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Superliga, round 22: 156th eternal derby - FK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 1:1

There was really everything on this derby, like in a good bazaar. Mass fight with gendarmerie, penalty for Partizan (believe it or not!...), tension, yelling and swearing. There was just one thing missing.

Oh well. Nothing in this life is perfect, is it?

Let’s keep the chronological order.
Zvezda had a strong start. We were stuck around our penalty area, but they ran out of breath after 10 minutes. They had no attempt though, just put us under pressure. Meanwhile it was raining heavily, the atmosphere was so tensed that Tawamba was booked after 5 minutes for complaining. But as I said earlier, Zvezda could keep up the pace only for 10 minutes - then we could have actually attacked, but I guess I tell no secret by saying we didn’t. Instead the two teams were just kicking each other with clenched teeth and usually Partizan’s players came off badly, with Pantić or Everton falling to the ground. (The latter one had a hissy fit, as unnecessarily as possible.) Then in the 15th minute Ožegović ran upfield and shot. Ut was flat and generally a weak one, still it was good enough to show off. The answer came 2 minutes later, Kanga’s shot was too high.

Tawamba some time during the game (photo:

At this point something strange started going on. Namely only Zvezda-fans were singing, cheering, waving flags and using pyrotechnics. Yet the southern tribune was silent. You get what I mean. Eternal derby, in Partizan’s home. The southern tribune usually prepare for such an event with special banners and choreography and 30 minutes before the start the stands are already on fire. Now there was nothing.
Something was definitely going on, it was obvious.

Meanwhile every link died. Desperate search for a working one, finally I found one from Germany.

Yes. A German sports channel actually broadcasted the Serbian eternal derby.

Stojković saved Kanga’s shot in the 25th minute, meanwhile a camera showed the still silent southern tribune, where there was a mass fight. So that’s why Grave Diggers were not singing… Such fights always have some deep background story and a heavy consequence.
Meanwhile the pace of the game slowed down, just Pešić made some eyebrows rise in the 29th minute with his shot, Stojković had a great save - just like in the 33rd minute.

Stojke (photo:

Then nothing happened. Minutes walked by very slowly, the game turned from uneventful to boring. Then suddenly, around the 42nd minute all you could see was a group of gendarmerie pulling a few - maybe 6-8 - half-naked, bleeding men while fans were screaming and booing. Photos about the bleeding faces immediately ran through the Serbian internet (no, I won’t post here any, for me it was simply too much), and the good, old guessing game started right there.

Everyone said everything. All that I write here is - right now, on Thursday evening - non-official. All my infos are from the press and non-official sources.
Those men whom gendarmerie pulled out of the southern tribune were all Croatian citizens. All if them had a criminal record, for a few it was a pretty nice and long list. There were former kick-boxers among them. The Croatian press named them all, as the members of a gang in Split. They were joined by 20 Zvezda-fans, and this group could somehow get to the southern tribune and provoked a fight with the members of Alcatraz, who are also well-known for being not easily scared, to say the least.
It raises a long row of questions.
Who allowed these criminals to enter the country?
Where was the intelligence agency? Why didn’t they know about it? Or if they did, why didn’t they do anything?
Who let this bunch of criminals to the southern tribune?
I’ll be honest, I found the fourth question the most disturbing. Why did the intelligence agencies took no action? I can’t imagine they knew nothing about it. (If they really didn’t know anything, they must be fired right now, all of them, including the minister.)
It means that all authorities were just watching as criminals enter the country and provoke Serbian citizens. Some say that the fact gendarmerie pulled them out of the tribune was the result of an amateurish mistake in the very well-built plan. Otherwise it’s more than sure authorities would have turned a blind eye on them and let them run away.
Let it sink in.
Some people (obviously from the highest political ranges) invite a bunch of criminals to the country to provoke and attack citizens. Then they (are about to) let them flee.
If it doesn't give you cold shivers, then it was probably you giving order to import these criminals.

Let’s return to the game…
The link died again at the beginning of the second half. I could watch it again from the 50th minute, I think there was anything life-changing happening in those 5 minutes I missed out… While Partizan-fans returned back to life, from then on they were singing and cheering for the whole game. In the 52nd minute someone (not sure who it was, all I could see was that it was a Partizan-player) made such an awful, painful air-kick (when they kick the air and not the ball) that would result a two-week ban to the reserve team at better places. In the 56th Kanga shot from 18 metres and even though it was flat, it was dangerous and it was just a little bit too wide.
Then in the 60 th minute an amazing, unexpected, shocking thing had happened.
We got a penalty.
At the derby.
You get what I mean.
The last time Partizan got a penalty on a derby was in 1995. 22 years ago. During these 22 years we suffered all sorts of fouls inside the opponent’s penalty area, but referees failed to give us penalty.
But now, when Ožegović was kicked to the ground by a defender, referee Milorad Mažić immediately pointed at the white dot - and he was right.
We got a penalty at the derby.
Here came another big moment. Soumah stood behind the ball.

Other than that Soumah was again invisible for those 70 minutes he spent on the pitch.

He shot. And scored.
From the penalty.
From that penalty we got.
At the derby.
What made it even more special was that Borjan almost saved it. He went to the right direction, even touched the ball, but couldn’t catch it.
After that not much happened really. The two teams were wrestling with clenched teeth, there was some fight in the 75th minute, Ožegović had a too high shot in the 78th, the in the 84th came the cold shower. Boakye equalized with a cheeky goal. A cross came from the right, defenders wanted to kick the ball downfield, but instead it dropped to Donald. Donald passed to Boakye, who took advantage of the goalmouth scramble and shot. The ball found its way to the box among the legs. (1:1)
As for the rest of the game, let’s just forget it.

Venue: Partizan stadium, Belgrade
Official: Milorad Mažić

FK Partizan: V. Stojković, Vulićević, kopasz Miletić, Ostojić, Antonov, Jevtović (Radin, 20.), Everton, Soumah (S. Ilić, 71.), Pantić, Ožegović (Jovanović, 90.), Tawamba

Crvena Zvezda: Borjan, Le Tallec, Krstičić, Kanga (Milijaš, 90.),  Boakye (Gobeljić, 89.), Donald, Rodić, F. Stojković, Pešić, Srnić (Jovičić, 62.), Savić

Goal scorers: Soumah (62. - pen.), Boakye (84.)
Yellow card: Tawamba (5.), Vulićević (14.), Savić (28.), Ostojić (35.), F. Stojković (51.), Everton (75.), Donald (75.)

End result of the 2017/18 autumn season:
1. Crvena Zvezda 57 points
2. Partizan 48 points
3. Spartak 40 points
4. Radički Niš 39 points
5. Čukarički 38 points
6. Voždovac 36 points
7. Napredak 34 points
8. Vojvodina 33 points
9. Mladost 30 points
10. Radnik 25 points
11. Mačva 24 points
12. Zemun 24 points
13. OFK Bačka 21 points
14. Borac 15 points
15. Javor 15 points
16. Rad 14 points

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