Monday, January 26, 2015

KK Partizan - Igokea 74:65 (Adriatic League)

Pionir Hall was fully crowded, with 7000 screaming, jumping, singing holy madmen.

Again it was like at previous matches, the guest team threw a basket. Just one. Then we took control into our hands and didn’t let them even take a breath. (Just we didn’t want to appear as unpolite hosts.)

Duško Vujošević and the Red Carnage (Punk)Revolution
(photo: Facebook/Гробари ЈУГ!!!)

First things first. Milutinov equalized at 0:2 with a fantastic teamwork. We made it to 10:6, then Milosavljević scored the first 3-pointer of the match. The standing changed to 16:8, Gagić raised it to two-digit, scoring while falling on the floor, with numerous guest players hanging on him (18:10). We ended the quarter with 21:13, Andrić threw a 3-pointer before the buzz.

Dragan Milosavljević during a pause
(photo: Twitter)

After the start of the second quarter Igokea tried to pick themselves together (21:15, then 21:17), but then came Gagić, the Destroying Force and the counter switched to 23:17. Then again him, now from free throw (25:19), and with the Captain’s 3-pointer it was 28:19.

(kép: Facebook/KK Partizan)

At this point the pace slowed down a bit. Igokea demonstrated less and less power, while we were just doing our job. Marinković settled back the two-digit difference (30:19), Igokea’s answer was a 2:8 series (32:26). At 32:28 Partizan got a free throw. Milutinov stood at the paint, he scored from the first throw, but the second fell down from the ring. Mačvan was sneaking there, he swooped the ball and threw it mercilessly (35:28). Milutinov made a giant block, then Murić set the half-time result with a great 3-pointer as well as the two-digit difference (38:28).

During the half-time children were playing on the parquet
(photos: Twitter)

The second half started with Mačvan’s troll basket at 38:30. All players were crowding under Igokea’s backboard, the ball was about to drop out of the playing field, when a guest player saved it with a brilliant movement, throwing himself for the ball. He threw it back to the field (while he himself was sliding away on the floor towards the tribunes, the cleaning staff had quite a work to do afterwards). Mačvan just reached out, caught the ball and threw it to Igokea’s ring. 40:30

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The game was going on then with a medium pace, a basket here, a basket there, keeping our advantage. The standing was 52:43, when Marinković made a magnificent block in a seemingly lost situation.

Milosavljević re-settled the 10-point difference (54:43). Igokea’s trainer got a technical foul after complaining against the referees’ judgement. Afterwards they tried with two 3-pointers, but even that way we were on the lead. The standing was 57:49 before entering the final period.
The last quarter was opened by Dallo (59:49).

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Igokea reduced the difference to 59:57 with a 8:0 series, but then Andrić got fed up with the fumbling and scored a 3-pointer (62:57). Igokea was still speeding up, it was 62:61, it would have been a very bad joke to bleed to death here, in the fourth quarter. At 64:63 both Murić and Mačvan scored a 3-pointer, saving lives (70:63). Partizan had two scores left, while Igokea made only one during the time remained. (74:65).

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)
The ecstasy of 7000 people condensed into 15 minutes. A must-see.

Update: it might have been the last match for Luka Bogdanović wearing Partizan’s jersey. The player got an offer from a Spanish club that he allegedly accepted. (Some sources say he made an "open" contract with Partizan that he can transfer any time he gets an offer from a foreign team.)

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