into power play after a long time. We took advantage of it, Mandić scored (6:4). What is more, thanks to Repanović, the standing was 6:5 not much later.
It didn’t take long... Szolnok quickly scored (7:5), while the camera showed their team member tearing a Partizan player into small pieces. The referees were just watching it

popcorn, maybe?...

...then they sent off a Partizan-player, because Szolnok didn’t have enough power play time yet. Rističević and our defense line stopped Szolnok’s attack and we made a quick counter-attack. We even got into power play, but we missed. We could immediately see the consequences, Szolnok scored again (8:5). Subotić had a try, then the quarter ended. We could have a few minutes of rest, then came the final period.
It came, so did Mandić (8:6). Szolnok quickly scored (9:6), Partizan’s answer was again Mandić (9:7). Gogov missed a chance, Szolnok made a counter-attack and scored (10:7). Then again... (11:7) while referees again didn’t mind Szolnok players drowning someone from Partizan slowly into the water. Only the coup de grace was left (12:7) as well as some great moments by Rističević. Then the referees did the final whistle.

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