Friday, July 31, 2015

Another player has left the basketball team

Večernje novosti reports that Nemanja Bezbradica will surely not start the preparations for the next season with KK Partizan. There’s no news yet about where he continues his career (as soon as I get to know anything, I’ll update the post.)
Right now there are only 8 players who will surely be there at the start of the preparational trainings for the 2015/16 championship. They are Petar Aranitović, Ioannis Kouzeloglou, Edo Murić, Vanja Marinković, Božo Dumić, Mihajlo Andrić, Andreja Milutinović and Miloš Glišić. Milenko Tepić’s contract has expired, so far there is no news whether he’ll extend it or not.

The preparations start on 17th August, under the command of the forever and unshakeable head coach Duško Vujošević.

Update (1st August):
Ioannis Kouzeloglou has also left the team, according to And if that's not enough, rumours speak about Andreja Milutinović continuing his career at elsewhere.
There’s no news about Nemanja Bezbradica’s new team.

For God’s sake, will we have enough players to make a team for the next season?...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Steaua Bucharest - FK Partizan 1:1 (Champions League qualifying, round 3)

The boys are arriving at the stadium
(photo: Twitter)

The match was played behind closed gates, UEFA banned Steaua at the beginning of this year for their fans' racist behaviour.

We attacked already in the 2nd minute. Petrović kicked the ball towards the goal line from the left. Two minutes later Romanians were running up to our penalty area, but up there they lost it in a way even an U6-player would feel ashamed. (Balažic thanked and passed the ball out of the danger zone.) In the 7th minute again Steaua attacked. Hamroun sent the ball to Alcenat with an Oxford trick. Alcenat shot, Živko Živković saved.
In the 10th minute Aboubakar got a great pass from Petrović on the left. He ran up and kicked the ball in the middle to Bojinov, but goalkeeper Cojocaru saved. Two minutes later again Romanians ran up to our hal, now Tade tried to shot, but missed. In the 13rd minute again the home team could have an attack, but Živko Živković was in the best place, at the best time.
The first 15 minutes brought a rather vehement pace. Both teams ran a lot, had dangerous attacks (Steaua had a bit more of them) and didn’t play it gently. Instead they were so rough, that in the 17th minute Bojinov left the field with a painful face. He was injured so much that he couldn’t continue the game. Šaponjić came as his substitute.

In the 24th minute Andrija Živković made a shot from 20 metres, but the Romanian goalkeeper saved. The ball got to Aboubakar, he also shot, Cojocaru performed a great save, ending the attempt in a corner. The kick was headed to the goal line by Jevtović, Steaua’s goalkeeper saved even this one with a spectacular movement.
Then around the 30th minute there were less and less attempts. The pace didn’t get any slower, but there were a lot of lost passes and rough movements, especially by Romanian players. None of the Partizan players had any memorable actions, maybe Aboubakar had some slight tryings, but without success. There was practically no attack at all, the two goalkeepers could have done crosswords at the two sides of the field. Only the 40th minute brought a momentum by Andrija Živković, passing it greatly to Šaponjić. Šaponjić shot, but a defender blocked his attempt, ending it in a throw-in.

There was one more attempt left at the end of the half by the Romanian team. Tade made a distant shot, Živko Živković saved.
At the beginning of the second half, in the 47th minute Popa dribbled himself inside of our penalty area. He shot, it was a dangerous try, for our great luck his shot flew out above the crossbar. A minute later Andrija Živković tricked himself through the right side, but his attempt ended in a corner. The kick was punched out by the goalkeeper. Šaponjić grabbed the ball, he shot, Cojocaru caught it.
In the 57th minute Hamround had a sudden, distant shot to our goal line. Živko Živković demonstrated his great skills and reflexes, pushing the ball to corner.
The second half was more or less the same as the first. There were barely any goal attempts, the pace was still fast (though not that fast as in the first half), with still a lot of wrong passes and many fouls. The battle on the field was equal, none of the teams could get the control into their hands. Sometimes Andrija Živković tried to run up and dribble, but his passes to the middle were always blocked by the defenders.

Finally in the 59th minute Vulićević passed the ball to Brašanac from the right to the middle. Brašanac headed it to the goal line, but it was too high.
Then in the 62nd minute Andrija Živković passed it greatly to Vulićević on the right. Vulićević thanked, then took a swing and shot the ball to the net from about 13 metres. 0:1


In the 65th minute we got a free kick from approx. 17 metres from the goal line. Jevtović stood behind the ball, he shot, Cojocaru again saved with marvellous reflexes.

At this point came 10 minutes when nothing on Earth has happened. Players kept on running and passing, sometimes kicking into each other, but there were no goal attempts or shots. Maybe around the 76th minute a Romanian player kicked the ball towards the goal line after it was passed here and there around Partizan’s penalty area, but even that was too high. Average Fan in the meantime made a comfortable place, sat back and watched the game feeling satisfied. All right, all right, there aren’t many goals or humiliating the opponent, but we’re still on the lead with that one goal. How great it will be when Steaua come to Belgrade to play in front of crowded tribunes full of blood-thirsty Grave Diggers. We win over them easily and march into the play-off with chins high. Such thoughts come to the mind, and the unsuspicious fan even starts to hum a little song, something like "nanananaaaaa nananananana, parni valjak melje, nema stajanja".
In the 80th minute Živko Živković threw himself to the way of a shot, probably just to have some excersise.
Then in the 81st minute Steaua got a free kick, about 20 metres from our goal line on the right. The ball was shot into our goalmouth, where Varela rose up to the skies and headed it into our net. 1:1, God damn it.

Afterwards, in the 83rd minute the Captain, Saša Ilić joined the game. Babović came off. I swear, until this point I did not notice Babinjo on the field.

The stream collapsed in the 90th minute. Checking the official match report I didn’t miss out much, Brašanac got a pass from Andrija Živković, but shot it too high, above the crossbar.


Venue: Arena Nationala, Bucharest, Romania
Number of spectators: -
Referee: Kevin Blom (assistants: Bas Van Dongen, Patrick Langkamp - 4th assistant: Danny Makkelie) - NED

Steaua Bucharest: Cojocaru - Alcenat, Papp, Varela, Tosca - Muniru, Breeveld (Tahar, 75.) - Popa (Tudorie, 65.), Hamroun (Mihalcea, 90+2.), Chipciu - Tade
Head coach: Massimo Pedrazzini

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic, Fabricio, N. Petrović - Brašanac, Jevtović, Babović (Ilić, 83.) - Aboubakar (Ninković, 70.), Bojinov (Šaponjić, 19.), A. Živković
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Goal scorers: Vulićević (62.), Varela (81.)
Yellow cards: Popa (40.), Fabricio (58.), Varela (64.), Breeveld (73.), N. Petrović (76.)

Return match will take part next week.

(Unmarked photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Transfer news

Now it's official: Nikola Milutinov signed to Greek basketball team Olympiacos. The team announced the transfer on their FB page.

Μιλουτίνοφ τριετίας στον Θρύλο Η ΚΑΕ Ολυμπιακός ανακοινώνει τη συμφωνία της με τον καλαθοσφαιριστή, Nίκολα Μιλουτίνοφ,...
Posted by Olympiacos B.C. - Official Page on Saturday, July 25, 2015

Milutinov signed a 3-year contract with Olympiacos. In the meantime he arrived in Piraeus.


Aleksandar Mitrović transferred from Anderlecht to Premier League team Newcastle.

MITROVIĆ IS A MAGPIE!The full story of Aleksandar Mitrović's switch to Newcastle United
Posted by Newcastle United on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mitrogol signed a 5-year contract. The team's home page says, this is the 4th biggest transfer in the club's history.


Dear everyone, fellow fans, Grave Diggers, readers, visitors,
As the blog soon reaches its 1st birthday on 12th August, also as it has already reached the magical number of 10 000 visitors, I'd like to ask you if there should be an FB page of this blog, JSD Partizan Fan Blog.

I know it sounds a bit grotesque, to ask you about it, as nowadays even the pea soup can have its own FB page to like, but I would very much like to know your opinion.

Click and vote.
Thank you.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back again

I'm back.

Did you miss me? You didn't?... Even better.

may all those get a brutal constipation who are competent for changing the time and date of the first match of the 2015/16 season IN THE LAST FUCKING MOMENT, to play it rather on Friday than on Saturday. I did my best to arrange everything to be able to there at the season-starter game - and I got to know the night before travelling that the match will NOT take part on Saturday, but on Friday.
Never mind, nothing is lost. The game starts at 20:00, the train is to arrive in Belgrade at 18:00.
BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was the joke of the year.
Let me just tell you, when the train arrived at the central railway station of Belgrade, the match has ended. You can all calculate for yourself how many hours the train was late with.
I will write a letter to say thank you for this trip to the Serbian Rails. I attach a time bomb to it, as a gift.
Most important is, we won against the newbies to 4:0

with 3000 spectators, it could be just wonderful

so the Champions League qualify could come on the way against the Georgians.
But not in this country.
Because the rotten, filthy RTS did not broadcast it, complaining about broadcasting rights and fees.
Instead they broadcasted the skupština.

Well done. Now, instead of football people could see who stole their money so that there is not enough resource to pay broadcast rights.

Tax payers’ money, there you go. Oh, look, it’s all gone!
There was online stream, but there was no device I could use for watching it (PC, laptop, tablet), not mentioning the weakness of the available wifi sign. The place where I slept had a PC in the hall, but on one hand I didn’t know whether it has a normal sound card or a stronger VGA that can bear with javascript and on the other, even if it had, I still chose the nerve-racking waiting instead of sitting in the hall while every idiot pokes their nose into the monitor above my shoulder, not mentioning the possible nasty comments.
Well, never mind, we won and we qualified to the next round.
The second round’s game came right on the day of my travel back to Hungary.
Never mind. We won to 6:0. Golden-legged kids, they are.
And you, be aware of environmental protection. Recycle always.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Dear fellow fans, readers, Grave Diggers, guests and everyone who bumped in here,
Tomorrow I go to Belgrade and will stay there to throw myself into the miracle that can be found only there. I'll be back. Take care!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FK Partizan - Dila Gori (Georgian) 1:0 (Champions League qualifying)

Victory at a terrible match against a weak opponent, with a very lucky goal. This was yesterday evening, summarized.
Oh, and the players were wearing the brand new 2015/16 jersey. Looks fine, well, definitely better than that grey piece of cloth from last year.
Before the match Partizan’s management gave a golden plaquette to Veljko Paunović for his World Cup title with the U20 team.

Fans greeted Paunović with ovation and great applause.

We had an attempt already in the 5th minute. Aboubakar passed the ball out to the right side to Vulićević. He shot it to the middle, where Brašanac welcomed it and headed it right to the goal line. The ball still flew out next to the goalpost. Two minutes later we got a free kick about 40 metres from the goal line on the left. Ninković stood behind the ball, shot, the ball flew out above the crossbar.
In the 10th minute again Brašanac got the ball. He ran up with it in the middle, the passed to the left to Petrović. Petrović kicked it to middle, to Babović, but Babović was pampering the ball too long, eventually he was tackled. No problem, we still got a corner kick. Georgian defenders headed the ball out, but we still possessed it. Aboubakar tried some tricks, then shot, but it was too high.
I think, this was when the Georgian team had their first real attack - but even this one could be made after Ćirković’s mistake. Their attacker ran up with the ball, it all seemed to be quite dangerous, finally Balažic tackled him. We immediately started a counter-attack, Aboubakar ran up on the left with the ball, but he was tackled inside the opponent’s penalty area. It ended in a corner.

After the first 15 minutes it was clear that Partizan is stronger, also Georgians switched to bunker football and we couldn’t really do anything with it. Partizan had approx. 3 players (Ninković, Brašanac and Petrović) who played well, fought a lot and tried to stay creative while building up attacks. Maybe Balažic, too, whenever Georgians happened to appear around our penalty area. The rest fell into the grey shades of mediocrity. Sometimes Aboubakar had a try, but as soon as he touched the ball, he was tackled, sometimes in a quite rough way. We had attempts from free kicks, e.g. in the 17th minute. Ninković shot it from the left sideline, but the goalkeeper punched it out of the goalmouth.
And so it was going. Our attempts died on the Georgian bunker, our free kicks missed the goal line. In the 28th minute Ninković tried with a sudden, distant and powerful shot from 20-22 metres. Goalkeeper Shevchenko demonstrated his great reflexes by saving it.

A minute later Brašanac gave a great pass to Petrović. Petrović shot from a sharp, left-side angle, the goalkeeper again had a great save. At this point there were numerous attempts by us, putting the Georgian goal line under pressure, but we couldn’t score. It ended in a counter-attack, Balažic and Ćirković stopped them.

Gregor Balažic, Slovenian axis of Partizan’s defense line

In the 33rd minute again Ninković sent a distant shot to the goal. The goalkeeper saved. Corner, Brašanac headed the kick to the goal line, barely missed. A minute later Dila Gori attacked. Their player shot from about 20 metres, but it was too high.
In the 37th minute Ninković passed the ball from deep to the middle. Aboubakar headed it to the goal line, but the attempt ended in a corner. It caused a goalmouth scramble in the Georgian penalty area. Babović tried with a shot, so did Balažic, finally defenders cleared the area.
In the 40th minute Bojinov tried with a not too powerful shot from 25 metres. Missed.

In the 42nd minute Georgians again made it to our penalty area. It was dangerous, but finally Jevtović stopped them, Živko Živković quickly grabbed the ball. In the meantime Ninković was pulled to the ground, additionally he was stomped, too. (But he returned to the field after a short medical attendance.)
Before the end of the first half Aboubakar got a pass from Bojinov. He shot from the right side, but the ball flew out of the field.

Fans some time during the match. The atmosphere was great, while we lacked actual football

The second half started with fans chanting "hoćemo pobedu", while nothing much happened on the field. Georgians kept on playing bunker football, Partizan didn’t seem to be able to solve this problem. In the 51st minute Aboubakar got the ball on the right side and passed it to Bojinov, but the Bulgarian attacker was tackled. In the 54th minute Ninković made a sudden shot from the left, the goalkeeper had a great save.
We kept the opponent under continuous pressure, we were attacking all the time, but the truth is, we barely had any real attempts or goal shots. The two strikers were lost in the Georgian maelstrom, while midfielders struggled to break their wall.
In the 60th minute young world champion Andrija Živković arrived at the field (as a substitute for Aboubakar). Fans greeted him with applause and chanting. (And yes, this was the only happening that broke the silence of monotony.)
In the 61st minute came the probably biggest chance of the entire match: Brašanac shot from the penalty area line. The ball hit the crossbar and dropped on the upper net. Average Fan was almost screaming GOAAAAL, but then it became a cardial arrest. In the 64th minute we got a free kick. Ninković shot, Brašanac headed it, Shevchenko saved.

Brašanac was undoubtedly the best player of the game

Did I hear well, that at this point fans booed Babović after his (x+1)th unsuccessful attempt?...

In the 70th minute Babović fumbled too long and missed out a chance - it was not the first and not the last time he did it, even though he got a great pass from Brašanac. Then in the 72nd minute Saša Ilić arrived as the substitute of Ninković.

Why? Why did Džigi have to come off? Why did one of the best and most active player leave the field? Why? And how did Babović rise to the level of holy cow?...

Nobody can stop the Boss

In the 76th minute Saša Ilić had a shot, but it wasn’t too powerful, the goalkeeper saved it easily.
In the 82nd minute the referee sent off Phalavandishvili. The Georgian player kicked Andrija Živković to the ground near the penalty line. He already had a yellow card, now the German referee showed him the red one. Free kick. Perfect angle. Saša Ilić and Babović stood behind the ball.

Did I hear well, that fans chanted the name of Andrija Živković, demanding him to shot the free kick?

Finally Babović shot. The ball flew into the net near Shevchenko. 1:0

Babinjo, God bless your heart. What a goddamned lucky bastard you are. The one and only difficulty in your life was to get born.

The pace was nearly dead in the second half, even the goal couldn’t make it any faster. The final minutes brought a bit of excitement though. After a Georgian defender passed the ball back to the goalkeeper, they made a mistake and the referee whistled a free kick for Partizan at the corner of the Georgian goalmouth.

It was something I have never seen before. I didn’t even know such exists. Well, you always learn something new.

Saša Ilić just touched the ball and Jevtović shot. Brašanac tried to push it somehow behind the goal line, but the goalkeeper saved.

In the 90+4th minute Šaponjić shot from right, the goalkeeper saved. Just moments before the final whistle Andrija Živković tried with a shot, but a defender blocked it. Ćirković, who was lurking there, immediately grabbed the ball and shot, but it was too high.
Then the referee ended our sufferings.
Return match will be on 21st July.

Highlights (of that one and only goal):


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 18 000
Referee: Bastian Dankert (assistants: Rafael Foltyn, René Rohde - 4th assistant: Benjamin Brand) - GER

FK Partizan: Ž. Živković - Vulićević, Balažic, Ćirković, N. Petrović - Jevtović - Aboubakar (A. Živković, 60.), Brašanac, Babović, Ninković (Ilić, 72.) - Bozsinov (Šaponjić, 77.)
Head coach: Zoran Milinković

Dila Gori: Shevchenko - Khurtsilava, Papava, Kvachadze, Kvikvelia - Phalavandishvili, Razmadze, Gvalia - Martsvaladze (Dzaria, 83.), Iluridze (Gongadze, 90.), Navalovski
Head coach: Ucha Sosiashvili

Goal scorer: Babović (82.)
Yellow card: Papava (7.), Martsvaladze (58.), Phalavandishvili (65.), Kvachadze (90+3.)
Red card: Phalavandishvili (82.), second yellow card

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

News of all kind

Boris Dallo signed to 2nd division French basketball team Antibes Sharks for 2 seasons. The team confirmed it on Twitter.


Danilo Pantić is at Duch football team Vitesse on loan. Pantić is officially Chelsea’s player, but since yesterday he can be found at the Duch team’s training camp in Austria. Duch officials say, there is only paperwork left to be done - there is no official information yet about how long Pantić will stay in the Netherlands.

Danilo Pantic traint tijdens het trainingskamp van Vitesse in Oostenrijk mee met de A-selectie. Pantic, een 18-jarige...
Posted by Vitesse on Monday, July 13, 2015


It very much seems so that Nemanja Kojić also leaves Partizan. The striker is heading to Turkey, negotiating with a still unnamed team in the A league. Rumours say it is only the question of time to sign the contract.

Absolutely wonderful, especially that there are just a few hours left until the Champions League qualifying. To make it all even more surreal, Brazilian defender Fabricio will not be able to play at the Tuesday game for administrative reasons.


Nikola Milutinov has returned from the USA where he was negotiating with the management of San Antonio Spurs. It seems he stays in Europe for a while, but almost surely not at Partizan. Some say he is heading to Panathinaikos, following his ex-teammate Saša Pavlović.


Grupa JNA released a new single titled "Crno-beli randevu".

With lyrics, of course.

Crno-beli sunčan dan pravac Hram, ja odlazim
Na Topčidersko brdo gde igra moj tim
Crno-beli randevu sve je lepo k’o snu
Sa tribina ori se moj Partizane

Oooo Partizane Oooo Partizane
Volim te, bodrim te, pevam ti, sanjam te
Svaku noć i svaki dan živim za te
Oooo Partizane Oooo Partizane
Bio dan ili noć sunca sjaj ili sneg
Sa tobom sam uvek tu, moj Partizane

Reflektora toga sjaj meni daje čudnu moć
Gde god igra Partizan ja uvek ću poć’
Crno-beli randevu sve je lepo k’o snu
Sa tribina ori se, moj Partizane

Oooo Partizane Oooo Partizane
Volim te, bodrim te, pevam ti, sanjam te
Svaku noć i svaki dan živim za te
Oooo Partizane Oooo Partizane
Bio dan ili noć sunca sjaj ili sneg
Sa tobom sam uvek tu, moj Partizane

Monday, July 13, 2015


Partizan’s former defender Milorad Milutinović passed away in his Switzerland home yesterday. He was 81 years old.
He debuted in the senior team at the age of 17. He played 194 matches wearing Partizan’s jersey and scored 9 goals. After he finished his professional career he worked as a coach in Switzerland.
Počivaj u miru, Legendo! Rest In Peace...

The Milutinović-brothers, all are former players of Partizan. On the left Bora, Milorad in the middle, and Miloš on the right
(photo: Facebook/Istorija ex yu fudbala)

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Today is the 19th birthday of the Little World Champion, Partizan’s young genius, the goal-scoring flash, Andrija Živković.


Srećan rođendan!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Transfer news

The most recent news from the football transfer season is that Partizan’s goalkeeper, Milan Lukač has signed to Turkish 2nd league team Adana Demirspor, just a few days before the CL-qualifying. He has already left the team’s training camp and will not take part at the qualifying game.
What is more, some rumours speak about Ivan Bandalovski also planning to leave Partizan. Head coach Zoran Milinković talked about it, but he didn’t say too much. He didn’t confirm, nor did he deny the news. He just said, if Bandalovski gets a good offer, he is free to leave.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saša Pavlović signed to Panathinaikos

The latest news speak about the departure of Saša Pavlović and Partizan’s basketball team. News are still not confirmed, but Pavlović has allegedly signed to Greek team Panathinaikos, where he’ll work with former Partizan player and Serbian national team coach Saša Đorđević personally.
As soon as there is any confirmation, I’ll update the post.

Saša Pavlović personally confirmed the news to the Serbian press. He said, the reason behind transferring to Greece was head coach Saša Đorđević. Đorđević mentioned earlier, he would have liked Pavlović to get signed to Panathinaikos - now it happened.

Update 2:
Finally here is the official version: Panathinaikos confirmed the signing of Saša Pavlović on Facebook.

Η ΚΑΕ Παναθηναϊκός ανακοινώνει την επίτευξη συμφωνίας με τον Αλεξάνταρ Πάβλοβιτς για τον επόμενο χρόνο! #paobcΔιαβάστε περισσότερα εδώ ➳
Posted by Panathinaikos BC on Friday, July 10, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Miloš Jojić signed to 1. FC Köln

Partizan's former midfielder Miloš Jojić signed to 1. FC Köln. The team confirmed it on their website.


Jojić signed to Borussia Dortmund in January 2014, but on one hand he barely got any chance even as a substitute, on the other Dortmund’s performance was not really the best in the 2014/15 season to say the least. (Those who watch Bundesliga could see Dortmund being on the last place of the league table, making it up to no. 7 sweating blood during the spring season.) 1. FC Köln finished the season on the 12th place.
Back then Jojić signed a 6-year contract with Dortmund. Rumours speak about 2,5 million euros paid to Dortmund by Köln for the midfielder, who joins the team in their Geißbockheim training camp

isn't it a fancy, cozy and cool training complex?... And it's "only" a medium Bundesliga team...

to start preparing for the 2015/16 season. His jersey number will be 8.

Photos of the day - team building

Everyone's favourite football team has been spending their days in Slovenia at a training camp. Nevertheless today they decided to loosen up and go on a spree.
They went to play paintball to the nearby forest. Team building activity, ole ole ole.
They divided to 4 teams. The first team consisted of physiotherapist Vladimir Radeka, Milan Lukač, Miroslav Bogosavac, Predrag Luka, Nenad Marinković, Filip Kljajić and Saša Ilić.
The second team included Stefan Babović, Petar Grbić, Miroslav Vulićević, Saša Lukić, Nemanja Petrović, Miloš Ostojić and Nemanja Kojić, while the third Živko Živković, Nikola Trujić, Lazar Ćirković, Valeri Bojinov, Ivan Bandalovski and club doctor Ilija Rosić. Finally in the fourth there was Darko Brašanac, Marko Golubović, Nemanja Glavčić, Aboubakar Oumarou, Marko Jevtović and physiotherapist Igor Krtinić.
You can imagine.

All smiles and enthusiasm in the beginning

If you recognize any player behind the masks, tell into the comment box

A weary-looking Predrag Luka between the always determined Saša Ilić and Grbić, who is explaining something with big gestures

Bogosavac is enthusiastic, Marinković is all ears

Bogosavac still has a big smile on his face, while Luka gives an encouraging pat on Saša Ilić’s shoulder


If there’s any video about it, I’ll post it, I promise. It’ll be a must-see.

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

As I promised, I brought you the videos.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Vladimir Volkov has signed to Belgian football team KV Mechelen. The news was confirmed on the team’s website. Volkov’s contract with Partizan has expired, there have been rumours for long time about him signing to a team abroad. Finally he chose Mechelen, where he signed for 2 years.



Branko Ilić has also left Partizan. SOS Kanal brought the news, referring to "informers from the management of Partizan". Ilić signed to Kazakh team FC Astana - Partizan was reportedly paid 300 000 euros for the defender. Upon rumours Partizan’s management didn’t do much to keep the Slovenian - his 160 000 euros/year salary was too much for the team budget.


It seems, players leave Partizan one after the other... The basketball team has to prepare for the next season without Boris Dallo. The player returned to France - there are no other informations available.


In the meantime Aboubakar joined the football team in Slovenia.

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)