Monday, October 31, 2016

Rudar - RK Partizan 30:30 (superliga, round 9)

What a game it could be, with an amazingly lucky home team goal in the very last minute, which brought them the draw. Just because, FYI we were leading for the whole game. (Well, okay, not for the entire game, because in the beginning it was 1:0, then 2:1, but it was gone quickly.) 4:8, 6:11, 10:14, 12:16, we had a smooth first half.

By the way, our team had quite a number of young players, compared to them our captain, 22-year-old Igor Mršulja was almost like a veteran.

Referees gave us too many exclusions even in the first half. (Looking at the records Rudar had half as many exclusions as us. Oh no, come on, who said that referees are biased? No way... in the superliga? Against Partizan? Neveeeeer...)
Things got a bit more tough in the second half. We got more exclusions, while Rudar got penalties. (We got none in the second half. Just sayin’.) We still kept ourselves rolling. 13:18, 15:20, 16:22. Then around the 46th minute Rudar started to reduce the difference. In the 50th minute it was already 24:25, we quickly jumped to 24:27, but from this point on Rudar was close behind us. They were so close that in the 59th minute they equalized (29:29), but Komnenić quickly took us back the lead (29:30).
Then Komnenić was sent off. Only two seconds were left from the game.
Don’t ever ask me why.
To cut it short, Rudar equalized at the very end.
The hero of the day was Lazar Kukić with 9 goals. He is followed by Nemanja Živković (7), Nikola Perović (6), Igor Mršulja (3) as well as Vuk Milenković and Petar Komnenić (2-2). Stefan Jokić scored one goal.


Current championship standings:
1. CZ 15 points
2. Dinamo 14 points
3. Vojvodina 13 points
4. Sloga 12 points
5. Spartak Vojput 11 points
6. Šamot 65 11 points
7. Partizan 8 points
8. Požarevac 7 points
9. Rudar 7 points
10. Metaloplastika 6 points
11. Morava 4 points
12. Jugović 0 point

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