Sunday, August 30, 2015

Transfer rumours and news from everywhere

Transfer upheaval at the football field. None of these news are official, none of them are confirmed or denied.
The press has been echoing about the possible arrival of Miloš Krasić to ul. Humska for a while. Krasić used to be the player of Vojvodina, then he played for CSKA Moscow as well as for Juventus. Now he is signed to Fenerbahce, but he was on loan at French team Bastia even two years ago, then he was put into the reverse team. Now he allegedly wants to come to Partizan, again on loan. Last night’s news talked about it almost as a fact, but today the player’s manager, Dejan Joksimović denied them.
- There’s no agreement yet, we are further from it than the press talks about it. I have just arrived from Spain, I don’t think anything had happened without me.

It is especially interesting, because Sportski Žurnal served the news on a golden plate, even adding that allegedly Rasim Ljajić, Serbian minister of trade and telecommunications used his connections to make it all real, as he (again allegedly) personally knows Fenerbahce’s president, Aziz Yildirim.
Dear fellow fans, if it’s really true, I now fall off my chair and roll on the floor, while I wipe off the tears that I shed from hysterical laughter. 

Update: Krasić won’t come to Partizan, he ended up at a Polish team. Rumours speak about Zoran Milinković making a statement that he is not interested in players who haven’t played in the A-team for more than a year.


Another football-related news, and again something that has been a question for long, that Branislav Jovanović might continue his career at Partizan. Jovanović used to play for Partizan earlier, right now he is the player of Israeli team Hapoel Acre, but his contract is about to expire (or has expired). Rumours speak about an agreement that reached the satisfactional level for both Jovanović and the management of Partizan. Jovanović is said to arrive in Belgrade today in the evening hours and will take part at the obligatory medical checkup tomorrow. If press rumours are true, Partizan offers him a two-year contract with the additional extra to expend it with one more year in case both sides agree.

Update: Sports site reported that the agreement between Jovanović and Partizan failed. Even though both sides agreed about the details of the contract, the Israeli club did not make the needed paperwork.
Meanwhile left back of Lechia Gdansk, Nikola Leković has arrived at ul. Humska on loan for a year. On Monday he undergoes the obligatory medical checkup and if everything’s in order, later that day they’ll sign the contract.

Other news talk about Fabricio, who is allegedly about to leave ul. Humska. He is said not to be happy at all in Partizan, and Partizan’s management is also not satisfied with him. In this case the possible outcome would be a mutual terminating of the Brazilian player’s contract, and Fabricio can go back to Brazil. Allegedly it all depends on whether Partizan can find someone for his place.

Ahem, there is Lazar Ćirković, ahem, why the hell do you have to search for anyone else?... Come on.


The last news is about basketball. Mihajlo Andrić got injured seriously on Friday’s training. His metatarsal bone has broken. Duško Vujošević confirmed that the player has to rest (and wear cast) at least until the end of September.


Finally here are a few photos about Lazar Marković, whom Livepool has put on loan to Fenerbahce for a season. Markec arrived in Istanbul yesterday evening, today he underwent the obligatory medical checkups.


FK Partizan - OFK Beograd 2:1 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 8)

I’ll be honest and I won’t mind even if someone(s) will hate me for this. But I was utterly happy when I got to know that neither Babović, nor Fabricio would be in the starting eleven. I admit, I didn’t shed a tear for Petrović either. What is more: the talentless, but cocky Babović shouldn’t be more than a ball-boy at some recreational training. But only when nobody else is available.
And finally the left side of our defense line was not looking like a corridor for pedestrians.
Because there was our diligent, hard-working Ćirković...

...and the talented, reliable Bandalovski, who is useful on both the left and the right side and is able to play over his entire side, from the defense to the midfield, a typical "wildcard player".

Why, why, why must such players be bench warmers?!... Bandalovski should be the base of the defense line, being in the starting 11 at every game. Other trainers would fall over themselves to get such a defender, while over here he is stuck in the second team. And how many other players are there, who, like him, are talented but can barely make it to the A-team, or sometimes even to the bench, God damn it.

So, we walked out to the field and already in the 2nd minute Ćirković headed the ball to the goal line after a corner kick. Pity it was too wide. Two minutes later Saša Ilić got the ball in the middle. He shot from 16 metres. It was dangerous, the goalkeeper had a great save.

If I wanted to be mean now, I’d say, there it is, Babović is out of the team, and Saša Ilić immediately shows he still has a lot reserved.

Then in the 6th minute Aboubakar came up on the left side and kicked the ball to Saša Ilić. The Captain passed it ahead to Andrija Živković in the middle. The young world champion got it and walked right into the net with it. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL! 1:0!!!

Saša Ilić passes it to the middle...

...Andrija Živković arrives from the background and shots

In the first 15 minutes Partizan dominated. OFK could barely get to our half, and even that didn’t last too long. The pace got slower, but we kept the game under control. OFK just assisted and they were busy mostly with keeping the ball as far from their goalmouth as possible.
In the 25th minute Andrija Živković was dribbling on the right side, then passed it to Brašanac in the middle. Brašanac headed it to the goal line, the goalkeeper caught it.
In the 30th minute OFK got a corner kick. Ješić shot, Partizan-defenders headed it out, right in front of Avramovski. The Macedonian player kicked into the air instead of the ball, it was painful to see. Finally the ball rolled out of the line. Goal-kick.
In the 32nd minute we got a free kick, approx. 25-28 metres from the goal line. Andrija Živković stood behind the ball. He shot, Balažic jumped up to head it, but Savić was quicker. It ended in a corner kick.
In the 35th minute a huge chance was missed out. Andrija Živković dribbled himself up on the right, then after this great solo he shot. He missed with barely a few centimetres.

A minute later Andrija Živković ran up with the ball on the right side. He passed it out to Vulićević, who kicked it to the middle. There Šaponjić rose up to the skies and flawlessly headed it into the net. GOOOOAAAAAAAAL, wonderful, perfect goal!!! 2:0!!!

There was a free kick left in the last minute before the end of the first half, 22 metres from the goal line. Andrija Živković kicked, the ball hit the wall.
The second half started with Subašić hitting Ćirković in the face, it brought a small pause for the game. Then in the 52nd minute OFK made it to Partizan’s penalty area after a long time. They came up on the left, the first attempt was saved by Živko Živković

it almost looked like an action that ends in a penalty kick, also the ball seemed to roll out of the field for a moment, but the refere didn’t whistle

the ball dropped right in front of Ignjatijević, who shot from a sharp left angle. And scored. 2:1
Two minutes later we got a free kick. About 25 metres, right side. Andrija Živković stood behind the ball. He kicked it inside the penalty area, Ćirković headed it, but the referee whistled it off.
The match started to slow down. Partizan’s first-half-pace disappeared. OFK didn’t want to speed it up either. The game was going on mostly the midfield, then in the 61st minute Andrija Živković grabbed the ball some time in the depths, near Partizan’s penalty area. He run up, with great solo, passed it to Vulićević on the right. Vulićević headed towards the penalty area and passed it towards Šaponjić in the middle, but a defender blocked the attempt.

In the 67th minute Bandalovski gave a great pass to Brašanac. Brašanac ran up in the middle, shot, the goalkeeper pushed the ball out, ending the action in corner kick. The kick was headed out by OFK defenders, in front of Trujić. Trujić shot, from about 16 metres, but it was too high.

Question of today’s game: why did Brašanac have to come off in the 75th minute?... He wasn’t injured, he was the heart and soul of the midfield. Why, why, why?...

In the 78th minute Jevtović sent a distant shot to the goal, but the ball flew out above the crossbar.
Then in the 80th minute Gojkov passed to Ignjatijević. Ignjatijević attacked, it was dangerous, but we had Živko Živković at the goal line, who can save much more dangerous attempts as well. He could demonstrate his skills 3 minutes later, when Simić ran up to the goalmouth with two Partizan-defenders in his back. Simić shot, Živko Živković saved with his leg.

At long last Ninković got a chance to play, he even got the captain’s armband

At the very end, in the 90+1st minute Trujić was kicked to the ground inside the penalty area, but the referee didn’t whistle.



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 4000
Referee: Ilija Brdar (assistants: Uroš Stojković, Bojan Stanojević - 4th assistant: Vukan Gordić - goal line assistants: Vlado Glođović, Novak Simović)

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic, Ćirković, Bandalovski - Jevtović, Brašanac (Lukić, 73.) - A. Živković, S. Ilić (Ninković, 84.), Aboubakar (Trujić, 55.) - Šaponjić
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

OFK Beograd: Čupić - Ješić, Planić, Savić, Ignjatijević - Damjanović, Stjepanović (Gojkov, 40.) - Jovanović, Avramovski (Rajevac, 46.), Liščević - Subašić (Simić, 74.)
Head coach: Dragoljub Bekvalac

Goal scorers: A. Živković (6.), Šaponjić (36.), Ignjatijević (52.)
Yellow card: Planić (42.), Bandalovski (54.), Liščević (75.), Savić (81.)

I’ll update the post with the league table later, on Sunday there will be more matches of this round.

Update: current championship standings.
1. Crvena Zvezda 20 points
2. Javor 16 points
3. Partizan 15 points
4. Radnički Niš 13 points
5. Vojvodina 13 points
6. Novi Pazar 12 points
7. Čukarički 11 points
8. Borac 11 points
9. FK Voždovac 9 points
10. Metalac 9 points
11. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 9 points
12. Rad 8 points
13. Mladost 8 points
14. OFK Beograd 6 points
15. Surdulica 6 points
16. Jagodina 3 points

(Photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Photo of the day - Valeri Bojinov gets special treatment for his injury

As I wrote earlier, Partizan's Bulgarian striker Valeri Bojinov was seriously injured at the CL-qualifying game against Bate Borisov. The player's ankle got swollen as big as a 2-kg-piece of loaf and right now it seems he has to rest for at least 3 weeks. Bojinov is in Bulgaria right now, getting special treatment for his injured ankle.

A photo posted by Valeri Bojinov Official (@valeribojinov86) on

Thursday, August 27, 2015

FK Partizan - Bate Borisov 2:1 (Champions League qualifying play-off, return match)

This is tough now.
Tough, because you were full of hope, determination and faith.
Tough, because the team played such an anti-football that was beneath criticism.
Tough, because we equalized in the very last moment and even that was not enough.
Tough, because Belorussians could qualify with only one goddamned, lousy, rotten goal by the Away Goals Rule.

And tough, because the internet connection had hiccups all night, may the sky fall on the local provider company.

In ul. Humska there was a 100 % full house. Rumours speak that all tickets were sold out by Monday.

Two hours to go, fans gather around the stadium
(photo: Twitter)

90 minutes to go
(photo: Twitter)

The Champions League "tablecloth"
(photo: Twitter)

30 minutes to go
(photo: Twitter)

Duško Vujošević was at the VIP-tribune
(photo: Twitter)

...when fans noticed him, he was greeted with loud cheering and applause
(photo: Twitter)

(photo: Twitter)

Some old friends came to see the team - like Danko Lazović, who hugs Saša Ilić on this picture...
(photo: Twitter)

...or Moreira, who was on the tribune
(photo: Twitter)

Time to start the game
(photo: Twitter)

Fans again made an amazing coreography


The boys are coming

Champions League anthem

Right at the beginning the Norwegian referee showed the red card to Zhavnerchik. A few minutes later we got a free kick on the left, about 25 metres from the goal line. The kick was cleared by defenders, but the ball dropped to Petrović. Petrović sent a distant shot to the goal. It wasn’t too powerful, but it was too wide.
In the 5th minute Bate got a corner kick. Our defenders headed out the shot, but Belorussians still possessed the ball. Mladenović shot from 25 metres, Živko Živković saved.
Then Fabricio lost the ball. Gordeichuk grabbed it, attacked, dribbled himself through our entire defense line and shot. For our great luck he missed.
In the 7th minute Bojinov gave a huge pass to Babović on the left. Babović shot it through the field to the other side, where Andrija Živković was waiting for it. Živković wanted to head it to the goal, but his movement was imprecise.
In the 20th minute Živko Živković pushed Average Fan into an almost-heart-attack state. After Balažic passed the ball back to him, Živković lost the ball with an impossible move. Mladenović was right there, got the ball and passed it to Signevich. Signevich shot, but it was too high. (Again for our great luck.)

That’s how it was going for the entire match. Partizan made unbelievable mistakes, not just one or two players, but the whole team. As if they were under spell or someone would have mixed something into their afternoon coffee. We could see such moves that are not allowed even at a U6-game. Lost balls, missed passes, kicks and headings, way too long passes. We demonstrated how not to play football. What the hell was going on?...

In the 22nd minute Aboubakar ran up on the left side, overrunning every Belorussian player. He passed the ball to the middle, but a defender blocked it. Never mind, we still possessed the ball. Bojinov headed it excellently to Babović. Babović shot, missed.
In the 25th minute Belorussians got the ball and ran up on the left side to our penalty area. Their attacker ran all alone, he even shot, Živko Živković made an U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E save, but the ball dropped back to the goalmouth, right to Stasevich. Stasevich wasted no time, shot and scored. 0:1, no, please, I want to wake up, it’s just a bad dream.
But we immediately made a counter-attack. Aboubakar ran up on the left side, passed the ball with fantastic pace to Andrija Živković in the middle, but his pass was too long.

Even Žile wasn’t in shape tonight

In the 32nd minute a Belorussian player pushed Petrović to the ground. The referee didn’t whistle, so the guests could go ahead for an attack. Balažic cleared the shot arriving to the middle of the goalmouth (braving death, in the last moment, saving a few thousand lives).
Two minutes later Aboubakar shot from 16 metres, but he hit the side-net.

He was definitely the best player of the game

And here, at this point Bojinov got injured so much that he couldn’t continue.

It's unbelievable what a bad luck the Bulgarian has. If he could play, he has to stay on the bench. If he can make it to the starting eleven, he gets injured. If none, then he doesn't have his goal-scoring shoes on (while the press keeps on mocking him).

After the game released a photo about Bojinov's swollen left ankle that looked like a 2 kg bread rather than a humane limb. I will not post the photo here, because it doesn't look too nice, but if you have strong nerves, and want to see it, click here and feel desperate.
In the 43rd minute we got a free kick. The ball came from the right, Aboubakar wanted to grab it, but a defender was faster. A minute later we got another free kick on the left, about 30 metres from the goal line. Babović shot it to the middle, Balažic headed it, but it was too high. In the very last minute of the first half Fabricio tried with an approx. 30 metre shot, but the goalkeeper caught it.
The second half started with a heart attack.
Bate had a fireworks-alike attack in our goalmouth with at least 3 attempts within 5 seconds. They missed only with millimetres. First Živko Živković made a giant save, then the ball hit the goalpost, then defenders cleared the area, finally Stasevich shot, but it was too high.
In the 49th minute we got a free kick, 25 metres from the goal line, on the left. Babović shot, Šaponjić headed it, but it was too high. In the 55th minute Bate got a corner kick. Signevich headed it to the goal line, but this heading was also too high. A few minutes later Hleb appeared in front of our goal and shot from the middle. Živko Živković saved not just the goal, but a few thousand lives as well.
In the 62nd minute a kick arrived from the left. Babović wanted to kick it, but a Belorussian defender was again faster. In the meantime, if I could see well, Andrija Živković and Aboubakar switched sides. Žile got on the left, while Aboubakar could run up with the ball on the right.

I’m not an expert, I’m not familiar with a lot of things, but why was it necessary?...

In the 71st minute Aboubakar got the ball from Vulićević and shot, but it was too high. A minute later Andrija Živković passed the ball to the middle, where Šaponjić forwarded it to Brašanac. Brašanac kicked it to the goal line, but he hit the goalkeeper with the ball.
In the 74th minute Babović passed the ball to the left side to Petrović. Petrović kicked the ball back to the middle. The ball hit a defender, got a ricochet and fell into the net from the goalkeeper’s hand. 1:1
In the 77th minute Saša Ilić and Andrija Živković passed the ball to each other, then the Captain forwarded it to Šaponjić, but a defender blocked the attempt. A minute later Babović, unbelievable, he lost the ball on our side. Belorussians immediately ran up to our penalty area. For our big luck the defenders were at their place.
In the 80th minute Aboubakar made a sudden, distant shot from the penalty area line. The shot was imprecise, he missed.
In the 86th minute again Aboubakar got the ball. The Cameroonian player was surrounded by at least 3 Belorussian defenders, but he shot. The goalkeeper saved, and the slow motion replay showed 2 players being on offside. Two minutes later Karnitsky sent a sudden, distant shot to our goal line, but missed.
At the very end, in the 90+3rd minute Vulićević passed the ball from the right side to the middle. A defender wanted to head it out, but the ball dropped back to Aboubakar. He wanted to head it to the goal, but the goalkeeper pushed it out - right in front of Šaponjić. The young striker shot with a wonderful bicycle kick and scored. 2:1


But we couldn’t make miracle.

Does anyone know what happened to Brašanac?

Because after the match he went to the fans with bloody jersey and a bandage on his head, supported by Bandalovski (left) and Kljajić

Saša Ilić’s expression says it all


It gives barely any comfort that we can try ourselves in Europa League.
As soon as there are highlights available, I’ll update the post. And I promise I find some video about fans’ coreography as well.

At the beginning of the match:

At the end, when they overwhelmed the team with their love.
And the one and only Captain Ilić.


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 30 000
Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (assistants: Kim Thomas Haglund, Frank Andas - 4th assistant: Sven Erik Midthjell - goal line assistants: Ken Henry Johnsen, Svein-Erik Edvartsen) - NOR

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic, Fabricio, N. Petrović - Brašanac, Babović - A. Živković, Lukić (S. Ilić, 63.), Aboubakar - Bozsinov (Šaponjić, 37.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Bate Boriszov: Chernik - Zhavnerchik, Palyakow, Milunović, Mladenović - Stasevics, Aleksiyevich, Volodko, Hleb (Karnitsky, 75.), Gordeichuk (Ríos, 90.) - Rodionov (Signevich, 16.)
Head coach: Alyaksandr Yermakovich

Goal scorers: Zhavnerchik (own goal, 74.), Šaponjić (90+3.), ill. Stasevich (25.)
Sárga lap: Zhavnerchik (3.), Balažic (9.), Mladenović (20.), Stasevich (65.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Predrag Danilović resigned

KK Partizan’s management had an assembly today at 13:00 without publicity. There had been rumours even before the event that the club’s president and former player Predrag Danilović wanted to resign after 15 years. There had been even worse rumours that the resignation of Danilović would implicate Duško Vujošević losing his poistion as head coach.
After the assembly Predrag Danilović held a press conference where he officially announced his resignation. Here is the summary of what he said to the press.

Partizan was my life, it still is and will always be, but I couldn’t help the club as I did in the past 15 years. I take the responsibility for all good and bad, for all decisions and results.
In the past two years the club had such financial difficulties it had never had before. There are various reasons behind it, and it is not only one person’s fault. We had decisions that were not popular, they were wrong as well, that’s why we ended up in such a situation. I couldn’t keep things under control, that’s why I decided to resign. I hope the next person in charge will be able to help the club better.

Predrag Danilović talked about Duško Vujošević as well.
It’s not the assembly’s duty to decide on Duško Vujošević. I have known Dule for 29 years, he was the reason I came to Partizan. I respect him, he is my second father. I don’t agree with his manifestations though, in my opinion he should not get involved in politics. Dule is an excellent expert, but I think he should not talk about things that are out of a coach’s authority. This is my opinion, I tried to discuss it with him and this is my responsibility.
I don’t know who’ll be the next president. A new Board of Directors must be elected, and this new board will decide about the coach. As long as there is no new board, the Commission will manage the club. The Commission includes Mlađan Šilobad, Dragan Todorić, Mirko Tišma, Budimir Krstović and Ilija Dražić.
When a journalist asked about the debt of KK Partizan, Danilović had just a short reply: - Five million euros.
Finally he said: - I’m optimistic about the club. We won 13 championship titles, there’s no need to worry. It’s a sports team, not some warfare. It’s normal in sports that if things don’t work, we shake hands and part ways.

Former players of KK Partizan messaged Predrag Danilović expressing gratitude for his work.

Here you can watch the entire press conference.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Borac - FK Partizan 1:3 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 7)

The field of the Čačak stadium got soaky wet after days of heavy raining. It was covered with mud when the players walked out for the match. It was raining even during the game, the slippery grass made it even more difficult for both teams. As an extra, the stadium lights were just glimmering during the evening. At the goal area it was semi-dark.

Warming up

The game started with a minute of silence for the memory of Srđan Jovanović, former referee and president of FSS’s referee committe, who passed away earlier this week.
Then, right after the starting whistle Borac attacked. Their striker ran up on the right side, Bandalovski threw himself into the way. (It was barely a few millimetres that it didn’t end as an own goal. Thankfully it didn’t, Borac got a corner kick.)

Bandalovski wrestling with Knežević

In the 8th minute the home team attacked again. Jovančić shot from 18 metres. Živko Živković performed a great save, then he stayed on the ground holding his waist with a painful face.
In the 10th minute again the home team could run up on the right side.

The left side of our defense line was again like a passage-way. Something must be done, it cannot remain like this for the CL-game on Wednesday.

Knežević ran up all alone and shot. Živko Živković saved with his leg. Then again he stayed on the ground. Now he got medical attendance, what is more, on the screen appeared Filip Kljajić, the substitute goalkeeper as he was warming up. Finally Živko Živković didn’t need any substitution, though he visibly had pain during the match.


In the 23rd minute, while Average Fan tried to resurrect the dying stream, we got a free kick about 25-30 metres from the goal line, on the right. Babović stood behind the ball, he shot it inside the penalty area, but defenders cleared it.
In the 30th minute again Borac attacked, again from the right side. They passed the ball to the middle, Živko Živković caught it. Five minutes later Babović got the ball on the left. He headed it to the goal line, but it was too high.
Then in the 38th minute we tried to break Borac’s defense in the middle. The ball dropped from a defender to Trujić, who was standing on the right. For everyone’s surprise Trujić shot, and the ball dropped into the upper left corner of the net like a cannon ball. 0:1



In the 42nd minute Petrović got a great pass from Saša Ilić on the left. He shot, the ball would have needed just millimetres to get into the net. Borac started a counter-attack, our defense line cleared in the last moment. Corner kick, the ball is shot to the middle, where Mićić jumped up to head it into the net, but it slipped on his bald head. Živko Živković again presented an amazing save.

Match action: Saša Ilić and Trujić

In the second half, in the 49th minute we got a corner kick. Babović shot...
...and Balažic plain and simply headed it into the net. 0:2!!!!
In the 55th minute Saša Ilić passed the ball out to the right side to Trujić. Trujić kicked it back to him, then the Captain shot from 8 metres. Goalkeeper Bajić saved, Borac could ran up for a counter-attack. On the right side

from where else?... Nemanja Petrović, my dear son, have you been just an accessory on the left?...

Tanasin arrived with the ball. The ball dropped out of the line, but neither the referee, nor the assistant bothered about it. Tanasin passed to the middle to his teammate who headed it to our goal line, missing it with just millimetres. We started a counter-counter-attack. Šaponjić got the ball, he ran up in the middle and shot with full power. The goalkeeper made a huge save.
In the 64th minute the home attack came again from the right. Knežević (if I could see well) got the ball and shot immediately. Marko Jevtović selflessly threw himself into the way, making the attempt end as a corner kick. The shot was headed by a Borac-player (Mićić maybe?... I’m not sure, maybe it was his bald head there), but it was too high.
Cardial arrest came in the 69th minute. Our defense line lost the ball, substitute player Đerić grabbed it at once. He attacked our goal all alone, all doors and windows were wide open...
...and Živko Živković made one of the greatest saves of his life with HIS LEG!
In the 71st minute we got a free kick on the right. Babović shot to Trujić, he passed it ahead to Lukić. Lukić got the ball, shot and scored a fantastic goal. 0:3!!!!


We immediately got the answer, practically right after the kickoff. After a wrong pass lost by Partizan-defenders Knežević grabbed the ball. He rushed up to the goal and kicked the ball into our net passing it by Živko Živković, who ran out of the goalmouth. 1:3
In the 78th minute Milojević had a huge chance, but Živko Živković had an even more huge save. Meanwhile Lukić stayed on the ground laying; a Borac-player kicked him on his back. Lukić couldn’t continue the game. Kosović, his substitute debuted in Partizan.

Nebojša Kosović

In the 82nd minute Borac got a free kick from a distance, on the right. The ball was passed into our goalmouth and headed to our goal line, but it was too wide.
In the 87th minute we led a counter-attack after a Borac-corner. Trujić ran up on the right side and passed it to the middle. Šaponjić arrived, but defenders cleared the area.


Corner kick, the shot was saved by the goalkeeper.




Venue: City stadium, Čačak
Number of spectators: 5000
Referee: Danilo Grujić (assistants: Dalibor Đurđević, Milan Minić - 4th assistant: Slađan Rajković - goal line assistants: Milan Ilić, Dejan Anđelković)

Borac: Bajić - Tanasin, Miletić, Jablan, S. Živković - Mićić, Jovančić - Milan Jevtović (Krstić, 72.), Vukmirović (Đerić, 59.), Knežević - Vujaklija (Milojević, 35.)
Head coach: Nenad Lalatović

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Bandalovski, Balažic, Fabricio (Ćirković, 46.), N. Petrović - Lukić (Kosović, 81.), Marko Jevtović, Babović, S. Ilić (Golubović, 75.) - Šaponjić, Trujić
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorers: Trujić (38.), Balažic (49.), Lukić (71.), Knežević (72.)

Ladies and gentlemen, please, stand up in attention for a minute: in this game no players were booked.

I add the league table later, tomorrow there will be still games of this round.

Current championship standings:

1. Crvena Zvezda 17 points
2. Javor 15 points
3. Vojvodina 13 points*
4. Partizan 12 points*
5. Radnički Niš 12 points
6. Borac 10 points
7. Novi Pazar 9 points
8. Metalac 9 points
9. Čukarički 8 points
10. Rad 8 points*
11. Mladost 8 points
12. FK Voždovac 6 points
13. OFK Beograd 6 points
14. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 6 points
15. Surdulica 6 points
16. Jagodina 2 points*

Teams marked with * played only 6 matches.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Milan Mačvan and his team presented the new season’s jerseys

So, as it always is, a fan is following Partizan's former players in their new teams. On one hand, they are still Partizan's players, no matter if they happen to play even at the other side of the planet. They were, are and will always be Partizan-players. Period. On the other, it feels good to see them being successful abroad, fans like them there and they take part in their new teams' successes.
So, Average Fan is browsing on Facebook, seeing former players' new teams, and then gets this right in the face. Milan Mačvan and his new team, Olimpia Milano presented their kit for the 2015/16 season. There's nothing special in it at first. We got used to it, that's what everybody else is doing, some teams make it with less fireworks, some with more, some appear in all media, some just in a few.
But this.
This is what is based on fan service on the MAXIMUM. They don't want to lick the media's ass, they want to serve their supporters. They obviously had their rounds with the media, but they didn't forget about their fans.
What is more...
While Average Fan is just watching it from here, at the northern side of Balkans and gets pale from jealousy and enviousness.

This was the beginning, smiling for the media, modestly and seriously. At the same it can't remain unseen that Maki and former Zvezda-player Jenkins stand as far from each other as possible

Meanwhile fans were gathering outside, because the team built a stage out in the square...

...where the whole team drew up...

...and presented the new jersey kit for the hundreds of fans being there.

After this their MC-looking small forward, Bruno Cerella also talked to the fans

Then the whole team stood in a line, so that fans could take photos of them

What is more, MC Cerella took a selfie with them

Then they went to the fans to give autographs and hugs, and pose for selfies

What an experience it could be for children

Maki did his share, too

So, the average poor fan is just watching it with a bitter sigh. Yes, yes, we know, little money, little football, as the legendary football player Ferenc Puskás said it. But, goddamn it, you still imagine it with Milenko Tepić, or, God forbid, Dragan Milosavljević instead of that MC. Or let’s take a step even further, with Saša Ilić and the football team. And it wouldn’t be the question of money, but rather of creativity and attitude. Oh, and professionalism as well. You can see on these pictures what happens, when fans are the most important for a sports team, and their attitude reflects it. It's the team that is for the fans, not the fans are for the team.

Dear Ms. Biljana Obradović, I’m looking at you now. That’s how a sports team’s PR actually works. Everything, I repeat, EVERYTHING for the fans. Welcoming them with red carpet, pampering them, worshipping them, getting them involved in every single activity, as if we were really one big family. Not just using this "we are one big family" as a corny cliché, but actually doing it, living up to it. To make the fans see and feel they are important for the club and the club counts on them (and not just at times of financial troubles). Dear Ms. Obradović, being a PR-manager does NOT mean showing off like a silly Barbie-doll at every public event, but working very hard, in the background. For the fans. In every other case you're incompetent for your task and for your position.

All the very best to Milan Mačvan and Olimpia Milano for the upcoming season, especially for Euroleague. Idemo, forza!

(photos: Facebook/Olimpia Milano)