Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year news highlights

The football team's leadership has a new target, namely Mijat Gaćinović. It isn’t the first time Vojvodina’s player is tempted to come to Belgrade, but this time the presidency made a firm decision to get the young player. Some say, he is among the top targets the leadership wants to get during the winter break.
So far nobody confirmed the news.


The football team’s leadership confirmed Marko Nikolić would stay as Partizan’s head coach. They also confirmed Petar Škuletić got a "tempting offer" from Lille, but the leadership unanimously rejected the offer. They said, even though the team’s financial situation is more than difficult, they still prefer to build a strong basis for the team.


You can vote here at about the best moments of the year.


It very much seems so, Milenko Tepić got only a brutal cramp at the last training. It’s still a question whether he can play against Cedevita.

*** published a list here and here about the basketball team’s highlights. The first list consists of photos only, the second includes videos

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