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FK Partizan - Novi Pazar 4:0 (superliga, round 15)

Did you know that His Majesty Lord Fat Pig I. (alias Miloš Vazura) and The Former Politician Who Used To Be The Bestie Of Milošević (aka Milorad Vučelić) and co. are served by a waiter in the VIP-section?
You didn’t know?
Now you know.

A waiter. For fuck’s sake. A WAITER

While in a silent corner of the eastern tribune there was someone sitting there all alone...

Yes, it’s him. Nikola Drinčić, humbly, by himself
(photo: Facebook/Bianconeri di Belgrado)

Some rumour about Škuletić being there as well, if I find any photo about that, I’ll upload, of course.

Talking about the game, we attacked right in the first minute, Stevanović crossed, but nobody was fast enough to catch it. The reply came in the 3rd minute through Čečarić and his attempt, Kljajić caught it. Two minutes later he (Kljajić) had great luck, when he made a goal-kick, and the ball dropped to a Novi Pazar-player (Dimitrijević). Dimitrijević ran up, shot, Kljajić ran back to the goalmouth and could catch the ball just before the goal line.
Novi Pazar had a strong start, then Đurđević shot the ball into the goalkeeper in the 9th minute. Marjanović did the same in the 17th. In the 24th Stevanović crossed from the left, Đurđević was too slow, the goalkeeper caught it.
We took the lead in the 26th minute. Marjanović passed to Stevanović. Stevanović ran up, dribbled inside the penalty area, then passed to Bojinov, who was (again) slow like a sloth. But not Janković. He appeared out of the blue behind the Bulgarian and shot the ball right into the box. 1:0

27th minute, corner-kick for Partizan. Guess whose head flew the ball above with just two millimetres?
a) Bojinov
b) the Sloth
c) the Bulgarian, who is proven to be too small
In the 30th minute Alivodić had a try, too wide. Afterwards a very thick smoke covered the pitch, too thick to be able to see anything. Even the commentator was just guessing whether the fouling Novi Pazar player got a yellow card or not, because nothing could be seen, maybe only silhouettes.
The next goal was a fail by Novi Pazar. Goalkeeper Zogović surely regretted in that moment to end up at the goal line instead of being e.g. a rope-dancer. Stevanović ran up, passed to Miletić, Miletić passed it back to Stevanović. Stevanović shot, it was a powerful one, the goalkeeper saved, but the ball dropped out of his hands and slowly rolled into the box. 2:0

Discreet happiness

In the 41st minute Janković shot with a fantastic bicycle-kick. Pity it was too wide, had he scored, he could have stood in line for the Puskás-award.

By the way, this was the southern tribune. What a crowd, isn’t it? Oh, wait...
Well, what did we expect, only 2500 spectators were present officially.

At the beginning of the second half Marjanović crossed the ball from the right, Bojinov was too slow again, missing it with just half a centimetre.

Bojinov was his own shadow at this game. I don’t even remember when was the last time he had so many screwed-up situations. He was always too slow to reach passes and crosses, he shot the ball into the opponent players, kicked into the ball just to make it roll out through the line and so on. Sometimes I had the feeling he was doing it on purpose. This kind of fooling around may do on a gala match, but it’s just fucking no funny on a championship game.

In the 54th minute Janković got a pass. He ran up, dribbled a defender and shot, it ended with a corner-kick.
It was still the 54th minute, we scored our 3rd goal. I have never seen such a comedy so far (It wasn’t the funny type, rather the pathetic one.)
Marjanović arrived on the right and crossed the ball to the other side, where Bojinov and Đurđević were both waiting.

Both of them attempted, making this weid, ballet-alike scene...

...nevertheless the ball dropped to the box, Bojinov ran out to the tribune to celebrate himself...

...the only problem was that the slow motion replay showed Uroš Đurđević scoring the goal, from every possible angle.

It wasn’t you, dude

The stadium speaker nevertheless mentioned Bojinov as the goal scorer, while the official match report named Đurđević. Meanwhile ArenaSport’s commentator couldn’t find his breath from laugh over this situation.

Oh well. A goal is always a goal and it must be celebrated

It made me laugh though when the commentator mentioned the goal scorers. He said, "first goal, Janković, second goal, Stevanović... then, well for me it’s Đurđević here, for Bojinov... it’s Bojinov".

In the 57th minute Đurđević got a pass (probably from Miletić), he shot, right into the goalkeeper.
Novi Pazar’s first and only attempt in the second half was in the 82th minute. Đoković shot from the right, Kljajić saved, corner-kick.

It made me raise my eyebrows to see Everton kicking everyone to the ground who just approaches him - he does not do it this often with the ball though... - but when he gets a kick, he collapses, rolls up and down on the field and plays the dying swan. Someone should tell him that he should focus on actual playing instead of being a pussy, because sometimes I can count on one hand how often he touches the ball during a match.

Đuričković’s score in the 84th minute settled the final result. It was a smooth thing, the ball dropped to the midfielder, he sent a cannon shot from 18 metres and scored. 4:0

A minute later Micevski tried the same trick on the other side, just he shot from 30 metres and it was too high. Alivodić had an attempt, too, trying to score one just for the honour, but Kljajić saved. Then in the 89th minute Ostojić headed the ball to the box, but it was too wide. The last attempt was in the extra time, Janković had a distant shot, but this too was too wide.

Saša Ilić. He didn’t play a minute, still he got a loud applause



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 2500
Official: Nenad Đokić (assistants: Vladimir Jovanović, Slobodan Pavlović - 4th assistant: Marko Popović)

FK Partizan: Kljajić, Vulićević, Milenković, Ostojić, Miletić, Everton, Marjanović, A. Stevanović (Đuričković, 79.), Janković, Đurđević (Đurđić, 72.), Bojinov (Mihajlović, 70.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Novi Pazar: Zogović, Stanojević, Alivodić, Travanović (Đoković, 41.), Čečarić, Brunčević (Kačar, 59.), Pajović, Dimitrijević, Rajabov (Lepović, 65.), Svojić, Micevski
Head coach: Zoran Govedarica

Goal scorers: Janković (26.), A. Stevanović (37.), Đurđević (54.), Đuričković (84.)
Yellow card: Čečarić (69.), Đoković (77.), Milenković (78.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 38 points
2. Partizan 32 points
3. Vojvodina 32 points
4. Napredak 31 points
5. Radnički Niš 27 points
6. Mladost 25 points
7. Spartak Subotica 22 points
8. Rad 19 points
9. Metalac 17 points
10. Javor 17 points
11. Radnik 15 points
12. FK Voždovac 14 points
13. Čukarički 13 points
14. Novi Pazar 12 points
15. OFK Bačka 11 points
16. Borac 8 points

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