Thursday, January 22, 2015

HK Partizan - Szegedi Tisza Volán 8:5

May God smash all those in the face with an XXL-sized thunder who give no shit to the Serbian ice hockey championship, that I had to dig again to the darkest depths of internet to find the result and the details of this match. It’s especially shameful that even the home page of the Serbian Ice Hockey Association barely contains match details (in general).
For God’s sake, if you re-started the ice hockey league, at least do it in style! Respect the players (and fans) enough to report about every match! (And not 2 weeks later, but immediately.)

What I could still find out: the first goal was scored in the 11th minute by Szeged, but their hegemony ended at this point. Brkušanin equalized in power play in the 17th minute (1:1), three minutes later Janković scored and we were leading (2:1), and the Steam Roller overrode Tisza Volán. Milovanović (3:1, 23rd minute, power play), Brkušanin again (4:1, 25th minute). The 35th minute brought another Szeged goal (4:2), but they were in power play. Aleksa Luković’s answer came in the 44th minute (5:2, power play), Brkušanin made a hat-trick (6:2, 46th minute). Here happened two Szeged goals in the 50th and the 53th minute (the latter one came from power play by Szeged). Then 3 minutes later Szeged was still in power play, but Milovanović scored (7:4), then again, 2 minutes later, because it’s better to be safe than sorry (8:4). In the last minutes Szeged scored another goal, but it didn’t have any effect on the fact that WE WON.

Championship standings*
1. Beostar 17 points
2. HK Partizan 10 points
3. Szegedi Tisza Volán 10 points
4. CZ 3 points
5. HK Vitez 2 points
6. Novi Sad 0 point

* Hard to say after how many rounds, because there are teams that played 7 matches and those who played only 1.

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