Saturday, January 3, 2015

News from football fields and basketball grounds

Fofana might leave ul. Humska. News, that are not confirmed yet, talk about a Chinese football team that is interested in the Ivory Coast player. Rumours say, Fofana might get to them on loan, but if he is confident enough, Partizan might sell him.

I hope I’m not right, but this waste of such a talented player will strike back.


The new presidency has just been elected, but president Zoran Popović has already experienced disagreements with Ljubiša Tumbaković and Dragan Ćirić. The reason is Marko Nikolić, whether he stays or gets discharged. Newssite says the Tumbaković-Ćirić duo is forcing to sign Ivan Tomić to Partizan’s bench, while the president stood up for Marko Nikolić. Some say, it is especially tragic because during the presidency election Marko Nikolić was lobbying for Tumbaković.


Milenko Tepić won’t be able to play tomorrow against Cedevita. Thank God his injury is not that serious, he really had just a brutal muscle spasm. Yet the problem is that there’s no substitue for him. Additionally, tomorrow’s match is crucial whether Partizan can qualify to the play-offs of Adriatic League.
Note: Partizan plays with Cedevita tomorrow at 17:00. SportKlub 1 broadcasts it live.

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