Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Zvonko Varga discharged

Zvonko Varga was sent off from Partizan’s coach staff after Marko Nikolić. The news is not even official yet, but the facts that the new trainer Zoran Milinković just announced his second trainers today and Zvonko Varga was not among them, what is more, he is even deleted from the coaching staff page of the team’s website speak for itself.

You get what I mean. No press release, nothing. All in stealth mode. Not even a thank you.

Before anyone would complain saying that the new coach has the right to bring his own staff: yes, he indeed does have the right. Fans also have the right to get informations about the changes instead of putting events together as if it was a puzzle game, because the management has been suffering from the worst complication of amateurism. It's called dilettantism, while staying silent, not speaking a word, launching their worst Hollywood-styled satellite smile, claiming that everything is going the finest.

Let's see things, one after the other.
Zvonko Varga earned two championship titles in the 80's as a player before signing to Standard Liége in 1986. Here are the highlights of the 1986 Dinamo Zagreb - FK Partizan derby, that was won solely by Varga. (And those goals...)

As a trainer he spent 6 seasons on the bench, winning the championship title 3 times. He worked with the most different trainers, with Lothar Matthäus, Vladimir Vermezović, Vuk Rašović and of course with Marko Nikolić, among others.
And now he is elbowed into the corner, as if he was some piece of furniture. Some say, he'll be put back to Teleoptik, where he used to be a trainer earlier.

If I was malicious, I'd say, it was all made up to prevent him to start talking and the public would get to know interesting things about the new management, maybe even about how Nikolić was discharged. What keeps on bothering me is this unbelievable and disgusting dilettantism, this backboneless attitude, when it is not simply the lack of professionalism, but they don’t even try to show any seriousness. The only thing that matters is who is whose family member, friend, neighbour, servant, vassal, etc. It doesn’t matter if the person in question is an expert or not. It doesn’t matter if the person in question has experience, committment, routine or results. Even the team doesn’t matter. It clearly doesn’t. All their gestures speak loudly that they take players only as living chess pieces. Fans don't count at all, even if, for God's sake, it's still the fans that keep the club alive, not Čika Acika’s slowly dropping state money.
Apropos, Čika Acika. Of course I’m talking about Vučić, even if I made a vow never to talk about politics. When this terrible, slimy attitude, this "washing my hands" way of thinking, that shifts the blame to others, that is so typical to the highest political circles appears in the club's management, I can't help but think it all has a political tail-wind. And the goal of it all is to discredit Partizan. This awful, dilettant attitude can be found in the political leadership as well as in the team's. What happens in big, happens in little, too. There are these overlord-vassal relations at everywhere, and the worst is that nothing helps against them. None of these rats can be bombed out of their places, not even with a nuke, because the network of friends, family members, vassals, servants and most different servile idiots is too strong. Even if one of them would resign (with or without external pressure), another would immediately get his place. Well, in case they would resign at all, because they would surely keep on lobbying at their political connections until being assured in their position forever.
As long as it's going like this, nothing will change. Until this pussy-lipped whore openly Crvena Zvezda-fan Vučić and his vassals are in power, that Vučić, who was whining in public for not being able to do anything to make a law for the privatization of sports teams, because pleasedearvotersunderstanditistotallyimpossible, meanwhile he occupies every media station in the country, do you know, dear fellow fans, what will we get?
A middle finger, spiced with Čika Acika’s greasy, red-white smile. Maybe we can scream "Vučiću pederu" or "Uprava napolje".

As for Zvonko Varga...

Dear Maestro,
Thank you very very much for all your struggles, your commitment and work that you did with unbreakable faith even when the wind was blowing against you. I very much hope we can see you again soon on Partizan's bench. Maestro, you are not just an old souvenir that the owner simply throws away, getting bored to see it daily. I believe, and I hope many other fans also believe justice, commitment and skill eventually win over lies, backbonelessness and slyness.
We are waiting for you to come back, Maestro.

Actually, we wait for both of you to come back
(photo: sribjadanas.com)

There is something extra for the end of this post.
As I discussed it in the beginning, the new trainer, Zoran Milinković brought his staff with himself. One of them is Zoran Lončar, former player and second trainer of OFK Beograd, his last workplace was the bench of Voždovac. The other one is Ilija Stolica, he has never worked as a trainer yet. Not even at an U6 or U16 team. His "training experience" section is as white as the fresh snow.

Before someone would ask me "but where are the trust and credit?", my answer is "there are none, there haven't been any at all".

RLK Radnički Nova Pazova - RLK Partizan 28:36 (Ragbi Superliga Srbije, Round 3)

Based on one, short and not too informative report the Nova Pazova-based team fought hard against Partizan, but we sent our secret top gun Branko Čarapić to battle, and from then on nothing could stop us. You can watch the first half here, the second half here, and a big high five to the boys, because we are the first of the league table.
And a big thank you to the Facebook-page of ragbiliga.rs to keep fans informed up-to-date.

(image: Facebook/ragbiliga.rs)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

VK Partizan - Jadran ST 12:6 (Triglav League)

It's unbelievable, this manifestation of amateur attitude, when in one hand the water polo team's match is not broadcasted at all

but the red team's match is

but the details are barely mentioned, maybe only in the deepest depths of the internet. Even if the water polo boys had a shining victory in the Banjica pool, running through Jadran mercilessly.
The match was one big Gilen-festival, he scored 4 goals, followed by Mandić and his 3 shots.
If there’s anything, photo, video, report

there won’t be any, I know

I’ll update.

KK Konstantin - KK Partizan 74:87 (superliga)

The match immediately started with the collapse of the one and only available stream at sportuzivo.tv. It didn't come back to life until the end of the game.

Because none of the bigger channels broadcasted it. Thanks a lot to the crew of sportuzivo.tv, to still try the impossible and broadcast the game. Their servers were most probably overloaded.

Konstantin grabbed Partizan by the throat and made it to 10:2. We equalized to 11:11, then to 13:13, but it was not easy at all. The home team still won the first period, leading to 18:16 at the buzz.
The lack of stream was especially heavy in the second quarter. It could have been very exciting, as the two teams constantly switched the standings. At first we equalized (18:18), then again (20:20), we even took the lead (22:25). It was even 28:30 at a point, then suddenly 33:32. Soon before the end it was 36:35. We could still switch it to our benefit, most probably in a mortal hurry, because the half-time result was 36:38. (Some sources mention Milutinov doing a superhuman job.)
In the third part the home team again took the lead (40:38). We equalized (40:40), then the standing became 45:43. We equalized again (45:45), even took back the lead (45:47) and probably this was the point when everything found its place and started to work for our benefit. The difference increased on our side (47:54), what is more, even the stream worked at some points. We ended the third part with 47:56.
It soon became 47:60 and from this point on there was no return. 49:64, then 55:72. We could keep the 10-point difference for almost the whole time. 59:72, 65:77, 70:84. We kept things under control. The game ended with 74:87.
If there's photo, video, report, extra info, pink unicorns, or anything else, the post will be updated.


(photo: sportske.net)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Primorje - VK Partizan 14:8 (Champions League)

There was no goal in the first quarter, the two teams were just strangling each other silently. In the second period the fun has started, well, mostly for Primorje, shooting a goal. Our answer came immediately by Mandić (1:1). Primorje scored two more goals in the quarter, as for us, only Gogov had one shot. The half-time result was 3:2.
In the third quarter we equalized with Gilen’s goal (3:3), but the Croatian team took back the lead quickly. They even increased the difference with one more shot (5:3). We could still equalize again. Radojević shot first, then Subotić scored our fifth goal. (5:5)
Primorje still kept control in their hands. They scored two goals (7:5). The difference was reduced by Asanović (7:6), but the Croatian team was unstoppable (9:6). To make things even more difficult, Gilen was fouled out. The Rijeka-based team’s advantage increased even more (10:6). Soon before the end buzz Jakšić reduced the difference from power play (10:7).
The final part brought Primorje marching ahead (12:7). Stojanović also scored from power play (12:8), but soon he was fouled out, too. It was only the coup de grace that was left. Two more goals from Primorje.
Right now we are on the 4th place of Group B with 6 points. Ahead of us, on the 3rd stands Dubrovnik with 15 points. We have no chance to qualify, not even mathematical one. There is only one match left with Szolnok on 8th April.

Marko Nikolić discharged

There were rumours about it earlier, some say it was on the agenda even yesterday to get rid of the trainer, but the team management couldn’t agree about it.
Today they kicked out Nikolić without much thinking.
The team had an official statement claiming that the lack of good results is behind the decision, and they think the chances to win the championship title this year is in danger for this reason.

You dirty worms, you rotten SNS-asslickers, you sold out half the team. You sold out Lazović, Škuletić, Pantić and Stanković. There are only Kojić and underage Šaponjić there, and this is not enough even for a level Mourinho trainer to make miracles.* And now you have no backbone to admit your faults, instead you blame Marko Nikolić
You corrupted rats, was it maybe Čika Acika and his phone call that made you bring this irrational and irresponsible decision, to act as he wishes, or else you will not get that microscopic amount of state money you might still be eligible for? You bastards, may Genex Tower fall on your heads. You will pay for this, you’ll regret even to be born to this world.

So far no one spoke to the press. Only one thing is sure, the new trainer, that has been found already. His name is Zoran Milinković.

Thank you very much for everything. Thank you for your tremendous hard work, your faith, your committment. Thank you for being always a gentleman in the media. Thank you for bringing the best out of the players. Thank you for serving the team despite the disgusting conditions, even when everyone else would have left it all behind. Maestro, I’m sure you will find a place where you’ll be honoured and valued a thousand times more than here.
All the best!

*Of course I do not question the committment or talent of Kojić and Šaponjić. They are both great strikers and for our great luck they play in Partizan. But the team still needs badly more strikers, because it is higly unfair to expect them to carry the team on their back.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Budućnost Podgorica - KK Partizan 85:79 (Adriatic League)

Where should I start it?...
I have seen brutal games. I have seen debil audience, raging fans, idiotic, corrupted referees, primitive players. I have seen fans clashing, I have seen and heard more than often when an entire tribune swears at the opponent team, the referee or the fans of the other side.
But I have never seen anything like this in Podgorica.
I may even admit, Budućnost-fans surpassed even red fans. Though they are definitely a hardcore group.
Not to mention the referees... It’s one thing that whenever they whistled, it was for Budućnost, but they didn’t even lift a hand to do something against fan violence.

Just a reminder: you know, dear referees, there is that thing called public address system. You know, that thing when a guy speaks into the microphone and the entire hall can hear it. You could have simply gone to that guy and ask him to say it into the mic something like "pleasekeepsupportingyourteaminthespiritoffairplaythankyou". What is more, you could have even paused the game. Just sayin’.

The first quarter was a struggle. Nothing wanted to work. It was 7:2, our first basket came after 3 minutes (by Dragan Milosavljević). Then it was 12:4. This was the point when Josh Akognon tried to bring the spirit back to the team and scored two 3-pointers. The difference was reduced to two points (12:10). Pavlović was also unwilling to just give up (13:12), despite being fouled twice.
Then came Murić with a giant 3-pointer. 13:15, the standing switched to our side.
It brought the steam roller out of Milosavljević and his Captain powers, he increased the difference to 17:22. The Titograd Podgorica-based team was struggling with mistakes, missed-out chances and free throws. In the meantime Partizan slowly but surely took control of the game. The result of the quarter was 17:24, Murić scored soon before the end.
In the second quarter we continued with our great series, like e.g. this:

The second quarter brought out our best. We were on the lead for the whole time always with just a few points, demonstrating that we were still better than them. Then this happened at 38:43.

Everyone could see live Dragan Milosavljević being hit by someone. And everyone could see referees doing nothing, absolutely nothing. This is the most revolting of it all that these three corrupted rats didn’t even raise their eyebrows on such obvious injustices. Neither them, nor the officials of ABA Liga being present.

Just a side note: the audience yelled the most disgusting words to Saša Pavlović and Duško Vujošević. For Pavlović the most moderate was "traitor". So far no news source mentioned ABA Liga to come up with any sanction against Budućnost for this unfair attitude of fans - neither for this case, nor for the rest that were yet to come.

At the end of the quarter the standing was 43:44 (that was also the half-time result) hell broke loose. The terrified Average Fan could see only that members of the two teams literally clash in a fight, hitting each other.

Budućnost’s two players, Cook and Paunić started to hit Murić and Pavlović. The reasons are still unknown, but for sure they didn’t reach our players to be best friends forever. Nevertheless referees chose the most effective (LOL) solution in the beginning of the third quarter.
They put technical foul on both Murić and Pavlović.
(Some say Cook and Paunić also got technical, but you know, seeing is believing, and I didn’t see anything.)
Somehow Partizan’s pace slowed down after this incident. Budućnost equalized (46:46), they even took the lead (49:48), then something happened again.
This happened.

(photo: Twitter)

Dragan Milosavljević’s forehead was wounded, blood ran down on the Captain’s face. He got a bandage on it and came back to the court with wrapped head.
A hero.
We tried to keep the pace in the openly hostile surroundings. We did things like this.

Or like this.

Tepa is a good boy, he helps wherever he can.
For a short while we took back the lead (62:66), then Budućnost equalized from free throw (66:66), but despite all we ended the quarter with 66:69.
We kept this pace even in the beginning of the last quarter. It wasn’t easy, our 3-pointers didn’t want to fall into the ring at all. Milosavljević was fouled out, Budućnost put us under great pressure, and for the end they switched the standing to their side (72:71). But then came Saša Pavlović.

But his 3-pointer he threw after this one was not validated, it was booked only as a simple basket. (72:76) Oh, well... We were still on the lead, Akognon also scored a 3-pointer (72:79), because it is always better to be safe than sorry. Average Fan started to hear happily chirping birds (with mental ears), when Saša Pavlović was fouled out. And from that point on referees did everything to make Budućnost the winner of this game.

They did everything before as well, but from this point on they didn’t even try to cover it.

The Podgorica team equalized (79:79), with an extra gift bonus throw (80:79). Meanwhile Mačvan fell on the court after someone pushed him. He hit his head into the parquette so heavily that he could leave the ground only with help. No, referees still didn’t whistle. The tribune was on fire, referees at this point wanted to just go home most probably, but before leaving they had to go to the cashier for their payment. They worked hard for the money indeed.
Here is a video which was titled "thriller ending" by ABA Liga, they couldn’t make it any more cynical... The proper title would have been "scandal".

There are highlights, too.

Budućnost has given out an official statement, where they apologize to Duško Vujošević. Only to him, but not to Saša Pavlović, Edo Murić or Dragan Milosavljević.
Nice job, idiots. I hope, ABA League will pat your stupid heads for this.
Partizan nevertheless made it to the Final Four together with Crvena Zvezda, Budućnost and Cedevita. Our first match will be - heavenily happiness - against the red team. Dates come later, now Partizan joins the Serbian national basketball league, where they play against Konstantin on Saturday.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Čukarički - FK Partizan 2:2 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 20)

This again won’t be a match to remember. To be precise, it is that kind that makes nightmares even weeks later.
Čukarički attacked us heavily right from the beginning. Yet, in the 5th minute Kojić got a pass from Bandalovski in the middle, but the shot was too wide, it flew away above the striker’s head. We still possessed the ball, Andrija Živković sent it to the middle from the left side, but the chance was again missed. But the ball was still in our possession, Kojić headed it to Grbić, but the goalkeeper ran out and caught it. Čukarički could immediately run up for a counter-attack. It was dangerous, finally it ended as a corner. The ball dropped to Bojić, he sent a too wide shot to our goal line, but the ball was still theirs. Finally it rolled out of the field. Goal-kick.
Then in the 8th minute Slavoljub Srnić was dribbling among Partizan-defenders. We couldn’t tackle him, even though Drinčić made a slip-in trick to grab the ball (while Čukarički’s midfielder fell on the ground). Bojić got the ball, he didn’t waste his time, but shot from 25 metres. The ball flew into the net passing by Živković, who tried to threw himself into the way of the shot. He couldn’t. 1:0

The sad truth is, it was only a question of time when would Čukarički score their first goal. They were aggressive, both their defenders and attackers were very fast and they immediately noted the smallest gap on Partizan’s defense.

Partizan bench

A minute later Drinčić sent a free kick from about 22 metres, but the ball left the field, rolling out near the goalpost.
In the 12th minute two Partizan-players were kicked to the ground near the penalty area line, in front of referee Mažić. The referee still didn’t whistle. What is more, Čukarički could go to a counter-attack, for our luck they missed it out.

Mažić was not in top form, to say the least. There were cases, not just this one, when he misjudged the situation - whether he had just bad luck or made it on purpose, only he knows the answer... - as Partizan-players were kicked down, often by an aggressive foul of a home team player. He never whistled. But when anyone from Čukarički fell on the ground, free kick always came automatically. Plus he answered players’ complaints in a very impatient, sometimes arrogant way, once he was seen to pull Andrija Živković by his arm.

In the 14th minute Kojić’s pass arrived at Grbić from the right. Grbić passed to the middle, Babović got it and sent a perfect shot to the goal-line. 1:1

So, in the first 15 minutes we died and resurrected.
Well, I definitely did.

At this point the match was stopped for about 4 minutes, because a firecracker was thrown onto the field. Mažić could be seen then for the first time he was out of himself. He was running up and down, being seemingly upset, gesticulating. Then the game could go on, with Babović being immediately knocked down to the field.
In the 23rd minute Čukarički ran up for a counter-attack that quickly turned into a re-counter attack by us. Grbić passed the ball to Andrija Živković waiting on the other side of the field. From him the ball got to Ninković. Ninković shot, but the ball flew out above the crossbar.

Andrija Živković played again excellent

In the next few minutes we survived a few dangerous counter-attacks, Mažić’s demonstrations of self-importance, then in the 30th minute Grbić’s shot flew out above the crossbar and ended as a corner. Two minutes later Volkov’s throw-in was sent to the goal line by Kojić, it was dangerous, but the goalkeeper caught it. Then in the 39th minute Grbić kicked with the outer instep - my, if this shot ended in the net... But goalkeeper Stevanović caught it. In the 40th minute Kojić shot the ball from the left, just the angle was too sharp and the goalkeeper caught it easily.

Kojić was one of the players who ran the most during the match.

Čukarički immediately started a counter-attack, it was dangerous again, finally it ended as a corner.

Former teammate Miloš Joić was watching the game from the tribune

We started the second half with a free kick, from approx. 25-28 metres, but Čukarički defenders headed it out. In the 50th minute Kojić was brutally kicked down, right in front of Mažić, but of course he didn’t whistle, just waved "go on".

There were too much of this kind of scenes during the match.

Čukarički was like a bad dream, with too fast and too aggressive players, and their counter-attacks were life-threatening. Their defense line closed up within moments, plus it seemed so as if every defender had their "man" whom they put into a sort of clamp whenever that player was trying around their penalty area. The pace was fast, but still the game wasn’t nice, because even though they ran a lot, there were too many fouls, rough ones, and the referee did nothing to keep them back. (And this brought extra courage for the home team to continue killing Partizan-players.) No wonder they are 3rd on the league table.
Then the 53rd minute brought a chance that made Average Fan scream and have a cerebral haemorrhange. Čukarički ran up for their (n+1)th counter-attack and Stojiljković shot from a sharp angle. Thankfully it was too sharp and the chance was missed out, well, barely. A few minutes later Slavoljub Srnić had a distant shot, it was too wide. In the 61st minute Stojiljković tried with another, distant but powerful shot, Živko Živković saved it.

The moment Saša Ilić joins the game: Babović gives him the captain’s armband

In the 66th minute substitute player Brašanac missed out a chance. The ball came from Bandalovski on the right side. Andrija Živković headed it down and served it to Brašanac, but the midfielder’s shot hit the defenders. A minute later Babović’s shot flew out above the crossbar.
The 71st minute brought Drinčić’s free kick, but it hit the wall instead of the goal line. Corner. Kojić got the kick, he shot immediately, right into the goalkeeper. Čukarički had an instant counter-attack, thank God Stojiljković missed it out, barely again.
Then two minutes later he didn’t.
Stojiljković got the ball in the middle, headed it to the goal line and it flew into the net passing by Živko Živković. 2:1

Cold shower.

But there was no time to stop, in the 78th minute again Brašanac had a try. Bandalovski threw the ball in, Kojić took it and served it to Brašanac, the midfielder’s shot was too wide. Two minutes later Babović fell on the ground inside the home team’s penalty area. No, Mažić again didn’t whistle. Čukarički ran up quickly for a counter-attack, it was very dangerous, but ended as a corner. The kick was shot to the goal line by Regan, but the ball left the field above the crossbar.
In the 85th minute Volkov tried with a shot, but it was too wide. Two minutes later we missed out a very big chance. Though even the goalkeeper ran out, finally Čukarički defenders cleared the area.
Then in the 90th minute we got a corner. Drinčić kicked it in, Branko Ilić headed it, the ball fell into the net. 2:2
For the moments of extra time we sped up. In the 90+2nd minute Bandalovski gave the ball to Kojić, he kicked it in from the right, but the angle was again too sharp. A minute later we ran up for a counter-attack. Šaponjić got an excellent pass, he shot, but the goalkeeper saved. The last chance came in the 90+4th minute, Bandalovski shot, but the ball flew out above the crossbar.

I swear we can be happy with this draw.



Venue: Čukaričkog na Banovom brdu Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Milorad Mažić (assistants: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević - 4th assistant: Bojan Stanojević - goal line assistant: Marko Popović, Igor Stojiljković)

Čukarički: Stevanović - Stojković, Rendulić, Ostojić, Brežančić - D. Srnić, Regan (Ukah, 90+1.), Bojić - S. Srnić (Janković, 90+2.), Stojiljković, Mandić (Mirosavljević, 61.)
Head coach: Vladan Milojević

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Bandalovski, Balažic, B. Ilić, Volkov - Drinčić, Babović - Grbić (S. Ilić, 66.), Ninković (Brašanac, 63.), A. Živković (Šaponjić, 79.) - Kojić
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorers: Bojić (6.), Babović (13.), Stojiljković (73.),  B. Ilić (90.)
Yellow card: A. Živković (33.), Stojiljković (76.), Regan (85.), S. Srnić (86.), Šaponjić (88.)

Current championship standings:
1. Partizan 47 points
2. Crvena Zvezda 45 points
3. Čukarički 37 points
4. Vojvodina 34 points
5. Novi Pazar 30 points
6. OFK Beograd 29 points
7. Rad 28 points
8. Jagodina 27 points
9. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 24 points
10. Mladost 23 points
11. Boarc 20 points
12. Napredak 20 points
13. Donji Srem 20 points
14. Radnički Niš 19 points
15. FK Voždovac 18 points
16. Radnički 1923 14 points

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

RLK Crvena Zvezda - RLK Partizan 18:20

It seems, I didn’t miss out the eternal derby as I thought. It was postponed to today, and Partizan had a convincing win over the reds.
It is interesting, (not just) because Zvezda is the champion of the previous season. They walked out to the field feeling absolutely self-confident, while at the end they disappeared to the direction of the locker-rooms with sad and philosophic face.
First we took the lead to 0:4, which was turned by reds to 10:4 with great haste.
Then came Branko Čarapić. The young center took the team on his back and together with Pavle Vojinović and Džavid Jašari they switched the standing to 10:20. Until the last 15 minutes this standing didn’t change at all. Then that was the point when Zvezda realized, they might lose this game. They quickly reduced the difference to 14:20, in the 73rd minute even Čengaj demonstrated some extra force and settled the final result. Though at the end reds even got a penalty, they could have equalized, but missed out the chance.
After the 2nd round Partizan is on the first place of the league table.

(photo: b92.net)

Mornar - VK Partizan 8:7 (Triglav League)

None of the teams could qualify earlier to the Final Four, so the match didn't have any significant stake.

Probably that's why none of the channels broadcasted it...

Mornar was on the lead for almost the whole time. They won the first quarter to 3:2, but we could equalize for the half-time to 4:4. In the third period the Split-based team sped up and increased the difference to 8:5. In the last quarter we scored 2 goals, they scored none, but even that wasn't enough for a draw.
The hero of the day was the goalkeeper here, too, Rističević had 10 (!) saves, keeping the team back from a bigger defeat. The most goals (2) was scored by Jakšić, the other goal shooters were Mandić, Subotić, Gogov, Manojlović and Stojanović.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

FK Partizan - sponsored by Telekom Srbija

I almost forgot to tell you this.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow fans, the football team got a new general sponsor. And not just an ordinary one.
It is Telekom Srbija personally.
Yes. This Telekom Srbija.
That Telekom Srbija, where almost 60 % of the company's shares are held by the state of Serbia.

And we all know what it means.

The company itself holds only 20 % of their own shares.

Upon news and infos Telekom Srbija will be the general sponsor of the club for one and a half years (from April 2015 to December 2016). During this time they'll invest 140,7 million dinars into the team that deserves a much better life. Now Miodrag Vučelić can show off: the new team leadership promised to find a new general sponsor. And so they did.

The sacred moment of signing the contract

Let’s not talk about the fact we made whores out of ourselves for almost 141 million.

There was reception and PR, all around. Half of the football team was sent there to show their politically correct smiles, they were jumping for joy.
(Or not.)

That’s how the new jersey will look like. Predrag Ćulibrk Telekom-boss (standing on the right side of this photo) said, he hopes the players will proudly wear the company’s name on their jerseys.
Yes. Sure thing.

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

RK Partizan - Rudar Kostolac 27:28 (SuperLiga, Round 18)

It wasn’t funny.
Let’s make it clear: being defeated is never funny. Especially not with just one goal. And such a defeat that comes from the team on the 8th place of the league table is the "Are you kidding?"-category.
Kostolac was on the lead practically for the whole time.

Well, okay. That’s not true. We took the lead for approx. one and a half minutes, to 2:0. Then it was gone.

Once we could almost equalize, but then guest team player Nedeljković sped up, about a minute before the end.
The hero of the day is goalkeeper Ćućuz with 16 saves, plus once he even saved a penalty. The most goals (7) were scored by Vanja Ilić.
Yet we are still on the 4th place of the league table, our position is not in danger. Thank God.

(photo: zurnal.rs)

Current championship standings:
1. Spartak Vojput 25 points*
2. Jugović 24 points*
3. Metaloplastika 23 points*
4. Partizan 22 points
5. Crvena Zvezda 19 points*
6. Železničar 18 points
7. Požarevac 15 points*
8. Rudar Kostolac 14 points
9. Planinka 14 points*
10. Kolubara 0 point

Teams marked with * will play on Saturday.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Radnički Kragujevac - OK Partizan 0:3 (SuperLiga play-off, 1/4 final, return match)

We made it to the semi-final!
The Marko Nikolić-Milija Mrdak axis got sped up and didn’t let the Kragujevac-based team even to find their breath. They contributed to the victory and qualifying with 13 and 17 points, respectively. (The third best scorer was Neven Majstorović, he earned 10 points.) We won the first set to 19:25, the second to 23:25 and the last one to 26:28. This latter one was a bit tough, Radnički came a bit too close, but eventually they couldn’t reduce the difference and switch it to their own benefit.
In the semi-final we’ll clash with Crvena Zvezda.

Radnički Kragujevac: Anđelić, Dobanovacki, Goić (9), Trifunović (2), Protić (libero), Perović (9), Vulović (11), Rajković (3), Ilić, Premović (18), Pantović (libero), Dačović (5)
Head coach: Predrag Srećković

OK Partizan: Ivković, Lopar (6), Kostić (2), Mulćan (libero), Mrdak (17), Majstorović (10), Rajković (libero), Jokanović, Velićković, P. Nikolić (6), M. Nikolić (13), Popović
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

Thursday, March 19, 2015

FK Partizan - Jagodina 3:0 (Serbian Cup, semifinal)

People usually like to be safe. It happens rarely when someone risks for the uncertain.
Of course it may happen every now and then.
But not now.
Because the team thought that making sure our qualification to the final is definitely a must, and they have to do it at the beginning of the match, because it is better to be safe than sorry.
So, we scored a very quick goal in the 3rd minute.
Šaponjić got a great pass and with a fantastic movement he gave the ball to Andrija Živković on the left side. Živković ran up and served it Grbić arriving in the middle.

Grbić just had to shoot. The ball landed in the net. 1:0

The goal had to be celebrated. Every goal has to be celebrated.

And here came Grbić’s amazing show.
The midfielder ran out to the bench and pulled the shoe down from his right feet, taking on a left-legged one. He posed for the cameras, then went back to the field and played with two left-legged shoe for the rest of the game.*

*It does have its background story, as everything else does. The day before the match Aleksandar Vučić, prime minister of Serbia said something not too easily explainable in a TV-show.
- Yes, I know, Partizan fans chant "Vučiću pederu" (Vučić is a faggot) every time their players miss out a chance. Well, even those players have only two legs, some of them have two left legs - said the prime minister.

Yes, he said it, this way, in a political broadcast, at the civil service TV station RTS 1, maintained from tax payers’ money. And no, the reporter didn’t tell him to shut the fuck up, didn’t interrupt the broadcast, didn’t protest that a democratically elected politician must never talk like this in the state-owned TV, instead, like a good servant, she nodded and wobbled with her eyelashes.

(Here is the video for everyone who wants to laugh, get shocked or even cry.)

Grbić’s action mentioned above was a strikingly elegant, poignant reply.

I don’t want to get too deep into politics, especially that it’s a sports blog, but I always get pissed when politics want to interfere into sports. But please, tell me, my beloved Serbian sisters and brothers, could you somehow send off this monkey? He is not a statesman, nor a strategist, his manifestations are not of a charismatic politician’s who follows tactics, but of a hysterical whore who acts from trepidity. Don’t let him stay in a decision-making position.

But let’s get back to the most important things.
In the 6th minute Jagodina tried with a distant shot, but Živko Živković saved. A minute later Grbić sent the ball to Bandalovski with an "Oxford" trick. The defender passed the ball from the right side to the goal line, but the ball left the field above the crossbar. Then in the 9th minute opponent player Đurić sent a shot from the left, but it went wide away.
Partizan dominated the match more and more. In the 12th minute Drinčić had a sudden, distant shot, but he missed it. Then in the 15th minute Andrija Živković brought a heart attack to goalkeeper Perić, sending a bomb shot from the left to the goal line. The ball landed on the upper net.
In the 19th minute Jagodina was trying again, Đurić had a powerful shot from 18 metres, Živko Živković had a great save.
Their next attempt came in the 30th minute. Their first try was blocked by our defense line, then Mitošević shot the ball from the distance to the goal line, but the ball flew out above the crossbar. Three minutes later Bandalovski and Ninković were passing the ball to each other while running up on the right. Finally the Bulgarian player shot, but couldn’t hit the goal line.
The 38th minute brought our counter-attack after Jagodina’s corner. Andrija Živković had a too long shot, but we could still possess the ball. Dričić had a 35-metre bomb shot, which was saved by the goalkeeper to corner. The chance was missed, but Ninković was literally knocked down in the upheaval. No, there was no penalty afterwards.

One of Drinčić’s corner shots, while Lukač is watching in the background

Then in the 44th minute Grbić passed the ball to Volkov. Volkov sent it to the middle, where Andrija Živković grabbed it and ruthlessly shot it into the net. 2:0

It was time for a  half-time pause.
In the second half Jagodina kept on trying, with minor success. In the 54th minute Lepović sent a distant bomb shot to our goal line, he probably hoped for a big surprise to Živko Živković. But for his very own surprise, Živković had a giant save.

One of Živković’s great saves

Then in the 59th minute Bandalovski passed the ball to Andrija Živković. Živković ran up and kicked the ball to Babović. Babović shot, right into the goalkeeper. Two minutes later again the Bandalovski-Andrija Živković axis was in the spotlight, giving the ball now to Grbić. The "double left legged" midfielder headed the ball too high, and even the assistant was waving for offside.

Bandalovski and Andrija Živković were the best players of the game

In the 62nd minute a corner shot was headed out right in front of Babović. Babović shot from 20 metres, but missed. 5 minutes later Andrija Živković sent a flat shot to the goal line, but the goalkeeper caught the ball. Two minutes later again Živković had a shot, this time Perić had to perform a big save to push the ball to corner.

Kojić started to warm up in the meantime

Jagodina fell to pieces. At this point Partizan had been doing whatever they wanted. In the 77th minute again the Bandalovski-Andrija Živković duo put themselves to action on the right side. Živković shot, but he missed. A minute later it was him again, sending a huge pass ahead, but two players were on offside. Another minute later Kojić was pushed down to the ground inside the penalty area, but the referee didn’t think about a possible penalty.

In the 81st minute Kojić missed a big chance. The striker got the ball after a corner upheaval. He was standing approx. a metre away from the goal line. He shot, but the ball flew out above the crossbar.
In the 86th minute again Andrija Živković ran up and passed the ball to Kojić in the middle. Kojić shot, the ball hit the crossbar and fell back to the goalmouth. Three minutes later Babović headed the ball to the goal line, but he also hit the crossbar.
In the 90th minute Brašanac cleared the area after a Jagodina free kick, then 2 minutes later, almost at the end of the extra time Kojić ran up on the right and passed to the middle, where Brašanac thanked and shot the ball to the net. 3:0


Return match: 8th April.


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Aleksandar Vasić (assistants: Jovica Milin, Matija Olajos-Nagy - 4th assistant: Bojan Stanojević - goal line assistants: Dejan Dimitrijević, Milan Jeremić)

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Bandalovski, Balažic, Ćirković, Volkov - Drinčić, Ninković (S. Ilić, 57.) - Grbić (Brašanac, 67.), A. Živković, Babović - Šaponjić (Kojić, 76.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Jagodina: Perić - Mihajlović, Filipović, Antić (Šušnjar, 68.), Živanović - Popara (Arsenijević, 90.), Đurić, Savković, Lepović, Mitošević - Jovančić (Stojčev, 83.)
Head coach: Simo Krunić

Goal scorers: Grbić (3.), A. Živković (44.), Brašanac (90+2.)
Yellow card: Antić (35.), Lepović (53.), Šaponjić (73.)

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

RLK Partizan - RLK Tašmajdan Tigrovi 56:14

Our rugby team had a convincing win against Tašmajdan Tigers in the 2nd round of the championship.

I’m so flattered (NOT!) that I got to know just now about the start of the rugby championship as well as the first round was the eternal derby, and as an extra, we won it. It’s all kept in secret, as so many other things, too, no matter how much Average Fan is searching the depths of the internet with military radars. Lots of love to all the media that did NOT inform fans about this match. Not just about this match, but about the start of the season as well.

We won the first half to 22:0 and the best was yet to come. Especially that the ground would have had a better use to grow potatoes on it. It was absolutely inappropriate for any kind of sports activities. The opponent woke up some time at the end of the match, when it was almost over.

I brought videos though. First half and second half.

RK Požarevac - RK Partizan 21:21

We played a draw against Požarevac, but it is not a problem at all, because we still more or less surely arrive at the play-off of the championship. The home team was on the lead in the half-time (13:9), but in the second half they could thank most of all their goalkeeper that the end result was a draw and they didn’t end up with a huge defeat.
Goalkeeper Arsić had 19 (nineteen) saves during this match. We put his goal line under fire in the second half.
Soon before the end it looked very much that Požarevac would be the winner of the day. They were on the lead to 21:20 with Tica’s goal. Mršulja wanted to equalize quickly, but he missed it, and the home team immediately made a counter-attack. We stole the ball and ran back up to their goal line. The defense line of Požarevac was too nervous, being very close to the end buzz, we got a penalty. Vanja Ilić stood on the 7-metre line. He shot, he scored, we equalized and we could celebrate.

(photo: zurnal.rs)

Championship standings after 17 rounds:
1. Spartak Vojput 25 points
2. Jugović 24 points
3. Metaloplastika 23 points
4. Partizan 22 points
5. Crvena Zvezda 19 points
6. Železničar 16 points
7. Požarevac 15 points
8. Planinka 14 points
9. Rudar Kostolac 12 points
10. Kolubara 0 point

OK Partizan - Radnički Kragujevac 3:1

Sport sites don’t even bother to get into details, they just put it to the end of the usual report about the current round that Partizan’s volleyball team won again, now in the play-off of the 2014/15 championship.
In the beginning of the first game we had a very confident lead. First to 5:2, then to 14:10, it was later 17:12. Then the Kragujevac-based team picked themselves together and reduced it to 22:20.
Here came Milija Mrdak.
He took the team on his back and we quickly won the first part to 25:21.
The second game was ruled by Radnički. They took the lead to 0:7, then to 4:10. We could still equalize to 19:19, but two players of the opponent, Premović and Perović proved to be stronger. They won the game to 23:25 and equalized.
The third set could be a nightmare with heart attacks. The standing was 16:15 and it was absolutely unclear who’d win the game. Finally Radnički made mistakes at two counter-attacks, Partizan took advantage of them and won the game to 25:20. We were on the lead again.
The last game was easier. We made ourselves confident with 8:3, then the Parni Valjak started to roll and we won the set to 25:12 as well as the match. Return match is on Thursday in Kragujevac, if my infos are correct.

Monday, March 16, 2015

KK Partizan - KK Zadar 87:53 (Adriatic League)

Approx. 90 minutes before the start Mačvan appeared on the court and started to warm up.

(photo: Twitter)

He was followed by the others.

(photo: Twitter) 

The audience was gathering, too.

(photo: Twitter)

The match started with a minute-long silence for the memory of the victims of the helicopter tragedy on Saturday.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

Then the two teams clashed. Within a short time we took the lead to 10:4. New boy Akognon quickly made himself to the scorers’ list with a fantastic 3-pointer.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

Yet the guests equalized for the second half of the quarter (15:15). We missed out a horror amount of chances and Zadar took advantage of them, as much that they switched the standing on their side. We finished the quarter with 15:20, the defense of the guests was made from concrete. Sometimes one could have the impression their entire bench was jostling under the backboard. We even made that mistake that we fumbled too long and ran out of time. Our player was standing in the paint with a desperate face and the buzz was ringing.

(photo: Twitter)

The start of the second quarter was not delightful either. Right as we ran out to the court, the ball was stolen from Milutinov (15:22). At 17:24 Kraljević blocked Marinković so heavily that Partizan’s young player could only gasp for breath.

Duško Vujošević sitting next to the judges’ table
(photo: Twitter)

There was a great fight on the court, literally. Both sides used their strongest defense, there was always at least three, four, sometimes even five players waiting for the attacker under the backboard. Despite all these forces we reduced the difference to 25:26, thanks to Murić’s giant 3-pointer among others.
And then came Josh Akognon.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

At 25:26 Akognon scored such a huge 3-pointer that the plaster on Pionir Hall’s walls started to fall down (28:26). The hall exploded, it made Mačvan speed up, increasing the difference with great teamwork (32:26). Dallo didn’t want to be missed out either (34:26). Murić’s score closed the first half (36:28).

Gregor Balažic was watching the game with his wife
(photo: hotsport.rs) 

In the half-time a lot of children were playing on the court

(photos: Twitter)

The third quarter was opened by Akognon (39:28) and continued by Murić, who got a rebound and mercilessly took advantage of it (41:28).

(photo: hotsport.rs)

And then came Milosavljević.
Captain Dragan Milosavljević.
He came, he saw and he dunked.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

After Milosavljević’s great dunk the entire bench jumped up and ran on the court to celebrate. On this photo Đumić greets the Captain.
(photo: Twitter)

From this point on there was no stop. Zadar was trying though (43:30), even from free throw (45:32), but Partizan rushed over them, like a lunatic steam roller. Akognon had a great score, assisted by Mačvan (47:32), then he ran up on the court, passed to Milutinov, who gave it to Mačvan. Mačvan scored a giant 3-pointer (50:34).

It can’t be any better
(photo: hotsport.rs)

High five to Akognon after a great action
(photo: Twitter)

Marinković is watching
(photo: Twitter)

And so on. Milosavljević scored from Mačvan’s rebound (52:39), then the Captain passed the ball to Milutinov with a brilliant movement, passing behind his back. (55:39) Dallo put the dot to the letter i at the end of the quarter (59:39). With his score the difference was 20 points.

The whole bench jumped up and screamed after Dallo’s score
(photo: Twitter)

The end was a festival.
3-pointer king Andrić said hi (62:39), followed by Marinković’s score (64:39), then came Dallo with bonus shot (67:39). Zadar collapsed. Nothing worked for them, all their tryings got rebound from the ring.

Brothers: Dallo and Akognon

Tepić was playing with this waistband
(photos: Twitter)

For the end Đumić sped up and brought scores.

(photo: hotsport.rs)

The difference grew to 30 points (72:41). Zadar could score from free throws (72:43), then it was Marinković-time (83:48). The only question left was if we can make the 40-point difference. We couldn’t, though the guest team fell to atoms for the end. They could score only from free throws, all their attempts for action goal were missed out.

At the end I felt for them, really.

Đumić scored the last basket of the game (87:53). Zadar could make a dunk at the very end, right at the buzz, but the judges invalidated it.

I didn’t get it. That one basket wouldn’t have made any difference for the final result. Even the guest team could have had their peace that they could still score a dunk at the end, to prove themselves and their glory. Whom would it have made pain to?...

It was time to celebrate.

(photo: Twitter) 

(photo: hotsport.rs) 

Akognon was surrounded by fans. He was the favourite, everyone wanted a photo with him and he eagerly smiled to everyone.

(photo: Twitter) 

(photo: hotsport.rs) 

In the middle of the crowd there is somewhere Akognon there. Every fan wanted him.

(photo: Twitter)

Akognon was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of fans.


League standings after 25 rounds:
1. Crvena Zvezda 48 points
2. Budućnost Podgorica 43 points
3. Partizan 43 points
4. Cedevita 42 points
5. Union Olimpija 39 points
6. Metalac 38 points
7. Krka 37 points
8. Szolnoki Olaj 37 points
9. Zadar 36 points
10. Mega Leks 35 points
11. Igokea 34 points
12. Cibona 34 points
13. MZT Skopje 32 points
14. Levski Sofia 27 points